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how did that happen

i can hardly believe that it has been almost a month since i have touched base. school and finals this past week have kept me extremely busy but...i am so thankful for it all and more!! for my health!! my children!! loved ones and friends!!
blessings to us all....

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Peace 4 Planet - earth postcard Pictures, Images and Photos

sometimes, i must remind myself how MUCH i have to be thankful for! today is a gift and i am so thankful for it ! my family!! our amazing great health! stable loving relationships! provision for everything we need and many things we want!

i just breathe all this in and… Continue

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affirmation Pictures, Images and Photos

peace Pictures, Images and Photos

Cori Ruthstrom Pictures, Images and Photos Continue

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you CAN quit SMOKING

This site is AMAZING! it is UNLIKE A-N-Y quit site out there!! Go LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit smoking on October 19th 2005 after several prior attemps to quit. I just want to encourage those who are struggling with this! I used to say, well, I can quit but I like it, I enjoy it...did you know that is just the addiction talking? I was a closet smoker the last few years that I smoked..trying to hide the fact that I readdicted afted quitting for 5 years!!! Well, I was led to go to this… Continue

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Vision Board...Finally

I have almost completed my vision board...yay!! Its about time!!! I am so excited about the days to come!
Blessings to you all!

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Passionate Kisses

Is it too much to ask

I want a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back

Food to fill me up

And warm clothes and all that stuff

Shouldn't I have this

Shouldn't I have this

Shouldn't I have all of this, and

Passionate kisses

Passionate kisses, whoa oh oh

Passionate kisses from you

Is it too much to demand

I want a full house and a rock and roll band

Pens that won't run out of ink

And cool quiet and time to… Continue

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Fabulous Friday to us all!! Yay!!!!!!

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home from school...

It is 11;00 p.m, just got home from school! Feeling tired but good! I know I will get through this! I AM doing it!
Even though my days are filled with work and my nights with school, I know this is what I am supposed to be doing for now. I slacked off with my eating plan but I will get back on it and will be stronger this time! I must sign off and get to bed and i will sleep great and wake feeling refreshed and recharged for a beautiful NEW day! Thank you God!

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positive energy and prayer please

hello beautiful friends! please send me some of that positive energy and prayers. i am working during the day and going to school at night and I have alot of muscles, bones, tissues and cell stuff to memorize. i have a huge test tomorrow on wed. that i have had little time to study a BIG thank you to all of you. i just need to focus and calm down! if anyone has some good study advice or helpful hints it will be much appreciated!!!!! BLESSINGS to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my my my what a beautiful day

A beautiful saturday morning! About to meet a friend for coffee and shop for my grand angels 7th birthday!
I know great things are happening! I am so excited!

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5th day

Good morning beautiful people! I got out of school early last night so got to come home and spend a little time with

my daughter and husband. School is great I am just learning so much so fast. I wonder how all that information stays in your brain? I am believing it will stay there and not wander away..Lol!!! I work today and will get home in time to have a few hours before school again. The time is actually going by fast, as time does and I can hardly believe that i have been in school 1… Continue

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I am believing for wonderful incredible things to happen during this challenge. I will start on a vision board this weekend and keep believing and repeating my positive affirmations! A few of my many positive affirmations:

I have a sharp mind and record information easily and naturally!

I have confidence in my memory.

I can do all things with Gods help.

In my mind I am now slim, healthy and attractive!

My physical reality is quick to follow!

I now believe and know… Continue

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Today Sept. 25

4th day of challenge! good morning! i feel great! today i will catch up on some things around the house since i do not have to work outside the home today. i will study some for up coming kinesiology test. i go to school every evening except weekends from 5-10 so i am missing my daughter alot, but, she is spending a little more time with her dad so this is good. within the last few months i have quit going to church. i started to feel that i needed to seek God on my own away from the church… Continue

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is this how i start?

was not sure how I start the challenge. just by posting?

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today, Sept. 22

Good morning! Starting the 2nd day of Season 1 challenge even though I do not have a camera yet to post video blogs. Today is also the 2nd day of low carb eating! So far, so good! I'm not sure exactly what to do yet on here but this is my start!

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