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Monday morning blues

Woke up in quite a downer mood but quickly realized its because I haven't had alone time in quite some time. I NEED my alone time and I didn't get a significant amount of time of it in so long and when it catches up with me..boom! Hello, pity party! I turned it around much quicker than I ever have before by focusing on what I really want (is 2 be alone on MY couch in MY home watching mindless tv, eating grapes, granola and trail mix).That had me feeling better which then led to me expressing…


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S9D66: Letting go is KEY!

Been M.I.A. from documenting this journey BUT I haven't strayed from my practices. Been going with the flow and staying in a genuinely happy mindset. Once I really made "feeling good" my #1 priority things have changed. Since I was last here I've reconnected with an old friend that I asked the universe to reconnect me with 3 months ago and that's been lovely. I've had writing opportunities flow my way. I've done some great shopping! I've traveled on a romantic getaway, visited family, wrote…


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Day 18 of pivoting into joy/fun

Today was awesome. I felt connected to source alllllll day! I think I was too into the "details" of my desires yesterday which had me feeling a bit anxious but today I simply went general with my thoughts and it worked beautifully.

The general phrases that had me flying high were: "My life keeps getting better & better", "I am immensely loved , adored, cherished, respected, valued, treasured...", "source, I love you and what you contribute to my experience", "I'm living the sweet… Continue

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Day 17 of pivoting into joy/fun

Today was a rough one.. One minute I was feeling great..the next, like blah. Maybe I'm trying too hard? Wasn't able to focus on anything today. Feeling overwhelmed, impatient, stuck. Gonna sleep on it and make a better go of it tomorrow.

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Day 16 of pivoting

Today was great! Thank you universe for the great dinners I have with my network! Thank you for how beautiful and healthy my hair is. Thank you for all the privacy I have in my house. Thank you for the comfort I have in my home. Thank you for all the fun I have creating. Thank you for all the changes in my life. Thank you for my freedom.

I'm laughing at contrast more & more and it feels great. I'm focusing longer and am able to milk the good feelings more. Today I made a "10… Continue

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Day 15 of pivoting to joy/fun

Today was cool but kinda all over the place. I was able to pivot beautifully but there was still a twinge of impatience on my part. I see the life I desire so clearly but sometimes it just seems so far away! I'm gonna get there though . I truly believe that.

Just gonna continue flying high!

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Day 14 of pivoting into joy/fun

2 Weeks already?! Time truly does fly. Today was another high flying vibrational day. Kept reminding myself that the feeling is the goal. The feeling is all that matters. It worked. Every time contrast arose I'd ask myself if it's more important than my feeling good and that would shut it down. I'm proud of myself. Came along way in terms of controlling my emotions. I'm gonna keep trying and trying to align myself with my desires and I'm confident that life will continue to get better &… Continue

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Day 13 pivoting/inserting fun & joy

Today was great! It lagged in some areas but the kid bounced back each time by soothing myself and reminding myself who I really am..which is pure joyful energy just here for the experience and everything I desire is already the visualization that kept my vibe highs was me owning the fact that I'm a brilliant, successful and talented artist. It was super fun visualizing myself making music, writing shows, traveling, taking photos, hosting receptions in my home. That's what I'm… Continue

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Day 12 pivoting to joy/fun

I'm proud of myself. Kept the high vibes for about 3/4 of the day. Somewhere around dinner time I just got so annoyed with my environment and it took a few tries to get me back in the zone. A lot of soothing was done. I'm pure joyful energy and all is good was my go to phrase today. Gonna cont using it the rest of the night. Proud of where I am but universe pls feel me-- i want more!!!! Thank u!

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Day 11 of inserting fun/joy

Today was pretty solid.. I maintained my high flying vibe. Ready for some excitement though so lets make that happen universe! Thx!

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Day 10 inserting joy/fun

Today was awesome and I didnt do anything special. Vibrationally I felt so goooooood! The connection was effortless and easy . Kept envisioning myself engulfed in well being and that kept doing the trick. Thank u universe!!! Today was the best day so far!

Now I'm going to enjoy my alone time by watching GIRLS (Hbo show) and chilling hard! Til tomorrow !

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Day 9 of inserting fun/joy

Proud of where I am on this journey...Kept my vibes high for the majority of the day by soothing myself, visualizing and pretending. My insatiable quest for alone time had me down for a bit today but I didn't let it get the best of me. My source wouldn't let me get too down. I'm building great momentum and am confident that I'll see change manifested by my birthday if I stay focus. I'm on the right path and I can't get it wrong so bring it on Day 10!

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Day 8 of pivoting into joy/fun

Had a yummy day vibrationally.. I was able to stay on a high vibe the majority of the day. It felt so good! The energy flowing through me is so strong. I feel things loosening up. I can taste change. Actually looking fwd to tomorrow ...Monday..bring it on!

Thank you universe!

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Day 7 inserting/pivoting to joy & fun

Today was wonderful! Both vibrationally & physically! I was out the house for a good portion of the day.. took the train..attempted to take babygirl to The Lego Movie but it was sold out.. so had some great mexican gumbo for dinner. It felt great to be out the house..shaking things up. Things are getting better & better & I'm so appreciative. Thank you universe! Might head out with friends tonight so that would be icing on the cake.

Gonna continue rocking out to the Jay-Z… Continue

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Day 6 pivoting into joy/fun

Yesterday was cool.. I had plenty of moments where I was seeing through my "physical" eyes instead of vibrationally feeling my way through. I managed to turn my emotions around each time so I'm proud of that. I realized that what visualizations may have worked for me yesterday may not work today. Abraham encourages us to daydream as much as possible and to ignore reality that doesn't please us. So for today, Day 7, I intend on doing just that. My birthday is coming up and the gift I wanna give… Continue

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Day 5 pivoting / inserting joy & fun

Had a really feel good kinda day today. I felt aligned and clear. Had 2-3 "go-to" visualizations s for when I needed a pick me up and they all did the job splendidly. Looking forward to my dreams tonight.

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Thank you universe!

I achieved a new perspective/insight from source and it feels really good. I was thinking of how cool it is that with everything going on in our lives..none if it really matters. The only thing that truly matters is how we feel.

What's gonna happen is gonna happen. We came here to experience. We came here to have fun and to experience joy. In order to experience the kind of fun & joy we want, we have to be fun and joy..we have to be ourselves. Our true selves are vibrational. We… Continue

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Day 4 pivoting to joy/fun

Today was cool... I was feeling joy for about 45-50% of the day.. the other time wasn't negative but lacked focus and as a result I was bored. It sounds so easy to *just* focus on joy but its not when you spent to majority of your life noticing all the shitty parts of your life. I'm determined to change my dominant vibration. I'm gonna just keep trying til I get there..44 more days left.

Nothing is more important than me feeling good. Gonna keep reminding myself of… Continue

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Day 3 of pivoting into joy/fun

So..yesterday. I truly felt joyful for a large portion of the day. Every time I felt contrast I didn't want I soothed myself and assured myself that all is always well and that my purest form is joyful energy. I'm simply here to find ways to express my joy. Then I reminded myself that I feel angered by this unwanted contrast because I know full well that what I want is already done. Finally I ask myself what am I currently successfully activating..then I milk that feeling.

I had to… Continue

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Abe Hicks simplifies what are day to day movements should be

Mining the moment for something that feels good, something to appreciat something to savor, something to take in, that’s what your moments are about.

They’re not about justifying your existenc It’s justified. You exist! It’s not about proving your worthiness. It’s done. You’re worthy.

It’s not about achieving success. You never get i done. It’s about “How much can this moment deliver t me?”


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