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Season 6-Day 7 Choose the path of least resistance!

This is my first autographed book from Esther and Jerry!!! I was so excited this weekend! The workshop was great. I tell ya... seeing or better said-experiencing- Esther walk on to stage was an exhilarating moment. It felt almost surreal!  I kept thinking I was in a video watching another one of their amazing teachings, but NO! I WAS THERE LIVE! I could feel the warm energy…


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Season 6-Day4 Im in! Abraham Hicks Live!!!

I can't wait! Only hours to go and I am so excited! I can't believe I actually get to go experience this in person! I am so curious to see what will manifest! I thought I should have some questions to ask, but you know what, I am just going to be in flow. If I am meant to hear, ask or see something I will follow my heart in the moment! I am so excited!!!!!

I know I am going to learn so much, but most of all the energy will be contagious and that is truly what I am…


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Season 6-Day 2 Diversity Inclusion! Nomination! ME!

I feel so honored! Today I was nominated for, and gladly accepted, the position of Diversity and Inclusion representative for our region! I am so happy! I can't wait to get together and mastermind on making sure that everyone in our organization feels valued and included regardless of who they are! Do any of you have any experiences with this? or anything you'd like to share?

The Universe is aligning all the right circumstances for me, all the time :) Thought it…


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Whose judging???

So much judgement goes on! Who am I to ______? What will people say? Am I holding a standard that I need to keep? Is this really where I am headed? OH AND THE BIGGEST OF THEM ALL... Is this good enough??? I found myself discovering a lot of resistance in beginning my new Season here. It just seems that the more I learn about self improvement, self discovery, goal setting, living and coaching the good life, and manifesting goals-The more I found myself wanting to be perfect…


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And before you know it, here you are!

Whoa!!! Hello wonderful co-creators!!! Time flies, and before you know it- HERE WE ARE! I am so excited to be here! This marks the setting for my new Season here, and I am curious and excited for this journey. One thing specific to this Season is that this will also mark the beginning of my M.B.S. Journey. It is a journey I will take myself in where my focus will be to align…


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Season 5- Weeks 7/8- Love....Love...Love

Ah what can I say? my days have been full of so much love!!! I am having an awesome time manifesting event the smallest desires, appreciating and accepting the contrast for what it is, and immersing myself in love and gratitude each and everyday. Two awesome manifestations that recently happened....

1. My son started soccer, and my work organized itself around his soccer schedule, I am still able to drop/pick him up from school and drop/pick him for soccer…


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Season 5- Week 6/7---Wonerful vacation/Giving away two spots in Workshop

The last two weeks of this Season were incredibly joyous! I just returned from a 2 week vacation near the beach! It was so relaxing. I meditated every day, at times on the beach....WHICH JUST ROCKS!!! I definitely recommend this to anyone who has not tried it :)

I also had time to get clarity on some of my upcoming ventures. Oh…


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Season 5- Week 5 Creating Sparks!

Hello everyone! This last week was so much fun! I spent time with family and friends out by the water...It is so hot out here!!! I had so much fun... I finally finished a book I'd meant to for the last month. I am connecting with my BF in a way that I had never done is so much fun! I feel like I'm creating sparks of joy everywhere I…


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Season 5- Week 4--Empowerment!!!!

This last week has been amazing! I have had the opportunity of sharing the joy of empowerment. I have had some very close friends make some very powerful transformations! I am excited to be a part of their journey. I continue to be blessed to be surrounded by positive people, who not only support me but are…


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Season 5- Week 2

My presentation went great! I took the weekend to celebrate a powerful first speaking engagement last week. I was so in the felt great to talk about my passion-in working with LOA. It was treated to an awesome dinner...yummy sushi.

Then yesterday I really had to practice re-aligning myself. It was just an off day. Running behind in the morning, missed a very important call, had technical issues with staying on another conference call, had…


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Season 5- Restart- Week 1

I had a marketing event last week where I had to get up and speak in front of about 70 people. This was a very short speech, nevertheless, I was anxious about it. I remembered all of my points and communicated effectively. I still felt though, that this was definitely an area where I can fine tune. I sent out the thought and calling for more opportunities where I can get the chance to stand in front of people and not only inspire, motivate, and reach to the others, but also have the…


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Season 5/Day 15-I finally got my first Business Logo!!

