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Season 2, Day 80 -- Working on Painting and Carpet Removal

I think my home is something of a metaphor for my life. When I moved in here many years ago, I spent some time and money making improvements and keeping it in order and filled with sunshine and beauty. My life also was filled with joy. peace and love.

With loss of ones close to me came a period of not being able to handle life and I no longer cared for my home either. I struggled at times to put order back into both my home and my life, but things piled up and piled… Continue

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Season 2, Day 79 -- Working on Habits and Order

I have started a 3-day 'fast' from the dating/singles site that has been a favorite of mine for the last several years. I will not say that I have not gained some very valuable discovery from participation on the site, but I am thinking it is time to kick it up a level and participate more actively on a site where I am among more of the kind of people I am at my best. That would be right here!

Concurrent with my fast, I am starting a more regimented eating program of mostly raw foods… Continue

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Season 2, Day 4 -- Challenges and Metaphors

Yesterday was a challenging day, where I felt tired and depressed and distressed. There was little progress evidenced on my home renovation project as the majority of the time was spent in prepping the bathroom floor and going to the store for plywood, nails, valves... lots of things that add up but will never be seen. Perhaps that is a metaphor though, as a good foundation is built on qualities that are not so apparent, and it is best not to skimp on the investment of those hidden, but… Continue

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Season 2, Day 2 -- Fleshing out some of my goals

I am calling this season 2 as it is the second time I am having a go at the 100 day challenge. I did not work the first season as effectively as I had planned, but in some ways, the season worked me. That means that even though I did not put nearly the focus into my goals, they proceeded along anyway.

So, for this season, I have modified my goals and am moving ahead on them. I intend to greatly increase my focus and I anticipate that I will see much greater leaps ahead.

While… Continue

Added by Lacy on July 12, 2010 at 12:21pm — 1 Comment

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