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A New Year, A New Life!

My spiritual seeds have been planted for 9 months now, so it's time for them to really flower. I have such a strong feeling that this year is going to be the best year of my life. I can visualize some dreams coming true and some new ones being born. 

I'm setting my intentions for tomorrow and will have a little ritual to get rid of the old and welcome in the new into my open and loving heart. I'm so ready to allow the first 27 years of my life to fall away, leaving me with the lessons…


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Christmas Time

Oh, dear, I've missed a long long time on this. I think my problem is that I closed the page on my browser and forgot to reopen it!

I've been doing my meditations, journalling I've not been to slack. I seem to have come to a point of peace at the moment. I was asking about my relationship (or lack of) and why I've been through what I have with someone I want to be with, and finally I got my answers. They came to me through one teacher I found on here, and through a book I've…


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Not so well intentioned!

It's funny, ever since the Deepak's meditation has finished, I've not been as good as keeping my intentions done!

I'm still doing meditation morning and evening, my gratitude journal and normal journalling. But not keeping up on here! Anyway, never mind, I'm not beating myself up. I've noticed these last couple of weeks that I tend to be coming home from work and monging out. I've not got much motivation. I need to get back to the spiritual side of it all by reconnecting and spending…


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Ah, I'm getting behind.

I'm getting really behind with keeping up with blogging. I wonder if it's because I've finished Deepaks meditations and used to do it about the same time!

I promise I will try harder. So I'm up to day 29....the last four days have been odd. I've have quite a few weird things going on. Firstly the cinema which I mentioned before, then my shopping wasn't delivered when it was supposed too....twice! But today seems to be going well!

My spiritual group was really good last night…


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The weekend!

I've had a very simple weekend. 

I had my sister around for the day Saturday and sorted some Xmas pressies. Then just sat in front of the tele in the evening. 

Sunday I didn't do much either, after a quick tidy up, I sat and entered competitions all day! I suppose I needed to numb my brain for a while. 

Last night my sister and I went to see Twilight. We had a lovely meal, but when we got into the cinema, we were waiting for over half an hour for the film to start.…


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Day 22

Quite a quiet day yesterday! I didn't do a lot of work and went to the pub for lunch, which was nice :) I had steak and ale pie so that I didn't have to cook last night! I did all my intentions and did quite a lot of chatting with a colleague. 

It's interesting talking to other people when you are on a spiritual journey. Sometimes I'm fine and I can flow and speak well. But sometimes I have to bite my tongue. It's all well and good me thinking that I know what will help someone, but…


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Day 21 - And I'm feeling good.

It was a nice day yesterday. I did all my intentions, except go for a walk cos it was pouring with rain! I didn't manage to write either cos I went to my healing group. The healing group went really well and I gave healing to two people. I'm training at the moment and could really feel the energy come through my body. I think I'm doing it right :)

I managed to keep my feeling good levels up yesterday. When I was…


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Day 20 - Motivation

Yay! My motivation was back yesterday. I worked, walked, hoovered, wrote, ate, meditated and did EFT! It was nice busy day. I've been fairly good at switching the laptop off at 9pm too. This enables me to write my journal and read. 

I'm reading the Twelfth Insight which is the latest book in the Celestine profecy series. It is very good and there are some interesting lessons in it. What amazes me is how quickly they are able to implement the spiritual laws, is it really that easy and…


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Day 19 - Rest

I woke up feeling pretty rough yesterday. I decided not to go into work. I'm fighting off a cold/sore throat and thought I'd take the day off to relax. I didn't do much at all. I felt a little up and down. Sometimes I felt like bursting into tears for no reason. I tried my hardest to not focus on my lack of love and tried to keep my mind busy with reading and entering competitions. I struggled a little with deciding how to tell when my ego is talking to me or my higher self. I'm not quite…


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Day 16 and 17 and 18!

Friday I didn't do a lot. I went to work and came home lol!

This weekend has been hectic! It's been lovely. I went to see my mum on Saturday and ended up having a nice spiritual conversation, which we haven't had for a long time. Then I had a nice evening just chilling out. 

