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S5 - Day 29

Today is a good day. In the morning I started running around - almost missed my meeting - luckily one of my people in my team sent me a text message to remind me, such a reliable kid. Just knew that his four year relationship also ended two months ago and I appreciated that he's so strong about it.

I still couldn't fully focus on work, but I did get a few jobs done that I've been procrastinating for a whole week.I did push myself to go jogging and made a new friend, who actually…


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S5 - Day 28

Today is a challenging day, but I managed well. Did some reading. I had some unexpected support from someone I barely know, so I took it. Pretty much decided where I'm going for my holiday - think I'm going on a diving cruise!

Today I'm grateful for:

1. A morning better than yesterday

2. Support from mum and friends

3. Support from some stranger

4. Two meals fully completed and I enjoyed them

5. Made some nice tea for myself

6. Smoked…


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S5 - Day 25

I've been down for a few days, until tonight. My brain feels jammed. Eventually I went for a walk. Half way during the walk, I started to have a revelation. I've been seeking an answer these days and it came clearer to me. I am actually a better person than I was five years ago. All that happened had made me a better person. 

Also I got some surprising support. Someone who stopped talking to me sometime ago suddenly emailed me, and we had a good chat. I'm very happy about that. Also…


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S5 - Day 22 - it's a good day

Today is a good day. It started me feeling tired in the morning - maybe because I took Melatonin. Think I will continue using it for a week and try to stop. Sleep and food are the most important thing for me now, that I need to take care of. I also want to cut down my nicotine consumption.

Called morning sick - thanks for my company's flexible resting system - and went into the office and focused very well at work. Colleagues are friendly and many problems are solved. My body felt…


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Day 20 - How to find peace in shocking situation?

Today is a day that I have to deal with issues in my life. My nearly 5 year boyfriend broke up with me at midnight, again. With decisions he has made for himself, both of us will have to give up things we want in our own lives. Essentially it's a good thing. There's no return this time. He has met someone for two weeks and decided he'd like to move on. So things are easy. I will move on. Not fight. No argument. Questions asked. Answers given. I'm more sad than angry. I'm more shocked about…


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Day19 - Practice losing control

I'm indeed a very stubborn person. I have a plan about How things should happen and I couldn't let it go easily if things doesn't happen like this. Last 19 days have been rocky. I almost dropped into depression at one point but luckily the business trip interrupted my daily routine so I feel more refreshed.
The next few days i want to practice being spontaneous and follow the flow. Accept that there are situations that I can't change and be creative to deal with it.

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S5 - Day 4 - Feel good

I have this tendency to think of the worst case based on my past experience, which would drag me into a downward path very easily. I also have a tendency that I have expectations on people doing things in the way that I will do it, which would often bring disappointment and of course inevitably drag me into a downward path very easily. Usually when F was around, he could easily stop me and cheer me up. And now he's not around. And part of me feel resentful and he became the source of my…


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S5 - Day 1 - Back to basics

Err...I don't think I actually finished my Season 4. I gave up half way. Life was too much up and down and I felt I wasn't in control. Anyway, here I am - restarting again. Where am I? 

Holiday in France was wonderful and I was rejuvenated. F even asked me to marry him there. However, I had to come back first and I will have to wait for 40 days to see him again. I'm actually back to Hong Kong for 30 days already and everyday was interesting. Time and space could surprisingly surface…


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S4 - Day 45 - 30 days of truth - something you hope to do in your life

Something you hope to do in your life.

I hope to publish a novel. I hope to travel around the world. I hope to build my home with someone I love and cherish, have my own family and two kids. I hope to have my own business. I hope to get my dive instructor license and teach some divers. I hope to be able to do a 360 turn on snowboard. I hope to speak French, Italian and Japanese. I hope to die with grace and elegance.

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S4 - Day 44 - 30 days of truth - Q4 - forgive

Q4 - Something you have to forgive someone for

I have to forgive F for all fights we had. I have to forgive my parents. I have to forgive whoever found my phone and decided to keep it for themselves yesterday.


