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Money at my feet

Been practicing my abundance thought lately just to see what happens.  Not looking for anything specific, seeing abundance around me and attracting more of all that is good.

Things have been going well, despite what would normally be stressors and problems.  For example, my husband was shorted $400 on his last paycheck.  I knew that despite that, we would be ok.  Just have to do a little re-arranging with the bills.  Didn't sweat it at all.  And now little things just keep coming…


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Is it just a coincidence that the day after spending quite a bit of virtual money in an online store in the Checkbook Game, with 2 of the items being a top called Miranda in different colors - that store puts up a facebook contest to give away 3 of that top in my favorite colors?  

Having fun with it and milking it for all it is worth.  The universe likes playing games with me.  I just know that they're mine. I am literally vibrating in my chair with this... excitement, happiness,…


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While this is not my "official" post for day 2 of my journey, I just felt the need to write out my thoughts for today.  While watching a video I found on this site I was drawn to investigate what was being discussed.  It was an Abraham Hicks video where they were asked about Ramtha, and his nature.. and Abraham simply said "you would have to ask him."  So, having never heard of Ramtha - I went to google and searched.  I also found information on Seth.  Ramtha, I found interesting and…


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Gearing Up

Today I've been looking at tools to help with manifestation.  Through this 100 day journey I plan to spend some time focusing on each tool and work on making them habits.  I think by creating new habits I can eliminate the old and make manifesting much easier for myself.


Speaking of easy manifesting - or more driftwood.  I was flipping through the channels last night as I was getting ready for bed and a show about winning the lottery came on.  I enjoy watching shows where…


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OK... its been a rough weekend and I am glad it is over.  One kid home from school today after an asthma attack, but he's feeling much better now.  Hasn't had one in at least 6 months, but I guess he's back on his meds again.


I did a couple things this weekend to work toward manifesting the life I want.  Journaling by hand and trying to use it to get into alignment with my higher self went well.  Even went virutal shopping for a while and found some joy in that as…


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What the.....?

Ok.. taking a deep clensing breath, and trying to move through this. Despite trying to hold myself "in the vortex" and in aligmnent with what I expect to happen - another damaging blow comes. This one is a pretty big one. Thinking a good cry is in order to release some of the tension and then ... I just don't know. Suffice it to say - I really don't like this stress and I really hate this situation. Have to start moving out of the despair I'm headed toward - back up to a better… Continue

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Was invited to join the group starting their challenges on 11/11 and I've decided to join.  So today I've spent some time looking around and playing with this site - even created a small vision board on photovisi.  Having fun and gearing up for the big changes ahead.

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Season 1, Day -1

Doing some of the background reading and work today, in preparation for the 100 day challenge.  I've manifested small things before, I guess I just need a reminder that anything is possible, and a place to keep everything together.  Having like-minded people around really helps, which is why I started with this community in the first place.  But I am a good one for starting something, working with it daily for a week or so and then just forgetting about it.  Not intentionally, just…


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