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DAY 14 SEASON 2 - Life is a mirror

At the moment I am having big realisations about the world. I have known this stuff for a while, but im only just starting to "get it"

Realisations about the world

I create in every minute by telling the Universe who I am

Every thought, word, action, creates

As I declare who I am the Universe listens and creates a physical representation of it

The Universe is a mirror of me

I declare who I am and the world reflects that back for me to see

As I say… Continue

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DAY 13 SEASON 2 - HELP! - How do I feel good at work when I don't like my job?

I am changing Co-creators. Things are shifting in me. I am finding it harder to feel good at work. It feels like being there goes against the grain of who I am. I have to try really hard to muster up the enthusiasm and motivation I need to get my job done. I have been working for several months at finding the positive aspects in my job and finding ways to feel good. I have managed to feel pretty good day to day...but now it is starting to feel so unauthentic to continually force myself to do… Continue

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DAY 12 SEASON 2 - Finally I can say I had a GREAT day!

Hi Co-creators. Today was a really lovely day! It started off so well and I think it set a really good feel for the whole day...

I completed my morning meditation session this morning! :) At the moment I set my timer to 5 minutes and sit there and meditate after my shower. I know its not long but I am focused on developing the habit and practice of meditation at the moment and this is helping!

This morning I chatted to one of my friends from London on Skype before I went… Continue

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DAY 11 SEASON 2 - Getting the hang of the Art of Allowing! HOORAY :)

Hi Co-creators,

So, I have been practicing several things lately to help me allow my desires. Here is what I have been focusing on and what has been working for me;

Meditation - I have meditated everyday this week so far. At the moment I am only doing 5 minutes a day (hehe) but it is still really helping! I also had a meditation class on Monday night, and one again tomorrow night! I do it in the morning and it really sets me up for the day. It helps keep my mind… Continue

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DAY 10 SEASON 2 - THANK YOU for these manifestations!

Hi co-Creators,

I have manifested a whole heap of beautiful things over the past few days so I just want to say THANK YOU for...

The beautiful meditation I did yesterday morning before work which helped me feel calm and at ease all day

The FREE meditation program I attracted! It is a 4 session Introduction to Meditation and I went the first class last night. It was wonderful.

The beautiful sunrise I woke up to this morning

The books I… Continue

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DAY 8 SEASON 2 - REALISATION! - I have to do the inner work before I can get the outer results!

Hi Co-Creators! This Season is FULL of big, juicy realisations! I feel like the fog is finally clearing and I am getting some amazing clarity!

Well, for a while now I have been thinking a lot about my desire to work in the field of self-development, life coaching, health coaching and helping people live in alignment with their soul's desires. I want to do one-to-one coaching, run workshops, write books, teach yoga and meditation and educate people about health. For so long I feel… Continue

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