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Transition is FUN!!! (D16, S8)

I've been going through a lot of change lately. It's pretty scary but the results have broken me through a lot of issues that have come up in my life. This healer training program is completely transformational. I was just thinking about it last night and feeling grateful for it all when I realized that this was actually a manifestation of mine.


Last August I had asked the Universe for a mentor. I got my job and I realized that my boss was a mentor. Humored by the Universe I…


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Season 8 Day 2

I'm restarting my season 8 over.


I'm intending to level out my beliefs on working hard and making enough money.

I heal my relationship with money and abundance

I move closer to my true self. I uncover more about myself every day and act on the things that feel good and accknowledge those that don't.

I create more artwork and music to sooth the soul

I create a community of people who gather to enjoy each other and relax.

I love love…


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Season 8 failed but I'm still alive. :-)

A lot has been going on in my life and I've neglected my season so I declare it over. I will resume it in a week or two but for now it's time to regroup.


Things have been going pretty great lately but I have had some ups and downs. The biggest things for me have been adding my artwork to to be sold and putting some of my meditations up on YouTube. I'll update again later with links so you can check them out.


<3's all around. Hope you are all doing…


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Turned around (D10, S8)

The past couple weeks have been a tough time for me. I lost where I was going and who I was but luckily I found it again. Emily suggested that I start reading again and that's what I did. It helped so much to get back into the mind frame and take control of my life again. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.


Today was a great day. I was listening to Deepak Chopra the other day and he was talking about how time was all in our minds. It has helped tremendously in my job…


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It's time to start a new season (D1, S8)

Things have been moving at such a crazy, rapid and wonderful pace I felt like I never had time to sit down and write it all, never mind start a new season. Things are still like that but I feel the need for contemplation these past couple weeks.

To quickly update; Emily and I are looking for a house, I'm starting with a business that I was working with 7 years ago (and who introduced me to Law of Attraction thinking and everything else seems to be in flux.

This season which… Continue

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Season 7 wrap up

My day 100 was yesterday and I can't tell you all how wonderful this season was. I just more into meditation, I was constantly inspired to be myself and share that with others. Last Thursday I joined a Energy Medicine Healers Training Program that is 6 weekend long classes. I was so amazing I don't know how to put it into words. I guess the best way to describe it was empowering. I met some really cool, like minded people and can already feel a wonderfully positive shift happening.

I… Continue

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My oh my where does the time go? (D82, S7)

So it's been hit or miss this season with my activity on this site. However it hasn't been hit or miss with the desires and goals in my life coming to fruition. I've been using two new intentions that have drasticaly improved the way I view the events that unfold.

The first is "Every time I look at the sky it's more beautiful than the time before." This one is for fun and works nicely in conjunction with the next one because I have no personal attachment to what the sky looks like.… Continue

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Floating in a sea of blissful awareness. (D67, S7)

When everything seems to go right for you, everything just goes right. Things fall into place. Situations bring you closer to happiness even if before they seemed bad.

I've been meditated every morning for the past week or so. I have a ritual around it now. I was given a meditation pillow which I use in front of an altar of sorts where I burn sage and incense while a white candle is lit and my singing bowl readies me.

My meditations start with hands together in prayer position… Continue

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Three meditations to try (will be reposted in discussions) (D60, S7)

I am putting together a book of 7 mandala meditations which include paintings, music and text written by myself. Each meditation has a theme and purpose and each song has been written specifically for each painting. I would love for you all to download these pictures and send me your email address so I can send you the corresponding song and for you to give me feedback/testimonials based on what you have experienced. I have friends and family who have done these and…


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Quick update (D57, S7)

I've been on a super extended vacation this whole summer which has caused me to not frequent this site much even though I said I would be around more.

I've been writing music and painting in order to get my book together. I have three paintings that are mostly done and a ton of songs partially written and 2-3 that are finished. I'm putting my query letter together to send off to agents this week when I get home (I'm at the cape right now).

When I get home I'll be sure to add… Continue

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Giving in to the Universe (D9, S7)

Every day it's becoming more apparent that giving in to the powers of the Universe is the right way to live. Building up resistance to anything creates more of that feeling which just makes us feel out of whack, like we're having a bad day or even creates illness. Developing a system that allows us to open up our awareness in order to see the truth behind everything that exists. The truth in my opinion is that nothing is good and nothing is bad. Everything just is. With this understanding we… Continue

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Music I wrote on my page

I just posted some of my new music on my profile. Right now I'm using the name DJ Wonderland for the new tunes although I'm not sure that will stick.

Let me know what you think!

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Writing a book

So in my previous post I mentioned that I'm writing a book. I wanted to describe it in this post.

What I'm doing is creating a meditation book that includes mandalas with music written to them as well as text describing the meditation. Attached is some pictures of the first mandala that I have painted. I'm super excited as this is my first ever painting and I love how it came out. I have a song to it but am still trying to figure out how to convert it to an mp3 for the… Continue

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Starting of a season (D6, S7)

Emily and I decided to start our season with you all on Sunday but never got to writing so here is my first entry of season 7.

This season I intend to meditate more and move more deeply into the awareness of myself and my surroundings while training my ego for more useful things than worry or fear.

This season I intend to take my body into better shape than I already am.

This season I intend to create space for myself and those who surround me that promotes healthy living and a… Continue

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I'm on a roll and not even in a season

Things have been so "lucky" for me lately. There is so much to share I'll just have to hit the big ones and boy are they big.

I manifested an engagement ring for my now fiance (she said yes!!!!) which is the perfect, most beautiful thing. Along with this wonderful gift from the Universe we found out that her parents have saved a substantial amount of money for her wedding and to buy a house. So before the year is out we will probably be living in our own beautiful home and next summer… Continue

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Inbetween seasons and getting back into it

I ended my season 6 without any knowledge. Once I stopped working I found myself distracted by a lot of things around the house. It's taught me a great deal about focusing ones energy to things that they love instead of letting the energy just float around them with no direction. Sure it's taken me a couple months to get here but what matters is that I'm here.

I'll be starting my season 7 soon with new practices that I either haven't tried or that I never got into and probably some of… Continue

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Get into the groove. (D75, S6)

I'm getting into the groove of things. The business I'm building is going well and I'm starting to get into a schedule that works for me.

I've been opening up to the idea of getting into the groove. Sometimes we tend to fight with the things we are trying to manifest in our lives and it just creates more lack of that thing we want. Getting into the groove to me is settling into the place where your manifestations live. For me it's been a journey of figuring out how to get into that groove… Continue

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Stuck but breaking through (D57, S6)

Today I found out some "bad news" about collecting unemployment which has upset me more than things normally do.

I know that this is just a contrast to my desires but I just needed to write it down. I should have done this earlier but I was feeling stuck. It's quite interesting how much we can lose our goals when we slip away from this supportive community.

I am so happy and grateful now that magical things happy on a daily basis

I am so happy and grateful now that I have… Continue

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I lost my job but I'm not sending out a search party for it. (D39, S6)

Last Tuesday my boss fired me. It was the best thing that could have happened. I was unhappy there and he had cut my pay. I cut my hours to work on my personal development coaching business and he didn't like it so he fired me.

I just realized yesterday that I keep telling the story about how crazy he is and you know what? He continues to be crazy and in my life claiming that I quit and wasn't fired. When I tell this story I limit myself from telling my better feeling story about how… Continue

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