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About a camera was down to me

Hello fellow co-creators and riderrs of the universal wave..

I promised on a posting on another person's site that I'd tell a little story about a camera this evening, and here it is. Its not so much about the camera but what happened around it. I start at the beginning. I have a camera, which I am learning to use, (its slow). 2 months ago I started seeing little black specs on my pictures and in the view finder - dust! Well some parts of dust removal on the camera you can do… Continue

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..Work - difficult ....

Hi Everyone,

A post as I haven't done one for a little while. Been reading lots, and watching money flow IN and OUT in large chunks. I started laughing when i caught myself saying "no! no! wrong way!!" one day at a large-ish out flow, but the net is that more is coming in than out at the moment.

My biggest thing on the horizon though is about work. I have a (phone) meeting with someone this coming week which I am dreading. I know, I know, dreading it will be 'attracting… Continue

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..and all of a sudden...

..well, what can I say. I started a week ago, and published my intentions. The world has gone crazy, but in a good way.

One of the most far-fetched intentions was about paying off half my credit card balance. Its a good sized amount, and least any one think I am totally out of control financially, part of it is the result of some quite large loans which i have made to people who either asked me or who are in difficulties and its a kind of safety net for a while until their situation… Continue

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S1, D1-2 ...

I thought the pace of life would change as I joined this my first Challenge, but I had no idea how much! Not physically (yet) but mentally and emotionally.I'm somewhat daunted by posting a video and have had a convenient excuse for the last few days which is that I have had laryngitis, (nasty cough, bad cold, etc) but my voice is starting to return to its normal pitch instead of Basso Profundo or simply Not There, so the time is fast approaching. Writing however I can do, so here I am… Continue

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