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Hello Co-Creators!

The last 100 day challenge I set was in 2015 for my Season 12, to be completed in 2016, and although I didn't regiment it, I met 7 out of 9 intentions that I set (see my page for details).

Before setting intentions, I always ask myself what I envision my perfect day looking like. From the moment my eyes flutter open in the morning, to the time my head hits the pillow at night. Where I am? What my house is like? Who is around me? What my morning shower…


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Plans before Season 12

Season 12 will be this January 1st and I am wanting to start off next year with setting really good intentions that I am actively working on. 

In the meantime, I have several projects that I am in the middle of now that I want to have finished up or mostly done by the start of Season 12 so I can start fresh. Here is what I am working on now: 

1. NaNoWriMo - I am rewriting a book that I had self-published in 2007 that is actually turning into a whole new format and taking a…


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End of Season 11

Reading my blog posts, it makes me sad that I've gone through such trying situations.

My life is so much better today. 

I have changed a lot of the negativity that had been happening in my life and while there is still room for improvement, all of the other things that were holding me back have had their season.

I had some intentions I was trying to meet for Season 11. I changed my intentions before I thought to copy them here, so this is what I remember…


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My ex-boyfriend and I are roommates

He says until he can get the money to leave, he doesn't have anywhere else to go and he needs time to get something else.  Honestly, I believe he is trying to guilt me or trap me or make his issue my problem.  I don't want to be cold toward him, but I honestly don't think he understands when I am being diplomatic or kind or thoughtful - I think he takes advantage of me.  His staying here is his way of using his name being on the lease to his advantage and it really has nothing to do with…


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I decided to get clear with my new baby's dad today.  We worked on a relationship for over a year and at this point my emotions were so confused with him I decided it was a good time to ask him outri…

I decided to get clear with my new baby's dad today.  

We worked on a relationship for over a year and at this point my emotions were so confused with him I decided it was a good time to ask him outright where we stand.  He said he considers us (my children and me) his family and that he loves the kids but as far as a  relationship with me goes, he doesn't know.  He said he prides himself in providing clear answers, but for that he just didn't have one.  I told him then the obvious…


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Day 16 of Season 11

I was reading my blog posts on here and WOW I was going through so much.  No wonder I didn't want to continue on in the 100 Day Challenge!  I had so much self work I needed to do.  

I am open and willing and accepting of whatever comes my way from whomever it may come from.  I need that in my life.

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Avoiding my CCOR blog

It is funny how things have become so incredibly wonderful in some areas but difficult in others.

My family is small. It really only consists of my parents and siblings, and one of my parents has passed away. It is riddled with dysfunction also - neglect, abuse and our growing apart which has created opinions that surmount our ability as adults to move beyond those things in love.

I attended a funeral today. My daughter's aunt, her grand father's sister, passed away last… Continue

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Dear Mom,

How are you on this beautiful Sunday? I hope you are doing well.

I am writing you this blog post because I know you read them to look for things to make you angry instead of looking at me. Know that in my telling you these things that I forgive you, and that I love you unconditionally because I have come to terms with who you are and what my relationship with you has been. In that same vein, we have the potential to leave that past behind, because I no longer need a mother…

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Dear Mom!

Dear Mom,

I love you too and I miss you. Thank you for thinking about me.

We are doing very well, and I feel blessed that the girls are living with me at this time. They are thriving - their hair is growing, and they are gaining weight, interacting with their peers and developing their individual personalities. Rakhiyah got A's and B's and only 1 C this quarter in school, and you should hear all of the wonderful things her teachers say about her: she's compassionate, hard… Continue

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Today is my day 100!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Boy do I feel relieved. I have actually grown tired of challenging myself to achieve intentions when my intentions have been so in the flow and synchronous! It's been really great creating intentions and manifesting them!

First, let's talk about my intentions:

1. Create a close circle of friends who are Indigos that I can connect with in person.

I have made 3 friends this season that I have grown really close to… Continue

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Day 99, Season 10 - Seeking balance with work and play

Today is day 999 of my 100 day reality challenge! Wow!!

I'm going to have a lot to talk about for tomorrow. I plan to make a video as well as a LONG blog post =O!

