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27 d s1/ i get i finally understand the univesal laws

Merry meet

firstly some good new today i lost 3lbs at weight watchers which means I `ve now lost 3 ad half stone in total so far things are going well.

i finally understand it all since doing the challenge i`ve stop feeling depressed i`m writing good and interesting song today I wrote a tongue and check song called weapons of Mass seduction and my health is getting better. also (which havn`t ask for but thank you anyway) tomorrow i`m getting a brand new phone with better memory… Continue

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D26 S1-using visualisation with music

Merry Meet all

Today i had a gig which as a competition if i win i get £5000 Recording studio time and a review in a national Music magazine. before i went out to my gig visualised playing to a full room and wowing them all the room which not packed out however when went on stage i found played 10 times better to an empty room then normal and after the gig (even though it was a competition) i was feeling nevus or anxious about whether i got though or not and used the principle of complete… Continue

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d25 s1-1 quarter of the way through and i got my twlight zone moment

I can`t believe it been 25 days already

well i just had (as jack cranfield described it)a twilight zone moment as you remember for my last post i had had used the creative process through music. Today when i checked my email i got a surprise a message from a dating site i forgot i signed up for.someone interested and sent me a message so i replied back it reminded me of what happened with jack cranfield as i wasn`t expecting a response that fast. proof if anything that it does work. i will… Continue

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d24 s1- joy of laugher when your not at your best

Merry meet

Today i have been under the weather as I `ve picked up a cold but The one positive is the fact I`ve beeen able to watch positive things on TV such as Monty python and a whole stech about hiding.

it`s also given me the chance to watch the secret again. to reaffirm things it also makes me happy a few days ago at the end i felt so much joy I was in tears of happiness.

I `ve started reading the vortex again which is a great book. i will be finished soon and would… Continue

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d23-getting inspired by other people

Merry meet

Firstly thank you you those who replied yesterday to my blog.

Today was a pretty good day i got into a size 38 jeans which haven`t been able to do in a long time.

and i went into the town.

the town today had special event on the BBC are launching an nationwide programme called my story and are asking people to submit there own. part of that they had a roadshow, which had guest speakers on. first was former children`s presenter Peter Duncan who was on a show in the… Continue

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D22 s1-Reafriming my intentions and wishes

Merry All

Firstly I am going to ask a question please answer if you can.

OK when i re watched the secret last night there was the story of the artist who was told to paint himself with women In it when he said his love life was bad. (i hope you understand what i am talking about)

well would the same work if i wrote a song. as i am using the creative process because i am going to work on that also if me i can put it in my set at gigs.

So today my brother asked my to go… Continue

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d 21-S1- rediscovering the secrect

Merry Meet

today My DVD of the secret came today (it was quite quick as i only place the order in late afternoon and used normal first class payment) I watched it sometimes it`s nice to remind yourself of things i also clicked commentary and instead of the usual how this shot was films it was looking at the creator of the secret and her story and the things she did what I found nice is how the law of attraction can be used with any faith.there was also talk of everything you send out to… Continue

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day 20 s1- new look new oout look- weekly review

Merry Meet everyone

today i went and got my new hair cut from the stylist training place at looks good and it only cost me £5

for once it was great to see a new person looking at me in the mirror thank you universe for that

other things i have been doing are reading the paul mckenna book the chapters i was reading last night talked about the secret and the law of attraction. how people some who win the lottery tend to not mentally be able to keep it and so a lot of work was based… Continue

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day 19/ s1- hair and money

Merry meet everyone

today I had some money one thing i really wanted was a decent hair cut no the £5 barber he does if he come ere cut.

a few months ago i discovered a place where top stylists train (i discovered this think to using the law of attraction then) so i went in and booked myself an appointment for tomorrow morning. later during the the day I got a phone call about a work placement at a school (i had asked the universe a few days after workshops I attended to keep me busy… Continue

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d18- art of being rich

merry meet all

OK a few days ago i bought i can make you rich my Paul mckenna the book is great as it follows the principles of the 100 day challenge and says there no such thing as rich and poor people only rich thinkers and poor people. it also has an introduction from a man I admire Richard Branson not only is this guy a multi billionaire but he is also a nice guy. well loved and like me he`s dyslexic. so anything he says I respect

have any you bought any paul mckenna books did… Continue

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d15,16,17/S1 dreams are not impossable

