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DAY 7 SEASON 3 - A powerful evening routine - Reviewing the days POSITIVE ASPECTS!!

Along with my morning routine, I am also creating an empowering and positive evening routine.

My evening routine involves reviewing my day, all the things that happened and all the things I did, and then recording ALL THE POSITIVE ASPECTS I can think of from the day. It is about recognising that there have been both positives and negatives in my day, but it is about removing my attention from all the negative things and giving all of my attention to the positive things. I have a… Continue

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DAY 6 SEASON 3 - HOW to get in to The Vortex!

Good afternoon Co-creators, It is a beautiful sunny day here and I spent my afternoon sunbaking on my balcony and eating organic mangoes! How divine is that! :) I did my morning routine again today...woke up at 6am, did some yoga, meditation and journalling. Then a green juice for breakfast. It felt soooooooooo good!

But what I really want to talk about is something big that I realised today. This morning I was reading The Votex, which is the latest Abraham book, and something really… Continue

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DAY 5 SEASON 3 - Creating my morning routine

I have been inspired by one of my fellow cocreators, to develop and implement a morning routine. The morning is my favourite time of day and I love waking up early, so it seems only natural to use this time in a valuable way.

Today, I woke up at 6am and this is what I did...

I lay in bed for a bout 5 minutes enjoying the warmth of my bed, listening to the birds outside and appreciating the nice feeling of where I was

I got up and made a big litre of bottle of warm water and… Continue

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DAY 4 SEASON 3 - I just manifested 6 free Life Coaching sessions!

Guess what I manifested! ............ 6 FREE Life Coaching sessions! How awesome is that. I am wanting to train as a life coach and I had thought that it would be great to actually see a life coach myself to get an idea of what they do, and to also understand some of the tools they use to help people.....and now I have manifested it!

I happened to stumble upon the website of an Australian lady living in Perth. Her site caught my attention 1) because she was blogging about how she had… Continue

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DAY 3 SEASON 3 - How I am going to support myself through these changes

I am feeling a little overwhelmed co creators. I am finding there is a really intense energy around this season. I have never started a season at the same time as other people on the site. But there is a very different energy about it. I can feel the collective energy coming from a group of people all setting forth this new strong energy of intention at the same time. Can anyone else relate to that? It is like a creative tension. People all on the verge of something huge, all… Continue

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DAY 2 SEASON 3 - Health and Wellbeing Intentions

Last night (as I mentioned in my last entry) I went to a health event where nutritionist Sherry Strong was speaking about organics, wholefoods, natural nutrition and health. I feel very inspired after seeing her speak and connecting with so many other like minded people who are wanting to move to new levels of health in their lives.

I also really admire my friend Nicci who is getting out in to the world running her own company and spreading the message of organic food, She is so… Continue

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DAY 1 SEASON 3 - Hooray

I am so excited that today is day one of my season three!

I had a beautiful day today. It is the first day of the Australian summer! Yay I love summer so much

I made a yummy super smoothie for breakfast with banana, spinach and raw cacao

I spoke on the phone to one of my friends from Sydney this morning and we had such a lovely conversation. I have arranged to see her while I am up there for new years and she also said I can stay with her in bondi if I… Continue

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