Ouch. A mixed day. Went shopping and bought my new snowboard and boots. The boots are quite pricy but then it's really comfortable.

Then when we were in…


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S4 - Day 43 - 30 days of truth - Q3 - forgive

Q3 - Something you have to forgive yourself for.

I stole money from my parents and grandparents when I was a kid. I cheated before. For many times in my life, I yielded to other people's opinion and let other people to make decision for me. I lied a lot. I often pretend that I am someone who I am not but wish to be.


A good day today.

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S4 - Day 42 - 30 days to truths - Q2 Something I love about myself

Q2: Something I love about myself

I love my waist and my collar bone. I love my weight and I could eat a lot without putting on weight.  I love my energy. I love I'm generous, kind and caring. I love my humour and wit. I love my intelligence. I love my ability be good at anything as long as I want to. I love my good taste in books and films. I love being slightly weird and geeky. I love that I always help people. I love my openness and eagerness to try new things. I love my courage. I…


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S4 - Day 42 - 30 days to truths

This is some blog events that I participated last year but I never finished, because some questions are really difficult and I didn't feel strong enough to peel down the lies that we build up in years and disclose the truths about ourselves - trust me I am a habitual liar. We lie to others, fearing that others wouldn't accept the truth, and for the same reason we lie to ourselves. I hope now I could do it in CCOR and with all the co-creator's support, I would be able to…


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S4 - Day 41

How to take the downs of life?

My usual way is to suck it up and get through it. I whine. Then I get better. I don't know another way.

And people get scared of things they don't know. One get scared and do things that scare other people too.

I'm learning. As an only child, it's a very new idea, especially when you are dealing with someone so close to you yet think about things so differently.

I'm grateful that he's learning too, or at least try to accommodate that.

SO… Continue

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S4 - Day 40 - Yes, I do mind

See at least once in a day, people say "mind" sentences to me in different grammatical structures, such as my boss "do you mind drafting this email for me?" or my staffs after they didn't do what they were supposed to do "I hope you doing mind" or as my boyfriend always says "promise you don't mind?".  Not sure if this is something about English language, which is a second language that I have to use in work and in life everyday.

In Chinese we rarely use the word "mind". Instead we…


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S4 - Day 39

The weekend seemed to be long than usual that I thought there might be some sleeping gas in the city that I spent longer time sleeping than doing anything else. Other than sleeping I spent most time on my story and was quite productive. I am still practicing Ho'oponopono which seemed to work just fine with me. Lesson learned. There was always ups and downs in life, as well as mediocre periods, which I would in the past develop into downs, while now I could rightly decide that everything…


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S4 - DAY 34

I watched a movie last night: "Perfect Sense". It was an English movie talking about a couple fell in love while the world is experiencing a disease while people's senses are lost one by one - smell, taste, hearing and eventually seeing. It was not the disaster or the romance that made me like it. Instead, the most impressive part to me was people, after losing one sense, soon regain their faith and life goes on. The earth doesn't stop rotating, the world doesn't break into pieces and the…


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S4 - Day 31

Holiday & Christmas shopping battle 1. I haven't bought any winter clothes for six years because it could never ever get even close to the word "cold". I never know how satisfying it could be to try on and buy some real coats and boots.

Here's some real problem - once I buy some new clothes, I want to wear them immediately. But it's still too warm here to wear military coat!

Sometimes I dreamed that Hong Kong would snow. Just imagine that, the whole world would stop in…


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Day 28 - 29 Got my visa!

Today I got my visa to visit UK!

All ready for holiday. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!

Sipping Champagne while writing. I love Friday night.

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Day 26 - 27 - Rest

It has been a very busy week. Hong Kong seemed to have entered its usual weird period when the weather was just uncomfortable in anyway. Half of my department was sick on Monday but I survived. Today I had to cave and told my boss that I need some rest and I called afternoon sick. Other than sleeping and resting, I achieved two things: 1. plotted for the next three chapter of my story in detail; 2. Bought my ski-pass in mont-blanc. In 31 days I would be in chamonix having my 6 week…


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