Yay!!! My business is coming along so wonderfully, and masterfully! I am living every day full of gratification and love!!! i am so happy with my progress and my manifestations :) I am so happy that I can wake up every day and know that I have the opportunity to inspire, motivate and help others! I am finally living a meaningful life, I feel. LML!!! I'm finding it difficult to post everyday as you can tell, but I've been so busy with living my days with so many gratifying intentions, at…


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Season 5/Day 6--Listen to your body!!

Way to far to many activities today to list. Had an awesome day using my intuition in my coaching sessions and projects!!! AND I learned to listen to my body! I thought I was laying my son down to sleep, when he asked me to lay with him for a couple minutes. Of course I did :) Here I am almost four hours later...I'd fell asleep! So my body is telling me it needs to rest obviously! I will listen to my body because I love my body! I have vowed to take care of myself everyday going forward, no…


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Seaon 5/Day 4and5---a lot of learning :)

The last two days have been really productive. I have accomplished many goals I'd set for the week, and some I didn't even see coming!

-my son had picture day-took him shopping --he wanted a tie...said it made him look professional--- I LOVE HIM!!!

-met with my web designer

-purchased my domain, email, and registration

-signed up for another class

-did a seminar (marketing for my business)

-remembered to watch my mind movie each day



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Season 5/Day 3- A day of reflection and relaxing

Today I took most of the day to relax. Meditation went great! Received a lot of cool ideas for my business and my e-book, which I'm working on. I cleaned up a bit around the house, but took most most of time to read and relax. I am proud of the fact that I did take some time to write a short bio to put on my website once it is launched. That task really took a lot out of me, its not as easy as it seemed. But I did it, yay! One step closer to fully launching by website. I meet with a web…


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Season 5/Day 2- A day of dancing!!

Today I got caught dancing in my car...literally. AND it didn't bother me :) I just kept dancing right along. It felt great!!! I had an awesome day today. Things which I've done today so far that got me closer to my goals:



-attended an online seminar


-worked with a coach to control my inner gremlin/and did and activity to put him away

-started my bio for my webpage

-sent an email in hopes…


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Season 5/Day 1-Taste of my own medicine :)

Today I had to take a taste of my own medicine. Fury was what I felt at first! Why?! I tried to understand as my heart started to race! So frustrating when you can't understand how others can be so hurtful and so selfish! When suddenly I realized how much I was internalizing their negativity, and before my body started to heat up from the confusing shift in energy (to the negative field), I realized....WAIT!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS ENERGY! It must have been a cherry flavored…


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Big Changes = Need for a new Season :) Season 5/Intentions

  • Season: Season 5
  • Intentions & Goals: (In short)
  • 1. I feel empowered, loved, and go for what I want everyday. I am blessed with a loving boyfriend and family to share all this love with. I SMILE EVERY DAY. I AM A BRILLIANT COACH.

    2. I attract a constant flow of love in my life. I inspire and help others into action. I have a…

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Weeks 9-10/Season 4- Getting my routine down!

Another two weeks have brought me some amazing realizations in my journey. I have had so much fun building more and more awareness for myself. I have handled downs so much better and with so much ease, and have enjoyed ups with a lot more excitement and appreciation. I am getting my routine down with managing my life. Being a Mom, lifelong learner, excellent manager and coach, launching my business, motivating others, eating healthy and exercise, at the same time not forgetting to do those…


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Week 5-7-Whoah!!! Time Flies!!! Manifestatins Fly to me :)

Time has gone by so fast!!! I had not realized that I had not updated by blog in 3 weeks!!! I have had so much fun though!!! It is so awesome all of the intentions that I have realized into manifestations!

-I went on yet another fabulous vacation with My Angel and some friends. IT WAS AWESOME! Of course, for me, any time I get on the beach is just AMAZING!!!

-Checks have been coming in the mail consistently providing me with more and more financial…


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