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Listening to my angels

Hmm I keep getting messages about something... I have been stuck in my life, but I think the angels that were given to me are trying to tell me something. I am just trying to keep my eyes and my ears open, and trying to stay on the positive vibes, so that I can get it this time.

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Finding Like minded friends...?

Do you ever feel as if it's so difficult to find friends who are on the same level as you? I guess my point is that especially in college living a life without drinking or dating it's difficult to find people to just talk to... People don't like being honest. It's hard to find people who don't live distraction by distraction, seeing how far they can go before they have to actually deal with any internal things.

Anyway... ha I think that's enough complaining for now.. I'll…


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Even if you don't believe it there is some part of the world that wants you, and needs you

While living at home and trying to get through college I have been thinking about this a lot. Its not always easy to go against the flow and have no friends in Wisconsin. I tend to go through these emotions almost every day that make me feel as if Im not here for a purpose, but, if that were true I wouldn't be here on this earth today!

I believe that there is a purpose for things happening that is preparing each person for where they are needed either now or in the future.…


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I'm not trying to be negative, im just being honest

Sometimes I feel as if im just not going to make it, almost as if I have to create something out of complete nothingness. I wonder how many people feel like they dont have the resources  or the foundation to make what they are being pulled to make in their life. I'll do my best to remember that everything in life is a process, and what external situation im in right now or ever was in does not define my spirit. What defines my spirit is the direction I choose to go in and what brings true…


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"Today, what dream do you have that seems larger than life? Can you act on it and try UNTIL? Can you doubt your doubt and believe your dreams? What would that look like in your life?"

If I worked on my dreams until they became reality, I would be in a place where I would live in my spirit, without being dominated by this physical energy. I would be doing artwork, and bringing beauty and inspiration to other's lives, and showing people realities that they might have not…


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One of the things that are holding me back

I have been doing a lot of self reflection, and I realized a big thing that is keeping me from doing my best every day are these thoughts or emotions that are going on in the back of my mind... Everyone hears it on the news and from different charities/organizations, etc. of the terrible crimes and starvation/suffering that goes on in the world. 


Its almost as if there is an alarm reminding me of all of the bad things that are going on, and how Im not doing…


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Thinking about unhappiness.

Most of the world's suffering is not going on in third world countries. If the worst pain comes from pain within the heart, then any emotional pain is much worse than physical pain. People in America are not powerless to help bring an end to unhappiness in the world, because bringing happiness to humanity does not involve an impossible task of relieving poverty millions of miles away. If emotional pain is much worse than physical pain, then what people need to do to now to bring relief to…


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"You might feel that you are here in this place by accident, and that someday you will be able to escape the anxiety of the unknown ground movement. Did you ever think perhaps it's the opposite--that your presence here is what we call "the work"?"

What an interesting quote. Most of the time I feel like I'm not doing enough, even when working hard. But sometimes it's good to remember that I don't have to do so much extra, that sometimes just doing what it takes to be here, and to…


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Taking Steps

Right now I'm trying to take every obstacle as it comes; I need to show God that I can handle this so that I can create what I need to create in this world. Just keep focusing on taking it day by day. Everything is in a process of change and repair, and everything is happening for a reason!

"In times of difficulty, pray and ask God for His power to sustain you on the path. Declare your determination. Once you have made that proclamation, then on your own, decide your course…


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Okay, I finally have the answer! :)

It is Not My Responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, that's it. Now I can live my life. Every time I feel bad about it I realized I just have to use that as a motivation to work harder at what I do have responsibility over,…


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There is never a time in your life where God isn’t giving you the things you need in order to grow your spirit

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here; and I guess even though I never completely understand everything something to always remember is that life is mainly about growing your own spirit, through learning how to relate to all types of people and things. I guess its sort of like learning how to drive a car, the first thing that you have to do is to learn how to control it, not for the purpose of controlling it but so that you can finally go places! Once I learn how to relate to all different…


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Life is always a process

Sometimes it just helps to put in extra effort to be positive; and I don't mean that in a way of being fake or trying to externally act happy, but in a way of just having the intention of "thank you". Every experience is an opportunity to create goodness even if its hard to see at the time.

Also, I have still been working on my artwork. Right now my main focus is to... focus! I tend to get distracted a lot and do less than my spirit is capable of. Obstacles are only seen…


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"Smile, you don't own all of the problems in the world"

Sometimes I just need to be grateful and live the life in front of me. I don't have responsibility over everything! There are times when God only wants us to be happy. 

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Keep on moving, keep on standing.

This year will be successful, even through hard times it's important to keep focusing on my original goal. This time I will keep staying flexible and take every difficult situation as a growing experience, not as something that's going to be hurtful. I just have to go to God first. Then go to people. 

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Right now I'm trying to focus on not getting attached to current situations, but instead just use them to help grow my spirit so that I can move on.

Sometimes it's important to remember that things arent always as you see it, and I need to take events and people's actions around me not as reality but as lessons. 

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Overcoming Obstacles

"Practice love; then surely God will listen and encourage you to go forward. Once you have prayed, as long as you practice what you have prayed about, overcoming obstacles one by one, then God will approve of you and recognize you as a trustworthy person."

-Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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2012--Year of the Water Dragon

Life brings a new opportunity every day!


My three goals this year will be to stay focused, keep balanced, and also develop my individual style with my painting and drawing.

Right now my biggest obstacle is losing balance, and also losing focus. In order to overcome these obstacles I want to...

--find methods to protect oneself from surrounding energies, while not blocking out good energies that are coming…


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Keep moving forward

Sometimes I try to hide from what I should be doing because of the fear that I'll fail and lose everything.

But the truth is failure is only a bad thing when you are doing what you should not be doing. If you're following your inner truth, then failure is actually another opportunity to grow and develop, to become stronger in your character and in your life path.-- "Success builds character; failure reveals it"

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"A mind at peace, a mind centered, is stronger than any physical force in the universe"

I have been thinking a lot about why these heavy feelings keep coming and going. I started to realize that a lot of it comes from having experiences especially when I was younger of just meeting so many unhappy or suffering people. I'm going to start focusing on the fact that I'm should never be responsible for other's negative energy.


Life is always full of new opportunities. Right now my only responsibility is to be focused on the positive things that I can create.

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Moving into the darkness

It's hard to explain but at times this thing that feels like this big wave comes over me, sort of like this sense of anxiety or depression that is just really heavy.


This feeling comes and goes, and whenever it comes I react by getting depressed and quitting what I am doing at the time, or completely withdrawing from people around me. But I have been thinking a lot about why I feel this way, and I think its just negative energy that I need to somehow overcome, and not…


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