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Ready to Start Season 2 on August 20 ,2009

My first 100 days were totally cool as far as I focused on what I wanted. I really attached it to business and getting more leads and making more money..however this next 100 days I want to really lead with my heart. I never really allow my heart or faith to operate as it should in my life. I am so guarded.

I take care of my family, I manage a college preparatory program, I manage an educational consulting firm and I have found that I have become a little bitter and cynical on the… Continue

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Day 93 Season One

My 100 days will be ending on Monday, July 20, 2009 and I have not been this focused since I completed my masters degree, lol. Of course I listed that I wanted to attract a host of things but more importantly I wanted to not be in the business of jumping to another project without completing one first and not being too busy being busy.

I started with a program online to see if I could build a list for myself and actually recruit and promote for my direct referrals and to see if I… Continue

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Day 18 Season 1

Wow! Staying focused in really feeling oh so good to me right now. Each morning I meditate, pray, and visualize everything that I want to attract and it is happening. Great situations are unfolding right before my eyes. Its such great clarity. I am even moving towards eating differently. I changed my eating lifestyle about 4 years ago but within this challenge my desire for better nutrition and being in tune with my body is following my vision statement for my body.

The best thing… Continue

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Day 12 Season 1 - Lose Myself

I have been on my 100 day challenge for 12 days now and I feel so so so good. I am believing, trusting, and speaking the things that I want and I believe things are lining up for me.

I like to calculate my emotions and responses because I always want to say and do the right thing. I never want to lose it so to speak. I use to be quick tongue but that was a long time ago. I have matured.

The other day I was leaning toward worrying about my dear mom who I love but I did not… Continue

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Introduce Myself Day 6

Hello all who are out there in the 100 Day Reality Challenge site. I look forward to making lots of friends and manifesting the things that I want to happen in my life. I started my 100 Day Challenge on April 12, 2009. I have been journaling, meditating, reading and visualizing for about a week now.

I presently work full time with a college preparatory program and we recruit first generation limited income students and provide them college preparation. I help students with tutoring… Continue

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