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To feel is to live

Its been a while since I've visited... but this is always a nice place to be :)  We have been moving, so there has been high stress and a garage sale to deal with, but now things are getting better. God directs all of my steps, when I allow Him to.  I am learning to pay attention to the world around me more, as I have 'numbed out' as a defense mechanism all of my life... and when ya numb out the bad, ya also numb out the great. so anyway I have been learning to appreciate the little moments…


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do it!

Hello, Beautiful Soul! thanks for reading! I am beginning to act more on the inspirations that I recieve... and great things are brought about.  I realize that time and space do not exist and so I do not put a time limit on my faith for seeing the manifestation of greatness! That still, small voice is there for a reason... <3

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Feelin it!

I finally get it!!!!! The thoughts are the source of our experience (which I knew), BUT it is the ENERGY, THE FEELING that we give the thoughts which actually does the attracting!!! The Feeling which does the healing ;D So! I am going to go get on my rebounder to  pump up some energy, and send out my intentions at the same time. Yayahhhhhhhhh!

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Line upon line

I am so grateful! For everything! Every day, I recieve revelation... concerning my life, relationships, people's intentions, spiritual truths. I realize that this is due to my increasing gratitude/ humility, and willingness to accept God's Truth. He sets the univese in motion and speaks to me through His Holy Spirit. As I learn and accept truths about myself and the universe in general, I am given privy to a bit more information, a bit more understanding. Line upon line, I comprehend that…


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Overcoming is fascinating and empowering

My journey in overcoming my addictions has been fascinating. It continues to be. At present moment, I am concentrating on subjecting my flesh (and my spirit) to the Holy Spirit. I am learning to pray when tempted. I am learning scriptures that help in the healing process. So empowering!!! Y'all have an empowering day!!!!!!!!

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Life is perfect. Just allow it to be. Its all good.

My life is so perfect. I mean, of course there are 'trials and tribulations'... but they are all for my learning, my good.  My perception is through the eyes of love, gratitude. Everything is as it should be. God blesses me consistently, and I am whole and healed in Him.

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I have to tell you!! All of my prayers are answered, consistently.  So manyTHings that happen in my life, when I truly examine them, I realize that I prayed for them to happen at some point or another! I pray over my children, and all of a sudden the great thing will happen, and I am suprised... but then I'm like, "I prayed for her to (be aware, accept this or that) a while back, and God is bringing it to pass!!!" I need to make my default, "OF COURSE! That miracle is happening! How could it…


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My healing Daniel fast 21 day

I took a challenge for myself... a 21 day Daniel fast. I had no cooked food for those 21 days. My goal for the fast was to gain a spirit of compassion, as this has been something I have been lacking in my life. WELL! guess what! My daughter got the flu in the second week, my other daughter and myself both got a horrendous virus in the second and third weeks, and my disabled husband was left to care for us! I am still recovering from this virus. I was awakened as to how to have more loving…


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Changing habits can be super challenging! So, I have written up a daily 'Bootcamp' schedual for myself to follow so that I may be less distracted by life, and instead focus more on meditation.  This is really helping me, to the degree that I stick to it!

At this time, I definitely feel a shift in my life happening.  But in order for me to do all that I need to as well as to enjoy everything about this change of life, my habits need to change along with my mindset.

Thanks for…


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Why do I not allow myself to succeed?

I could come up with so many excuses, but the conclusion I have come to while on this Season 3 Challenge is that I do not allow myself to succeed because of fear.  I fear: 1.that I won't be as good as I envisioned 2.that I will be as good as I envisioned, so therefore I will have a new set of standards and responsibilities to live by 3.that I simply am not worthy of my success because of my decisions; decisions as recent as a few seconds ago and as far back as adolescence.

This fear…


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Please pick up! it's me, ...Chris!

I must admit that even with the amount of faith that I hold, I had more than a touch of anxiety about visiting my neurologist this morning. I have been having more seizure activity recently, but I do not want to change the meds I am on> although they do not control the seizures completely, the side effects are not the most horrible compared to the others I have tried. The doctor usually gives me a talkin to about changing my meds and then I have to do as he says. This time, I prayed about…


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Called OUT!!!!

