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Feel Good - Astrological Perspective Shifting

As we all know its a new year :D Not that we need an excuse to shift ourselves forward, redefining ourselves and becoming our greatest versions is always something that happens in the now. I am offering consultations in aid of providing a service where people can release undealt with emotions in order to liberate and free up space to allow more of what we want to become and be into our experience. I am also now taking Astrology readings be it a Skype session explaining your up coming…


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Emotional Blockages

When we don't pay attention to our emotions they form blocks within us, these blocks soon build walls and en-prison us in a dark chamber of our own unfelt emotions. By paying attention to our emotions they lose the power that they have had over us and we free ourselves to a new happier experience.

If you feel like you have suppressed emotions and that would like someone to hear you or if you would even just like to gain some simple tools/methods that you can safely use in your own…


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Are you sick of people NOT LISTENING TO YOU?

Do you feel that you have EMOTIONS YOU ARE NOT EXPRESSING?

Is there something that you want to have heard JUDGEMENT FREE?

It doesn't matter how young or old, I am here to help!

Hello, my name is Phil. I'm here to listen to you. I can help you find direction in life, have a lightened heart and have better self esteem.

I guarantee that you will feel better after having a session with me!

How? You choose how much to pay for the sessions. After THE FIRST…


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ramblings with a friend when asked why I see things to be before ''they' are..

I for see that I am creating so that if my desire is to go to peru then all will be provided so long as I align with that energetically, its a lot more complicated wit people, sticky, lots of emotional resistance to contend with however I work towards being grateful and allowing, be my own hero and see how things take shape with an open mind but particular preference and positive desire // direction ..I am open to change of my heart, further awakening broader perspective but at present I am…


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Viva la revolution

Daniel Bryan did my favorite wrestling shoot promo of all time last nite live on the WWE Networks backstage pass, I cant find the footage to share so here the quote!! So epic... '''We the people have power, thats what all these governments and corporations don't understand, we have the power to make change. You guys made that change not me, and I am extremely grateful for it because this is my dream and this is clearly what a large percentage of the WWE Universe wants to see! If I can beat…


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Online Counlessing service

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I'm offering a cheap counselling service service as I'm not fully qualified however grew up around m mother who is highly qualified. can gain experience. I have studied an introduction I person cente…

I'm offering a cheap counselling service service as I'm not fully qualified however grew up around m mother who is highly qualified. can gain experience. I have studied an introduction I person centeream currently looking to start a new course in the near future.

Do you feel like your not being listened to and no one understands or you just don't want to burden people with your worries and problems.…


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4.10.12 affirmations

I am so happy to be me here rite now in the situation as it is with everything being perfectly presented as it should be!

I am experiencing love for my safe home with all I require to be driven to live my highest desires in abundance with ease and unconditional love!

I am so greatfull for all the people in and outside my direct experience as they all deliver and have the oppertunity to recieve and express love!

I am awake, switched on, ready to…


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I promice to change the words I use and way I feel <3

I promice myself that I will throw away every negitive word, that I will not use them again but only to show people not to use them. I promice myself to have a positive attitude and to have positive thinking. I promice myself that I will think everytime I get a ''why'' in my life....but I will decide to go into the positive energy and that my life will be positive forver and that I will become the hero of my own life <3 so be it and so it is! :)

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Chris Murry - One everything

♬ From highest of heaven, to the deepest fiery pit,

Sweet scent of ambrosia, the stench of piss and shit.

So sayeth the seeker after truth, 'Well this is it,

There is one everything and are you down with it?'

By wicked intention, disrespectful of the soul,

The selfish inaction are divided and controlled.

Clutching and clinging to the things that they can hold,

Fixated by fraction, distracted from the whole.

Of millions of questions, here's the top…


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Polona Somrak's new mantra :)

Dear Family of Light, this is my New Moon mantra/intention/affirmation:

Looking up the Sky to embrace All the New opportunities!

Embracing only Love, Joy and Harmony in my Life!

Embracing only what serves my Life in the Way of the New!

Embracing only what serves my Highest Path!

Embracing only harmonious relationships that mirror my Self!

I AM renewed, passionate, creative and devoted to…


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How can manifestations come and go so quick? For better and worse I am greatfull in knowing that I will be caught and flung in the rite direction and all will flow with the perfect romance of the universe insuring my new home, my income and relationships with love reinforcing all that I hold close to me.  I am also greatfull the the mystery that makes it seem so distant rite now, I embrace and enjoy the swings and roundabouts with the love of existance!

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The energy shift :D

After having a build up of emotion towards feeling asthough my effort was going nowhere I have finaly heard back and am going to my first interview for a new job tomorrow.. it already feels like a bgreat weight has been lifted off my shoulders although I am feeling more positive I want to concerntrate on the task in hand! So as I havnt made any videos for a few days which I will amend tomorrow and as I cant find a pen to write my journal I will share a few intentions for tomorrow on…


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..sometimes I just have no idea

I really feel low today after highly proactive day yesterday and am at my wits end with what to do about getting a job so am going to go home to visit my ma and return to the action monday leaving me 4 days to become employed otherwise will loose my house!!


I practicly know I wont let that happen but the universe really needs to start giving back asap! Hope your all doing well.. all the love x

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Charity work?

I am currently looking for a job that will pay for my life style in the city I am living but I want to be of service and fall in line with my morrals. Thus far I havnt been offered any jobs which one certonly feels is about to change!

My question is to you guys is.. If I apply for this role working at a shop providing for sick people where I can smile and be of service but pays nothing will some how miraculasly the money I need come to me? I know its a feeling and a…


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