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I haven't blogged in a while and at first it was because I didn;t know what to write... I'm still unsure where to go from here.. but I remember when I first joined this site how excited I was to be a part of it, I remember how excited I was to start my journey towards my goals...

5 days ago my mother got admitted into hospital and is currently on life support. Five days ago she was healthy and vibrant, at midnight she started having diarrhea and vomiting, things went downhill…


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The alarm on my phone went off and I thought "already?" My mind was still jogging through the thoughts of yesterday...

It was still early and the sun was hiding behing the bush of clouds whispering a silent good morning, I got onto the mat and listened to the Pilates instructor and did my best to catch up with the rest of the class. I yawned several times, I continued on to the spinning class and yawned some more. I didn't even sweat. I knew what I was doing wrong... or what was…


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weight loss so far...

I just wanted to share with you my weight loss journey, I will be putting out a vlog soon... in the next three weeks actually. 2 weeks ago I weighed myself and found out that I had lost about 6kilos... since then I have not weighed myself, I was disappointed with the loss because I had hoped it would be greater, thus I decided not to weigh myself until the 9th of this month. When I had lost 6 Kilos I was already working out, visualising and praying for the strength to continue.. but…


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my 1million subscribers starts with you

Since one of my goals is to attract 1million youtube subscribers i thought that I should post a blog of my channel so you guyscan view it and help me reach my goal... i'm in the process of creating new stuff..

The reason I would like 1 million subscribers is because I would like to be a television presenter and host a show, I hope that with the success of my channel i…


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Desires in print

And so I wrote my hearts desire upon that piece of paper,

I wrote it with my limbering hands.

The Source was present when I wrote it.

It was approved.

And so it came to be.

The goals and dreams we put to paper are the goals we are most likely to see.


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Swimming in Gratitude

I offer my soul,

 To say thank you

For making me whole.

I lift my arms to say thank you.

For making this moment wonderful

And making this moment brand new.

I see with my real eyes

And realize…

She is a powerful force and indeed so wise

My old attitude dies.

I swim in gratitude this moment.

All there is to do is to humbly pray

And thank her for this remarkable day.

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