TODAY, however, I am wondering what it is like to feel like a 30 year old in America today. I wish I knew what people's lives were like at 30 on a mass basis.

Several people that I follow on YouTube are my age, such as Lilou from CCOR, and ShayCarl.… Continue

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Day 98, Season 10 - Asked if I needed mentorship

I completed all of my math work for Chapter 8 in time for the test on Wednesday, I have to make sure that I have my 3 x 5 index card handy with all of the info I need to remember what to do on these problems. I hope I can put it together well enough to get at least a B on this test. I am mostly confident though.

After my Social Work class, I talked to my teacher about how I have lacked mentorship and guidance throughout my life. She asked me if I would like her to be that mentor - I… Continue

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Day 97, Season 10 - Breakfast with a new friend

I was supposed to try to meet with my math study buddy again today to help wrap up the work we need to do in chapter 8, but it just wasn't happening. I had SO MANY ERRANDS to run!!! We still need to go out and get groceries and it is Sunday already!! My sister did 1/3 of the shopping though, but we will have to wait until I have a free day before I can do the bulk shopping. I am just grateful that I CAN do that. We had such a difficult time last year.

Before my errands, I got to have… Continue

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Day 96, Season 10 - A naughty charity event

I had my Spanish quiz this morning and had to think a lot harder than I anticipated LOL! I hope I did alright!

I came home just long enough to eat something, and had to run right back out to find an outfit to wear to the Bound and Determined event to save janee's house. I helped volunteer to set the place up, and ended up putting A LOT of the prep together, it was quite fun! The event was really interesting itself, they were auctioning items and people lol and had some really… Continue

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Day 95, Season 10 - feeling a bit down this week

I met with my study buddy this morning and knocked out a lot of the math we had to work on. I had been behind last week, but it looks like I am catching up really well. I have noticed that my comprehension in math has risen VERY high! I just have to make sure I continue to work these problems and ask the questions I need to ask to clarify.

I picked up Alex today also, but I don't foresee much fun with him, I have a lot of errands and organizing to do at home. I am rather irritated by… Continue

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Day 94, Season 10 - Enjoying life

I am a bit behind in some things, such as with this blog over the past week - so I am trying to catch up. I forgot to turn in my sister's schedule for high school today, so I am going to try to do it tomorrow and see if they let me. We'll see. Normally, the counselor creates that schedule, so I don't know why they want me to do it this time - I don't have the info I need to do that. =\ We'll see.

I got my sister her graduation present, she finally received her high school diploma in… Continue

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Day 93, Season 10 - Loan opportunity for house

I had a math quiz today and I totally blew it. I did a horrible job :( I'm disappointed, but she gave us an extra credit opportunity. I just don't know if it will be enough to redeem that test as well as the other points that I needed for the other half points I missed on the in class work. *sigh* We'll see.

Anyway, Sociology class went well with good discussion. Another exhausting day.

I'm getting a lot of days off for Sociology class coming up for spring break which is… Continue

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Day 92, Season 10 - Singing lessons scheduled!

I've been working hard to catch up with my math chapter over the past week, and get ready for the next test. I have been doing very well in all of my classes, so that is good.

Today is fairly easy going as I don't have any classes today, just homework.

Romance-wise, although it wasn't one of my intentions, I have been talking to some nice potentials online, very educated, very intelligent, very much what I want in many ways, so I am excited about the direction my romance… Continue

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Day 91, Season 10 - Same ol' grind

No class this evening because we had an online test to take. It went well, a very easy test. I still felt like I had been out at school all day although I got to go home early lol. I wanted to attend one of the social gatherings this evening, but class work still took me so much time.

It was pretty much the same grind today, nothing very exciting happening lol.

Much Love,

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Day 89, Season 10 - Dark Nirvana II

I got my Spanish quiz back and got an A on it! YAY! That was awesome. I also got a few people who expressed interest in Spanish

I attended Dark Nirvana this evening, an event that showcases different varieties of fetish and kink to spice up relationships in the BDSM lifestyles. All events are non-smoking environment and sex free, although people may wear fetish wear such as leather, corsets, or different attire of their choice.

This was an off-color event for me because… Continue

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