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New Book!

Yay!! I got a new book tonight while relaxing at Borders bookstore. I wasn't expecting to shop but I had to have it! Its Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray from The Secret movie. I receive his newsletters but I have never read anything by him. It is really good. Delves deeply into quantum physics and raising vibrations. Makes lots of notes as to how everything we want is already around us...perhaps just not yet in the form that we would like it to be. I have popcorn and now Im going to go… Continue

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Day 5/100 of my first 100 day challenge

Its a good day! I made a step toward my goal of getting my cat fixed. I made the appointment. It sounds miniscule, Im sure. But I was really procrastinating on this. Just dreading it. But Tuesday it will all be taken care of.

I went to the gym today...1 hour of cardio on the eliptical trainer and half an hour of lifting for back and biceps. On my way there I saw a bike juuust like the one Im manifesting. But it was red. Ill know when I see mine because it will be purple and someone… Continue

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Evening of 3/100

Hello all...I am just settling in for the night.

I received a call this evening...a part time job that I applied for last week called and want to interview later this week. He sounded like such a nice person. He seemed to really appreciate my skill set from my resume and mentioned how he could be flexible with the hours TWICE. It would be great to have something to do while I am building up my business!

I am so glad that I have pets. They bring me such joy, warmth, good… Continue

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Still Day 2!

Hello all!

Today has been wonderful. I was so productive. I finished all of my laundry. It is so nice to have it all done at once!

I got my hour of cardio in (3rd day in a row!) and it went so nicely. I work my but off...but the time really flies. I listened to Louise Hays "Totality of Possibilities" CD. She is simply magical. I love her. I just spend an hour on that machine sweating and smiiiling like a goof. Heheh

I also received an unexpected check in my… Continue

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Day 2 of My first 100 day challenge

Yesterday was good. I learned alot and got my center and focus in place for this journey. It was lovely to meet so many of you that are in the same manifesting place as I am.

So today...

Today is going to be big. I am going to manifest one new client by doing things that only feel good. They will train 3 days a week, be eager, get great results and be happy to pay my price.

I also will remember my breath even more than I did yesterday. Which will rock, because… Continue

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Master Cleanse!

The laxative effect is just wrong. I admire anyone that can handle that. I just had some eggs. Im amped about today though. Its gorgeous out. Im trying to think of what feel good item to do for the next couple of hours. I meditated and visualized in the car after a meeting that I just left. Sooo relaxing. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes and my left hand fell asleep and I didnt notice until I came out.

So...Im working on attracting clients today. I visualized my life as it… Continue

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Master Cleanse!

Happy Day ONE! Yay!!

So...I started Master Cleanse today. Read too much about it not to try it. I had some senna tea last night and I went out to train early this morning. So I got to Henrys for my Master Cleanse ingredients at about 8AM. Got home and got ready for an interview. It simply was not where I wanted to I just left. Why bother. It was an eye Drs office. It was full and just had a really heavy vibe. Yuck. So Im home now. Im trying very hard to down my salt flush. AM… Continue

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