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Days 6-13 of Season 10: Many things manifested & an unexpected trip!!

Hi Beautiful Co-creators:

Well so many amazing things have happened but since I’m on a vacation right now will report when I return back home.


Wishing you all an incredible year ahead!!…


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Going To My Parents Place: Days 4 & 5 of Season 10

Day 4/Dec 24:


Today started out really nice as I went, and dropped off a belated wedding present to one of my close friends.  It was really fun to see her reaction, and the couple seemed to really like what I got them.


Afterwards, I headed to Weight Watchers.  There was only 6 people at the meeting including…


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Days 1-3 of Season 10: Reminders Of How Lucky I Am

Day 1/Dec 21:


Was treated to a nice Chinese dinner at a restaurant with my extended family.  There were probably 20 of us as we were celebrating that my cousin came from Hong Kong to visit for a few days.


Going out to eat, and especially at Asian type places is difficult for me as I’m following Weight Watchers and am not sure how much points (fibre, carbs, protein, and fat) are in each dish to calculate how…


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Trying To Upload A Video...It's Taking Forever!! Need help/advice! Thanks

Hi Beautiful Co-Creators:

   So I haven't uploaded a video in ages, and finally late last night I finally made one again for Season 10!!  Yes you all have inspired me to do so **thank you, thank you!!**…


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Easy To Be Sad or Happy...great words of wisdom

I found this from a facebook group:
It’s easy to be sad. To wallow in the sorrow of life. To let yourself forget that sadness is not forever. Instead it is only a temporary setback on the road of life. It is hard to be happy. When bad moments in life break your spirit, crush your confidence, and eat away at your courage, it is hard not to give up. Even so, choose happiness.…

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Met Robin Sharma & Other News!! Day 45 of Season 5


    Robin Sharma


Dear Beautiful…


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Season 3 Summary: Finished my 100 Days!!

Dear Co-creators/Friends:


     Wow I can’t believe I finished my season three already.  Time really does fly, especially when you’re having a good time.  That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing the past year, as CCOR has bought me nothing but positive, amazing days.  I still can’t believe how much I’ve changed just from learning from the CCOR site, and putting what I’ve learned into practice. To be really honest 2010 has been a year of great manifestations because of CCOR,…


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Finished Season 3!!!

Dear Co-creators/Friends:


   I finished my Season 3 this past Saturday, and I must say this whole season was incredible!!

I'm typing this at my new college, and am really busy at the moment.....not having a workable computer & no internet makes it a bit hard to come on here....however, I will do my best to give a full report of Season 3 soon!!


Love you all,



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Nearing The End Of Season 3 - The Incredible Changes

Dear Amazing Co-creators/Friends:


     Sorry I haven’t been around much on this site. The weeks prior to moving, and up to now has been a whirlwind.  However, it has all been good!!  I’m exhausted though, but I’m sure I’ll bring my energy levels to where it needs to…


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Manifested My Toronto (Downtown) Dream Condo!! : Day 81 of Season 3

Dear Beautiful Co-creators/Friends:


          The other day I signed the final papers for my brand new condo!!  My friends, and I get the place on December 31, 2010.  So my affirmations have worked as I wanted to move in for Jan 2011 at the price we want!!!!  Yes I have manifested my dream place with amazing lake views, and the Toronto skyline…..facing the CN Tower & such!!  It’s a beautiful condo that’s very spacious.  We have a…


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I Didn't Drink Pop For 214 Days!!

**Celebrating My 214th Day Of

Making My Body Healthier

By Conciously…


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Just wrote an email/letter to ELLEN asking for a MACBOOK PRO for Seamus & I: Day 78 of Season 3

Dear Amazing Co-creators/Friends:


          For some reason I feel so happy right now!  I just sent Ellen DeGeneres (ELLEN – talk show host) an email letter.  In it I told her about Co-creating Our Reality, and how Seamus & I are trying to manifest a “Macbook Pro” along with others.…


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Angel Encounter? Day 76 of Season 3

This morning as I walked into my home office, it was so bizarre.

I turned on the main ceiling light, and checked a few things on my computer.

As I walked towards my French doors (they were originally closed),

I had felt someone/something present in my…


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Trying To Manifest Quickly: Day 71 of Season 3

Dear Co-creators/Friends:

These are some of the things I'm trying to manifest quickly:

1) $28…


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Meetups & looking towards the future! Days 62 -68 of Season 3

Dear Co-creators/Friends:

Lately I've been connecting/actually physically going to see old friends & colleagues. As well as making a lot of new friends through the ones I already have. All these gatherings has made me feel so blessed that God had brought them into my life. They all make my days brighter, and as well give me lots of laughs. I truly love having a social life, and being able to converse with…


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Debating Whether To Get A "Flip MIno HD Camcorder" & Exciting News!! Day 61 of Season 3

Hi everyone:

So AVON (my business) is selling a FLIP MINO HD CAMCORDER for just $129.99!! And it has really made me think of getting one. It would be so convenient for me to upload vlogs here. I find that my iPhone takes forever....does anyone else find this? As well my iPhone produces these widescreen black bars....probably something I can change...but not really sure…


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Looking Back At Season 3: Days 53-60 of Season 3

Dear Awesome Co-creators/Friends:

When I look back in my CCOR…


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Everything Is Going My Way.....Season 3!!

If you haven't watched my video about my amazing week, check it out now!!

Also please subscribe!!

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