On Sunday I went for a beautiful walk with two really special people in my life and again, was gorgeous! 

In the evening, I went to my spiritual groups Sunday meeting and saw a medium. My friend who…


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Day 14 and 15!

Wednesday was not a great day for me. I started off okay, but as soon as I got in my car to drive something in my neck was trapping/spasming and really hurt. I've got trouble with my shoulder at the moment, so this was connected to that. I was supposed to be going to see The Bodyguard the musical that night, but I struggled even driving the five minutes to work, let alone a trip into London. So I didn't go. My lil sister took her friend and had a lovely time which I was happy about. I ended…


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Day 13

Quite a productive day! I had a lovely walk during the day and listened to while I walked. Dr Michael Beckworth was talking. He is such a inspirational guy, I really love listening to him. He is passionate and really is living proof that my new way of thinking and believing (living from love) is the way I want to go. He inspires me. 

I got home from work and managed to get Deepak done, 1 EFT and 2020 words writing. I also made a sausage cassarole and washed up! So…


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Day 12

Work yesterday was okay. I just stayed to myself. In the evening I managed to get a bit of writing done but not a lot. I did my meditation, gratitude book and one EFT. One new intention today! I'm going to start to turn my laptop off at 9pm instead of 10pm so I can get a bit of reading in, as writing my journal before I go to bed is taking up my time. Want to work on my Highly Sensitive persons workbook and not had the chance. A bit of a chilled day :)

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Day 11 - Tired

I woke up fine yesterday and did my meditation. I couldn't stop sneezing all morning. I then got up and took my little sister home. The weirdest thing happened. As I was driving down the road, I saw a bird of prey (probably a buzzard as there are lots around here) jump up from a field and land on a telegraph pole right in front of my car. I looked up and asked my sis if she'd seen it but she had missed it. It was a huge bird and I could see it sitting on the pole in my rear view mirror. I…


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Day 10!

I got a good start to the day! I managed to do some EFT, Deepak's meditation, and 1,000 words for nano (still so far behind!). Also did my gratitude book. 

Then in the afternoon my sister who is ten years younger than me came round and we made gingerbread houses! I had to let my inner child out. The funny thing was though, was that my house fell down after I'd put it together and I didn't really have enough variation of sweets, so ended up not being happy with it. I got really…


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Day 9

A day of easy going work. Went to my Osteopath and he confirmed that my shoulder was really sore because of stress. So he only did a short session and asked me to go back next week as it was too tender to do too much on. I really felt it after. It's amazing what muscles we don't know we have. He poked me under the armpit and the pain from the muscle that connects from my shoulder blade to the arm was immense!! lol 

I then had a friend round in the evening, which was nice. I cooked for…


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Day 8

Yesterday was interesting. I felt so drained from Wednesday that I actually felt physically ill yesterday. I managed to get through the day with not a lot of drama. In the evening, I'd been invited to go to a medium group. They are training and needed someone to practice on. They were very good and picked up on my dads situation straight away. They told me that I couldn't do anything, so I needed to step back and let him get on with it. It made me feel a lot better as I'd been stressing…


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Day 7 - Not so good....

I got up this morning and was fine within myself. Did my meditation, and gratitude book. Went to work, started off okay. My negative friend rang and was really low, so I tried to help her. 

Then my dads girlfriend text me to talk about his drinking problem. It's gotten out of hand apparently (this has happened many times before, but not with her.) I spoke to him, he said he wants to give up and basically admitted that he had a problem for the first time. 

Then I spoke to his…


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Day 6

Yesterday was a nice day. It was simple and uncomplicated. I had a lovely walk during lunch. Work was good. Food was nice. I did all my intentions! Even managed to write over 2,000 words for Nano. 


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Day 5...Work...

Hey, Everyone,

I started off really well on day 5, but after speaking to a friend who was in a really negative/aggressive place, I felt agitated. I know this is because I'm a Highly Sensitive person. I tried to shake it off. But when I went for my nature walk at lunch time, I found myself thinking about my lack of...this was in regards to my relationship and the man I want to be with...

I asked the angels to cancel, clear and delete my negative thinking and then put it out of…


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