I was totally called out this morning on my tendency to argue. I meditated this morning and asked God to take it away. and sure enough, when I was talking  w my dear husband this morning, although i was not in an argumentative mood, he was sharing something with me and I had to ask him, "Why?" He goes, "you have to challenge me on every little thing, dont you? I can see why your daughter debates you tell her because she sees you challenge every thing." Without raising my voice, I said,"I…


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Was it real,or did she fake it?

I kinda pride myself on being sincere... to the extreme.  I can't stand acting happy with people's actions that I disagree with, and I really get a bad feeling when people act like they like others then talk behing their backs. I hate feeling like a hypocrite... so I just feel like in order to not LIE, I need to always be honest.  OHHHH this is not so, though.  Through introspection, self acceptance and tolerance for others, I am learning to zip my lip. To hold my feelings in suspension…


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high on love

In my quest to be high frequency on a more consistent basis,I have made a committment to myself to NOT complain at all, about anything for this entire business week.  This challenge is about aligning w my soul and healing my inner child, so I am hoping that I will be able to work through all the clutter in my emotional closet without complaining, blaming or gossiping. hmmmm. Sounds like a task, but one I believe will encourage me to take full responsibility for my life, creating my past, and…


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You can't stop me!!

Today, I took quite a bit of time and focused on the things that I allow to deter me from fulfilling my purpose. On the list were 'lusts of the flesh' and 'pride', 'ego'. But my #1 thing was discontentment. I allow relatively little things to get on my nerves,then I get depressed and victimized, and before I know it, I've lost at least 1/2 the day... when I could  TOTALLY have been used as an instrument of love. I don't even want to begin to count up all of the lost time... …


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simplicity is divine :)

What a beautiful face this girl has! is what crossed my mind first... then, seeing the title of the video,"How to organize your closet" I was moved to watch. Looks like this girl doesn't keep anything! Where's all of her clothes and 'stuff'???!!! When she went on to show this TOTALLY awesome shoe tree (from the container store, on sale 19.99), I was like, "hey, I could use that!"  fits 18 prs of shoes. Then she showed this over the door purse rack but its like a strap w 8 hooks (4.99 a CS).…


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omgoooooooooooosh! more synchronicity but this is big time!

So my husband and I were having this convo about $$ issues, and I asked why he was holding back the urge to spend anything; he usually does not hold back... He says he is in a bit of a panic. The ecomomy is bad, and he has some serious health issues.  I consciously made up my mind in that moment that I WAS NOT going to live in a panic mind set. whatever will be will be> I'm going to put out faith based vibes that I know we are going to be abundant and well taken care of! GUess what!!!!!…


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The more in alignment with my soul and with God I become, the more I notice syncronicity all around me, all the time. The Universe is truly working in my favor, all the time! Even in the moments that are not so very comfy... :P  One synchronized moment was: ok yesterday in meditation I was told to learn to love myself profoundly. Just randomly I got this itch to go to goodwill to look at the books (its not like I don't already have a ton of great books to read **})   but I followed the…


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One step closer...

Here I am, attempting to align with my soul... whom I KNOW is this wonderfully joyful, fun light being full of boundless energy; I'm expecting to feel all smiles with little bubbles popping all around me. I began this challenge, thinkin' "I am going to have this great energy thats gonna come across on the videos! And eveyone that watches is going to feel the love! THey are going to feel touched by the message. I am going to want to do more." However, reality is not so very fanciful.  THese…


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I asked for it!

I asked for healing! But I get sick to my stomach and get in a bad mood, with all of these ugly insecure thoughts popping into my brain that I haven't really thought about for a while.  What is healing? I think of healing and I think of honey and lemon tea and a deep massage. NOT digging up old pain from the past. Well, the truth is that in order to heal, we gotta get rid of the infection, the problem. So YES there is going to be pain.  FIne. But if I'm hurtin' it doesn't stop w me, cuz if…


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