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DAY 7 SEASON 3 - A powerful evening routine - Reviewing the days POSITIVE ASPECTS!!

Along with my morning routine, I am also creating an empowering and positive evening routine.

My evening routine involves reviewing my day, all the things that happened and all the things I did, and then recording ALL THE POSITIVE ASPECTS I can think of from the day. It is about recognising that there have been both positives and negatives in my day, but it is about removing my attention from all the negative things and giving all of my attention to the positive things. I have a… Continue

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DAY 6 SEASON 3 - HOW to get in to The Vortex!

Good afternoon Co-creators, It is a beautiful sunny day here and I spent my afternoon sunbaking on my balcony and eating organic mangoes! How divine is that! :) I did my morning routine again today...woke up at 6am, did some yoga, meditation and journalling. Then a green juice for breakfast. It felt soooooooooo good!

But what I really want to talk about is something big that I realised today. This morning I was reading The Votex, which is the latest Abraham book, and something really… Continue

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DAY 5 SEASON 3 - Creating my morning routine

I have been inspired by one of my fellow cocreators, to develop and implement a morning routine. The morning is my favourite time of day and I love waking up early, so it seems only natural to use this time in a valuable way.

Today, I woke up at 6am and this is what I did...

I lay in bed for a bout 5 minutes enjoying the warmth of my bed, listening to the birds outside and appreciating the nice feeling of where I was

I got up and made a big litre of bottle of warm water and… Continue

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DAY 4 SEASON 3 - I just manifested 6 free Life Coaching sessions!

Guess what I manifested! ............ 6 FREE Life Coaching sessions! How awesome is that. I am wanting to train as a life coach and I had thought that it would be great to actually see a life coach myself to get an idea of what they do, and to also understand some of the tools they use to help people.....and now I have manifested it!

I happened to stumble upon the website of an Australian lady living in Perth. Her site caught my attention 1) because she was blogging about how she had… Continue

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DAY 3 SEASON 3 - How I am going to support myself through these changes

I am feeling a little overwhelmed co creators. I am finding there is a really intense energy around this season. I have never started a season at the same time as other people on the site. But there is a very different energy about it. I can feel the collective energy coming from a group of people all setting forth this new strong energy of intention at the same time. Can anyone else relate to that? It is like a creative tension. People all on the verge of something huge, all… Continue

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DAY 2 SEASON 3 - Health and Wellbeing Intentions

Last night (as I mentioned in my last entry) I went to a health event where nutritionist Sherry Strong was speaking about organics, wholefoods, natural nutrition and health. I feel very inspired after seeing her speak and connecting with so many other like minded people who are wanting to move to new levels of health in their lives.

I also really admire my friend Nicci who is getting out in to the world running her own company and spreading the message of organic food, She is so… Continue

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DAY 1 SEASON 3 - Hooray

I am so excited that today is day one of my season three!

I had a beautiful day today. It is the first day of the Australian summer! Yay I love summer so much

I made a yummy super smoothie for breakfast with banana, spinach and raw cacao

I spoke on the phone to one of my friends from Sydney this morning and we had such a lovely conversation. I have arranged to see her while I am up there for new years and she also said I can stay with her in bondi if I… Continue

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Season 3 Intentions

Season 3 starts tomorrow! Woo hoo!

My intentions for the Season and what I am working toward manifesting are:

I post something (whether it be a blog, a video, a photo, a link etc) on my Season 3 CCOR page every day

I add a minimum of 5 video blogs to my CCOR page during Season 3

I relocate to Sydney. I am intending to attract everything I need to make a smooth transition to Sydney from Melbourne. This will include:

I… Continue

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My Season 3 starts on December 1st!

Hello my fellow co-creators,

I have drifted in and out of my blogging on this site since I started my Season 1 mid way through this year. I have not officially completed my Season 1 or 2 according to my blogs, but that is not going to stop me starting Season 3! I have decided to not beat up on myself for not sticking my first two seasons, but instead I am choosing to focus on the future and where I am heading... :)

I am excited about starting the Season on the same date as… Continue

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DAY 14 SEASON 2 - Life is a mirror

At the moment I am having big realisations about the world. I have known this stuff for a while, but im only just starting to "get it"

Realisations about the world

I create in every minute by telling the Universe who I am

Every thought, word, action, creates

As I declare who I am the Universe listens and creates a physical representation of it

The Universe is a mirror of me

I declare who I am and the world reflects that back for me to see

As I say… Continue

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DAY 13 SEASON 2 - HELP! - How do I feel good at work when I don't like my job?

