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Cultivating Unconditional Love ... aaah yes!!! (S1,D39)

Currently I am working on loving myself and my life unconditionally. I found the following podcast meditation on the web. It works on balancing your chakras but it also makes you feel really good. I came out into the kitchen after doing it yesterday and my mum said 'what up with you? look like youre in a state of bliss' !!! haha ...thats because I was!!!

There are several other meditations on there, but this is the one I have been doing well as the one on self… Continue

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Big Internal Shifts are happening....can any of you relate to what I am feeling? (S1, D37)

Co, creators, can any of you relate to this feeling....of feeling almost like 2 people at once? Yes, it sounds a little crazy but let me explain....

There is the person that you are in your physical life where you go about day to day doing your little things...and then the person you are in your mind as a result of beginning to think in new ways and visualising yourself in new ways. It is like I am one person in real life, and then I have this whole other identity in my mind. I am… Continue

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And so I begin - Cleaning up my Vibration. Please share your advice with me!!!! (S1, D33)

My new approach to change is all about cleaning up my vibration and re-balancing my thoughts INSTEAD OF TRYING TO FIX THINGS BY TAKING ACTION. I can see that in many areas of my life I have so many mixed feelings and desires. I have wants and needs that contradict and therefore keep me frozen. I feel anxiety about how I will achieve what I want. I doubt myself. I have high expectations but a fear of failure. I have a strange thought pattern that often says "I never get what I want". I have a… Continue

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Creating a clean slate (S1, D31)

Hello, co-creators...I have not written in a few days! Today I want to write about creating a clean slate in several areas of my life....

MY BODY: I have been doing a detox for the past few days and have been feeling very unusual. I am eating primarily raw and alkalising foods and I am starting every day with a green smoothie! Although I feel tired and a bit spacey (due to giving up caffeine and also cleansing) I still feel good and I am sure over the next few days I will feel even… Continue

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I manifested a great apartment!!!!! Thank you :) (S1, D 26)

Hi Co-creators! This is my first big manifestation from my Season 1 intentions....

I am moving into my new apartment in 2 1/2 weeks. My housemate and I got the call today that we got a fantastic apartment that we both love. It is in the most magnificent area of melbourne and it is on a gorgeous street. it has a large beautiful balcony surrounded by leafy trees. It has a spacious living area and a spare room for my housemate and I to use as a study/work area. My room has a beautiful… Continue

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Life is so exciting. Overflowing with manifestations. So much is happening !!! (S1, D24)

So much is happening all of the sudden. I have to write it down. Where do I start?

1. I have always loved raw foods, but there has been nothing about it in Australia. But now there is a raw food restaurant in Melbourne, and it has always been my dream to go to one. Well I got my dream!!! There is a raw food meetup group In Melbourne, and they were hosting an event on Friday night at the raw food restaurant. I tried to RSVP but it was full. On my lunch break on Friday my friend called… Continue

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A very unexpected and exciting manifestation! (S1, D22)

I got a call today from my friend from Sydney. She called about a very interesting opportunity. It is the opportunity to go on an all expenses paid trip to Bali in September and get paid while I am there!!! Let me explain...

I used to run a centre for adults with a disability in Sydney. The friend (who I used to work with) called me to tell me that one of the ladies from the centre named Kath, and her mum are going to bali and they need someone to go with them to help care for Kath.… Continue

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Swinging between Ego and Purpose (S1, D21)

There is quite a bit of contrast at the moment in my life. There are times when I am so aligned and when I can find love and joy in anything and I am so content. I am really working on letting go, on allowing life and just being at ease. I am surrendering and turning myself over to source to be guided and carried down the stream. I am committed to living life on purpose. I have declared my life's vision to the Universe and I am allowing it to naturally unfold the steps that need to be taken. I… Continue

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breath and let go ... (S1, D19)

It is my intention to live in the flow of life

I let go and allow everything that I desire to flow effortlessly into my experience

The Universe loves me and takes care of me

I am living in the flow of life with an open heart overflowing with love and gratitude

I am relaxed and at ease and I trust that all that I desire is making it's way to me

I am in vibrational alignment with all that I desire

I breathe deeply and take in life… Continue

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theres nothing like some sweet sunday gratitude! (S1, D17)

I have been writing down lovely things that have been happening all week. Here are some of my recent lovelies that I am grateful for....

Thank you for my gorgeous friend Nicci. She has organised a raw food event for next Sunday and has asked me to assist her with it which means I get to get in for free (it normally costs $80) and get to spend the day helping out. When she initially told me about the event I was considering asking if I could help her with it, but I didnt. There is… Continue

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Changing my mind...literally (S1, D16)

This has been a big week for me. I feel like a completely different person to what I was only last weekend. All I have done is spent this week changing my 'mind' and changing the way I think and I feel like so much has already shifted. It is starting to feel easy and natural to feel good. It used to take energy and force to coax myself out of a negative headspace, but now all it takes is a simple shift of my perspective. Feeling happy and grateful is starting to become my dominant vibration. In… Continue

Added by perfect day girl on July 4, 2009 at 4:45am — 1 Comment

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