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Life So Far

Hi Everyone...

It's been a whirlwind! I have done quite a bit in the last 60 days or so and it continues to rise.. I taught two introduction classes on, One of Healing with Gemstones and a 2nd on Craft to Cash. Both are an introduction to a several week Webinar series being taught on the same platform... I've been moving so fast I have not taken the time to post my progress and share with you what was happening.. well my friends Amaura and Annett have reminded me that I have… Continue

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The Power of the Word!

I got to experience my words in action today.. What a rich experience!

It has been my observation for years that what we think is important and affects our experience, and what we say and write is even more powerful. The bible, many mainstream spiritual texts, and even pagan texts and teachings tell us that the word has power,... spells, sounds and vibration have been used to create reality for eons and it is my strong knowing that the words we "story" manifests themselves into… Continue

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Is it me or is time moving faster?!!!

WOW what a day... I ordered the centerpoint system!! mailed out the books.. entered 80 books into the system filled three orders, sent out invoices, set up my office part way.. packed things for return, and created schedule for tomorrow. I have a stack of books on the nightstand but when am i going to have time to read them? Saw a great movie on 2012.. evening exercises.. a little mozart and ZZzzzzzzzz!

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WOW Synchronicity abounds!

Got a new bookcase for my office and a new desk for the shop!! Had a GREAT sales day yesterday and made reall beautiful pieces and many sales coming in on the internet.. Life is truly good... Will post pics soon!

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Late Night Early Morning - Good Work

The first section is finished for my audio seminar on Spiritual Business.. I also did all the studying for the submission to i tunes and teach out loud. When i listened back to the material that i had put out it was quite OK.. I think the material will be of value to many. It was a project that had been started several years ago and then stalled. It feels good to get back on track.. Today is beautiful.. New inventory being delivered today and more displays to be set up. The customer flow is… Continue

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It is a Beautiful day and I feel Wonderful.. It always surprises me that when I say the words the feeling increases so I am saying them a lot because I want the feeling to GROW!. It is my intention to post a video today just to say hi and to move forward on my skills for being able to relay information on camera.

I am thrilled that the book sales are going well and I can't wait til I am selling my very own book. Because Of my book sales I have been able to take on another small business… Continue

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Feeling Awake!

Hi Everyone
Well, I'm getting more in the FLOW Feeling Life OF WOW. I am at my friends house in Ocean view.. feeling really creative and uplifted. Excited about going to the beach tomorrow before going back to work on Wednesday. All in all this is shaping up to be a great season. Agreements still pouring in from diverse programs that are in agreement with being a part of the channel so I'm excited. will post a vid in the next couple of Days
Caio for NOW

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Inch by Inch can be a Cinch!

Today has been rather productive.. I spent part of it updating the website for I even got an acknowledgment from Barbara Marx Hubbard that she would love for me to stream her content on the channel. I find working on the channel and finding content to be very satisfying and yet there is a part of me that says that I should be thinking about how to monetize the whole process but I am knowing that will take care of itself.

I also got the report from my Toastmasters District… Continue

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Day 2 - Season 2 -It's all a Process!!

Well two days of sleeping and what appears to me and the ouside world as doing nothing, but I think I am incubating! finally after two days I seem to have an excess of energy tonight so I am following the flow and doing what is in front of me. I remember doing just this process whenever there was a big shift about to happen in my life so i can only assume one must be on the way.

I am excited in a very subtle sort of way and a little hazy because for me a clear cut plan is what makes… Continue

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Off to the races

Today I am in full gratitude for the beauty of my surroundings and I am noticing as I write the words that my vibration quickens because I have placed my attention on the good that surrounds me. Law of attraction is working Yipee!!

By days end I am choosing to have accomplished the following:

~ a daily log of my activities to get a handle on scheduling and wise time usage.

~ cut out pictures for vision board

~ create a routine for followup

~ clear… Continue

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Wow We Are Moving so FAST

Hi everyone...

Guess I started a little before the 15th and then it all started to snowball and i haven't even had a chance to catch up... I have see all your post and I am really excited by what is happening for everyone... I will attempt to do a vlog to bring you all into the loop... suffice it to say that all my dreams are coming true almost faster than I can process them.

I am working on three key presentations and all the supporting materials that accompany such an endeavor, I am… Continue

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Almost the 15th!!!

I'm so excited!!!

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The Energy is MOVING!!!

When I post or next season you all will see that I am sort of adding a career path to my current repoitoir of things that I do... I have been threatening to create a blog /vlog post of "my story " in keeping with the new career path of sharing my journey in order that others may benefit from my experience. Until recently it had only been a dream because the venue and most importantly I was not ready...

Yesterday I had the priviledge to go to a training for a advocacy workshop and lo and… Continue

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Happy Hoidays!!! Where did the Time Go?!!!

Hi everyone.. just got the Christmas Decorations up in the shop two days ago... Customers clamoring for special things for loved ones!! "tis the season!!

I must say that thanks to the support of this group and the focus that the practices bring I was more prepared than ever before.

I am also grateful that for the first time in years I was able to give presents. Not huge things but just those it's the thought that counts kind of things that i would see in the stores that reminded me of… Continue

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Day 66 - Gratitude

This morning I woke and looked outside at the shore line and I realized that I am living a dream... a dream of being in Hawai'i, of living here ,of being happy, of having wonderful friends, of having the total support of the universe that is showing up in the friends and people who come into my life and that all is truly in perfect order. I am so happy and grateful that the perfection of my life continues to unfold, that each and every good thing that I choose just "lands" in my experience,… Continue

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Way Too Serious!!

Just posted a vlog... wow !! these things sometimes just pop out of my head... I had a great turkey day.. hope you did too.. My busy season is just starting... will post a vid of the store all decorated!!!Christmas is weird in Hawaii... No snow except on the mountain... but i do have my socks on and my cup of hot chocolate!!
All is well.. just checking in to say hi
Blessings All

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Progress and Well Being Abounds

Greetings All
The Universe is doing all it can to give me the success and joy i have asked for.. all is well...I just received payment for an old debt that i had written off two years ago... i just had several FABULOUS days of sales at work.
I am rested happy and fulfilled.
I wish the same for all of you..

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Visitor Fun

My friend arrived from SERVAS and it turns out she is camera shy so you will not get to meet her. I has been facinating being a host for a Peace Ambassador ... This was a role reversal for me because I had only been a traveller before. I found myself wanting to make sure that everything flowed smoothly for her and sometimes being overly helpful.

Playing tourist was fun and hearing about her country and her work was an enlightening experience.

It was interesting though that rather than… Continue

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Challenged Already!! - Aloha Spirit Connection Launched!!

OK only three days in and it seems that time is already slipping away... no time to do the promised vid... some of that due to the fact that I am vain and want to look just so and to edit the vid so that it looks just so and that takes time.. ironic hmmm!!

I have a SERVAS visitor starting on Monday and staying til Thursday so that will be interesting.. I am excited to meet her and torn between wanting to get all my projects rolling and kept on track and visiting and doing the cultural… Continue

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