I am changing Co-creators. Things are shifting in me. I am finding it harder to feel good at work. It feels like being there goes against the grain of who I am. I have to try really hard to muster up the enthusiasm and motivation I need to get my job done. I have been working for several months at finding the positive aspects in my job and finding ways to feel good. I have managed to feel pretty good day to day...but now it is starting to feel so unauthentic to continually force myself to do… Continue

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DAY 12 SEASON 2 - Finally I can say I had a GREAT day!

Hi Co-creators. Today was a really lovely day! It started off so well and I think it set a really good feel for the whole day...

I completed my morning meditation session this morning! :) At the moment I set my timer to 5 minutes and sit there and meditate after my shower. I know its not long but I am focused on developing the habit and practice of meditation at the moment and this is helping!

This morning I chatted to one of my friends from London on Skype before I went… Continue

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DAY 11 SEASON 2 - Getting the hang of the Art of Allowing! HOORAY :)

Hi Co-creators,

So, I have been practicing several things lately to help me allow my desires. Here is what I have been focusing on and what has been working for me;

Meditation - I have meditated everyday this week so far. At the moment I am only doing 5 minutes a day (hehe) but it is still really helping! I also had a meditation class on Monday night, and one again tomorrow night! I do it in the morning and it really sets me up for the day. It helps keep my mind… Continue

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DAY 10 SEASON 2 - THANK YOU for these manifestations!

Hi co-Creators,

I have manifested a whole heap of beautiful things over the past few days so I just want to say THANK YOU for...

The beautiful meditation I did yesterday morning before work which helped me feel calm and at ease all day

The FREE meditation program I attracted! It is a 4 session Introduction to Meditation and I went the first class last night. It was wonderful.

The beautiful sunrise I woke up to this morning

The books I… Continue

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DAY 8 SEASON 2 - REALISATION! - I have to do the inner work before I can get the outer results!

Hi Co-Creators! This Season is FULL of big, juicy realisations! I feel like the fog is finally clearing and I am getting some amazing clarity!

Well, for a while now I have been thinking a lot about my desire to work in the field of self-development, life coaching, health coaching and helping people live in alignment with their soul's desires. I want to do one-to-one coaching, run workshops, write books, teach yoga and meditation and educate people about health. For so long I feel… Continue

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Cultivating Unconditional Love ... aaah yes!!! (S1,D39)

Currently I am working on loving myself and my life unconditionally. I found the following podcast meditation on the web. It works on balancing your chakras but it also makes you feel really good. I came out into the kitchen after doing it yesterday and my mum said 'what up with you? look like youre in a state of bliss' !!! haha ...thats because I was!!!

There are several other meditations on there, but this is the one I have been doing well as the one on self… Continue

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Big Internal Shifts are happening....can any of you relate to what I am feeling? (S1, D37)

Co, creators, can any of you relate to this feeling....of feeling almost like 2 people at once? Yes, it sounds a little crazy but let me explain....

There is the person that you are in your physical life where you go about day to day doing your little things...and then the person you are in your mind as a result of beginning to think in new ways and visualising yourself in new ways. It is like I am one person in real life, and then I have this whole other identity in my mind. I am… Continue

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And so I begin - Cleaning up my Vibration. Please share your advice with me!!!! (S1, D33)

My new approach to change is all about cleaning up my vibration and re-balancing my thoughts INSTEAD OF TRYING TO FIX THINGS BY TAKING ACTION. I can see that in many areas of my life I have so many mixed feelings and desires. I have wants and needs that contradict and therefore keep me frozen. I feel anxiety about how I will achieve what I want. I doubt myself. I have high expectations but a fear of failure. I have a strange thought pattern that often says "I never get what I want". I have a… Continue

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Creating a clean slate (S1, D31)

Hello, co-creators...I have not written in a few days! Today I want to write about creating a clean slate in several areas of my life....

MY BODY: I have been doing a detox for the past few days and have been feeling very unusual. I am eating primarily raw and alkalising foods and I am starting every day with a green smoothie! Although I feel tired and a bit spacey (due to giving up caffeine and also cleansing) I still feel good and I am sure over the next few days I will feel even… Continue

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I manifested a great apartment!!!!! Thank you :) (S1, D 26)

Hi Co-creators! This is my first big manifestation from my Season 1 intentions....

I am moving into my new apartment in 2 1/2 weeks. My housemate and I got the call today that we got a fantastic apartment that we both love. It is in the most magnificent area of melbourne and it is on a gorgeous street. it has a large beautiful balcony surrounded by leafy trees. It has a spacious living area and a spare room for my housemate and I to use as a study/work area. My room has a beautiful… Continue

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