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My New Cure for Sadness Season 1 Day 17

So I was having a really tough morning today. It was one of those days where even when I was telling myself that I need to think positively I could not find a single thing at work that made me even remotely excited. Half way through the morning I decided I needed a cup of coffee, I grabbed my cup, filled it up and within half an hour, not only did I have more energy (which was the expected intended result) but my mood had also drastically improved. The rest of my day went along great. I thought… Continue

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Two weeks ago when I was browsing other blog posts and forums here I saw people talking about manifesting a feather. I was only just being introduced to this challenge and the concepts and I thought to myself, how does one manifest a feather? Do they just think about it and it comes? Why would anyone meditate on manifesting a feather? I wonder if I should try it.

I kid you not, I have, in the last two weeks, come across two different feathers, both on my walk during my lunch break at… Continue

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Day 5 Season 1

Week started out slow but today was a good day. I'm working hard at trying to become more organized with my time. Last night I wrote down all the things I do that waste time (check comics, blogs, facebook etc) then decided I would only allow myself to check them once in the morning and avoid them at night. It worked well, I checked everything in the morning and in the evening after work when I had the urge to check it all again (like I normally do) I stopped myself and said no, time to do… Continue

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Day 2 Season 1

Today was family day. I met my Step-dad for lunch and then with my Dad, Aunt, and Grandpa for dinner. Both meals were great, however my Dad's cancer was giving him trouble today and that was hard for me to deal with. He has been fighting with esophageal cancer for the past several months and it makes it very hard for him to eat. Sometimes it makes him sick if he's not careful and today was one of those days. I had a good cry when they left.

After, I took a hot shower, watched some… Continue

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Day 1 Season 1: Defining Goals and Finding Support

Told my Mom today about this challenge, she was thrilled and now she wants to join up too!

I outlined my goals for the next 100 days:

I want to develop a more positive attitude. I've been a big ball of negative energy for the past year and I want to get back into having a positive outlook in everything that I do. I believe the gratitude journal will help immensely with that.

I want to launch my second website. I have the idea, I just need to implement it.… Continue

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Season 1 Day 0

Good morning co-creators! I am so excited that I found this community. I chose tomorrow to be my official start day so today is my Day Zero! I have started working on my vision board and accumulating words of wisdom to meditate on. I have big dreams and plans for the future and I know it's going to take a lot of organization, self-discipline and work to get there. I think this group is exactly what I need to keep me on track and thinking positively.

I feel like finding this group in… Continue

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