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Catching up with myself

This season brings an entirely new spectrum of adventures for me and my family.

1. My daughter enters 12th grade. So she is doing a lot of things in school for the last time.

2. People are going to come to stay with us for a short period of time. Trying to remain hopeful in spite of them coming in an RV as it is about to turn fall and not sure…


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Boundaries work- New books and fast food sin

I am finishing a boundaries course that took place over the last few weeks and it had a lot of fantastic topics and had one on an area of conscious parenting that really hit home for me.

Some things that sparked an awakening for me:

1. Growing up I didn't have any real space…


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My Goals for 2014

My Goals so far this year are:

1. Continue saving money to buy a home. If not this one then something better :)

2. Releasing old wounds.

3. Plan a summer Day-cation. *With farm animals we can't go too far from home but we can do mini day-cations at different…


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Report All Spam ASAP

Dear Co-creators,

Whether you are new here or an old timer on this site doesn't allow someone to get more than a few blog posts that show they are spam without reporting them to Lilou. 

Copy and paste their blog post and their ID (page url) into a message to Lilou by clicking on the "Report an Issue" button on the far bottom right…


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Deep Shadow Work

It is the season to go deep and dark and in one of my groups we are being

asked to make a shadow card that represents our dark side.

Nobody likes to think of themselves as imperfect but when I think of my bad

side this is what comes up through me again and again to work with.

Normally my hair is dark brown-ish black…


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Things are going great!

I am forcing myself to stay on track with my writing using a day planner.

Focusing less on a deadline and more on getting more rest at night in order to wake up refreshed (sane.) and I feel so much better. Sometimes I go to bed at 9:00PM now but it is worth it. When I wake up I don't feel so tired still like I did going to bed at 1:30AM. It…


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Well, this season has been filled with IOU's to the Universe cleverly disguised as "I will do it tomorrow"

Then tomorrow comes and it goes and so does the desire to do the thing. For example: I got a new (flip) video camera and I keep telling myself I should make a video, seriously, it has been almost 2 years since I have done one!

So I silently say Nah, not today I might do it tomorrow.....tomorrow...tomorrow..tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow. Now that I wonder how many frigging…


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My Homesteading dream is coming true <3

Good morning co-creators!

My homesteading dream is coming true. 

Last year I manifested CHICKENS! (stop laughing)

I decided to put the energy out there of what I wanted in a flock and was more than surprised when things started happening to make my dream come true. I haven't settled for sure on a place yet but things are working all on their own.…


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Low energy buggery boos

I went from high energy to super low energy within a couple of weeks time. I am angry but I am trying so hard not to be. I want to stay here but feel so inclined to move into a real home with four concrete walls that won't mold over every time it rains.

I have found myself once again loaning the landlord money for things that need fixing around here. Not a small amount of money but $1,000 to fix the well…


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Officially out on Amazon!

This season I find my book being launched on Amazon!

I can't believe it, It already went from 10,000,000th place on amazon when it first came out up to 2,552, 273th place already in only a few days of it being online. That means just 2,552, 273 more places to go and I will be  Amazon's number 1 book!

It is just a blog to print book but I am…


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My Birthday intentions have changed!

Today is my Birthday and normally I go out with friends and eat too much, sometimes drink too much coffee or whatever, eat too much desserts at the buffet table and then not get home until late which tuckers me out the whole next day.


Not doing that this year!  I love being with friends but when we are out its like a free for all to be…


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Feng Shui Home

I have cleaned out the closets, removing all of the things and clothing that no longer serve our highest good.

(right now, the stuff I am keeping is all piled up in boxes while I wait for my closet organizers to arrive (Friday?)

I have been guided to use more feng shui influences in our home and outside of our home.

Everything is so bright and light…


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Season 1 Day 20. Opening up to the reality of growing up

I have realized lately after reconnecting with friends that I haven't seen in roughly twenty plus years that I have grown up and most of them haven't. It's not about being mature or based on beliefs about growing up.

Most of them still hang around bars looking for love in the wrong places and I am at the age where I would rather be alone than be in a…


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When creativity is stolen

Have you ever had one of those light bulb-in your face brilliant moments and you write down everything you can about it in order to make it real for you in the physical only to have someone steal it and then use it as their own?


Well today I am still feeling the skidmarks of a friend stealing my…


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Starting over- Season 1 day 1. Gold Nosh.

My goals for Season one are to mix and match a few different outfits for winter. I got some really cool finds on my last ebay haul!

I usually opt for ugly sweats this time of the year but I need to get out of that habit.

I have found a few nice sweater dresses and a few new pairs of stylish boots.

A few nice colored coats and some new…


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Ten Things I Love About Fall

1. Apple cider

2. hot chocolate

3.Warm breakfast

4. Cozy blankets

5. Campfires

6. Pumpkins

7. Shopping for Holiday supplies

8. The leaves turning Red

9. Fall Festivals

10. Hay rides down long back…

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Breaking Free from Political Choices

I am taking a much needed sabbatical from Facebook and other socials right now.

Although I love it, with 650+ friends the political wars have begun and I can't handle the pressure.

He said this-the other side said that. OMG who really cares about what either one of them says.

Friends that were normally nice, have now turned…


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New crystals arrive

Season 13 is wonderful.

I started this season off with buying several Selenite wands, a large crystal weighing almost 6lbs and a few smaller healing stones. I have always been attracted to crystals both big and small. I also love…


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Other uses for floral waters such as Honeysuckle Flower Water

After you have left your floral water in the sun for 5+ hours you can also use it for other things!

1. Place in final rinse cycle as a spring fabric softener

2. Place in cake mixes  and rice instead of regular water

3. Place in ice cube trays and use to flavor tea

4. Place in small dishes outside mixed with a spoon of sugar for the…


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Honeysuckle Jelly

Makes 7 half-pints

4 cups honeysuckle flowers

4 cups boiling water

1/4 c. lemon juice

4 cups sugar

1 package liquid pectin


First you need to make an infusion to draw the flavor out of the flowers. It’s very simple.

Prepare the flowers by removing the tiny green tip at the base of the…


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