Meery meet all sort haven`t posted for three days i lost track of the days
things seem to be picking up for me more the workshop was great and so was the news things I was able to understands things a lot more and i know in order for the law of atraction to work i have to act on it when see things
please leave comment and advice
Blessed be


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d13,14 /s1 amazing gig/ weekly review

merry meet

all sorry about another double blog but with what going on last night it was had to do a blog yesterday

Ok the law of atraction went into full effect last night when i went to the gig i was ment to be one frist however the band that was suposed to be after me asked to go frist so i got the second from last slot (in gigs being last make to the headliner) when the frist band played people where starting to head in.(this would be my slot) by the time i went to do my slot… Continue

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d13/S1- busy

Merry Meet all

Today i am was so busy with a workshop this something i asked from you be busy with i am still reading the vortex when i have time i am also reading the daily teachings and filling my gratitude book and visualizing my dreams i still waiting on a few things such as a result for the gig i did on saturday. to. tomorrow i may not be online as i have a gig and a workshop which will leave me hardly alot of time in between.

as always please leave comment advice reveiws… Continue

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d11/ S1 -D12/s1 the music compettion

Merry meet

OK firstly sorry for the double entry as you will tell from the post i had busy night last night. I was doing a music competition the acts where pretty high standard i was nervous i tried a was using an exercise called state control to help me it where you hype yourself up before going on stage. Everyone like my stuff but me being a perfectionist meant i felt it wasn`t my best. however there was strange feeling during the competition normally i get a anxious feeling in… Continue

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d9/S1-I am now in the vortex

today i got more into the vortex by the Hicks
it`s pretty good read looking at the chapters there is a topic i am interested in which is why haven`t i found my soul mate. however like it said in the book i am going to read all the book not just the chapter about certain areas
tomorrow is a competition so i am going to visualised the performance before i am go on.
please leave comments and feedback
Blessed be


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d9/s1- panic stations( well sort of)

Merry Meet

OK i finished a business course and i got a half a text about a competition i entered and it`s on tomorrow normally i am cool as a cumber however i a bit of panic set in after a practice i know that i know my songs i play them well. guess it nerves. (please comment back on this if you`ve had this)

Last night i was thinking about this girl in a book shop and i feel there some spark there (from my side any way) I ask the universe for the answer is she my lost soul… Continue

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D8/S1 My biggist weght loss since i joined weght watchers

Merry Meet all

OK today started off well and then at about 12:40pm things went a bit Pete Tong i had a meeting with an adviser from pine tree trust about self employment. and got told to meet Shaw trust however was not told told which building to go to and went to the wrong building and i had to walk from one end of the town to the other. (now I can see the funny side of it) while in the town i bought the new Abraham/Hicks book the vortex (and plan to start reading it tonight after i post… Continue

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d7/s1 week 1 review

Merry Meet all

this my week review i used a few medication visitation and manifestation techniques to help this week

so whats happened this week .

OK firstly i get a call on Day 1 I meet old friends

Day 2 about self employment.

Day 3 i learn to let go of my past

Day 4 was about not living with conflict and live in harmony instead

Day 5 was appreciating family

Day 6 I worked visionsing i asked to have a lot of gigs

Ok today I got an email from a… Continue

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D6/S2- confusion

Merry Meet all

Today i am feeling a bit confused as to where my life is heading i want to set up a business doing what i trained to do and let i love music and performing hopefully there will be way to do both if Bruce Dickinson can still do gigs and play a plane i am sure anything is possible.

still waiting on the things I asked for but i imagine as they are big things it will take some time and some steps to get there.

tomorrow is will do a weekly review

please comment and… Continue

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d4/s1- family and having peace

Merry meet

today my main goal was to have a day without and argument (which seemed to be happening a lot) and it happened a perfect day. last night a wrote in my gratitude book and i `am going to start doing that everyday.

i also meditated today I found that if i live without conflict i will be happier.

OK my Goals for tomorrow are

Have harmony

Have my cable TV fixed

have a reason to leave the house and walk and walk to where ever i have to be Tomorrow.

and… Continue

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