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Your Environment.

When it comes to being motivated, I believe that any resource that you can muster up get is useful for getting your result. This is a necessary practice. You NEED. I MEAN FUCKING NEED some sort of environment that allows you to expand your creativity, strength, and ability into reality...


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Obsessed Or Realized?

I've had some extra time lately to allow my mind and body to rest and to get a few things done. As I was winding down I decided to check out a movie about Conan O'Brien. He was figuring out what to do with the time he had to wait until he could legally be on T.V. again. He and his team spent about 6 months going on tour and creating the best of what they thought they could do for show business on the road. …


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Fuck Everybody

I don't know how many people discuss this. That's why I decided to. I think as a man I feel a kind of energy that women don't understand. It's that rough energy that you can feel but you don't know where to put it. When you find yourself with a mass of energy within you and you can't decide where to put it, it seems to lash out at any opportunity it can. Whether it be through sex, sport, an argument, or needs to…


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Don't Like Bull Shit?

I find that most of what people do and say (including myself) tends to be useless shit. I see that a lot of people allow words to spill from thier mouth that they don't really mean. That promises are made and broken easily and that the attention span for sticking to your word and taking responsibility is quite short. I don't know of this is an every generation problem or if our new speed of life has made this okay. But it's obvious that people have some sort of honesty ADHD and seem to be okay… Continue

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