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Kiss it!

Recently, I have encountered a ton of people that have all but given up on love. When I was single I was at the top of my dating game. Guys would call, take me on exotic vacations, buy me beautiful things by surprise, and some even wrote poetry and songs about me.

No good people around? With so many millions of people in the world I fathom how this can be. Everyone is a good person and a potential dating candidate if you know how to do it correctly.

Some say things with a… Continue

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Manifesting a Professional Kennel/ Farm

I have looked at many places so far. None that I have any chemistry with until now.

I would love to stay in (this) place forever but it has some new contrast (such as becoming a money pit) and other things. (hunters and people dumping things down the mountain into the creek behind us) and the pipes freezing mid shower more than three times this winter.



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10 Reasons why I Love Yoga and why you should too!

1. Doing Yoga all year long helps to relieve my pinched nerve and herniated disc.

2. Yoga keeps me focused on my Daily Intentions.

3. Twisting prepares my body for a good day.

4. Yoga helps my body warm up during cold winter days.

5. Yoga helps my Daughter maintain her school focus.

6. Yoga plus meditation equals no stress or chest pains.

7. A Yoga routine done outside reminds me to be one with Universal Source Energy when I connect to it.

8. Eating satvic… Continue

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Fast Approaching Season 10

Inviting the fullness of my sexuality into Season 9 I bought this Red Bellydancing costume for my regular tantra practice. Transformative energy of shakti fills me with the flow all the way through every fiber of my being. I have wanted to learn Bharatanatyam or Sacred Temple Dancing ever since…


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Is Pain Your Friend or Foe?

We have heard that pain is the messenger from our bodies to our mind. How does your mind greet the messenger? Is it something to be shooed away because you are too busy or is it welcomed because of…


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Awareness in pain brings you bliss

PAIN — whether physical, mental or emotional — has only a negative existence, like darkness. Darkness exists only in the absence of light. As such, it has no positive existence of its own. In the same way, pain exists only in the absence of awareness.


    Just as darkness disappears automatically when light is brought into a room, pain dissolves…


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Happy 14th Year Blogiversary to me!


I have been blogging for 14 years now!


As a special treat I noticed that I was the #1 Blogger today!…


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Happy Women's Day!


Still working on formal thesis for the end of Yoga Teacher's Training.

Happy Woman's Day ladies!

Enjoy it!

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Deeply Rooted

The last month has been filled with planting. I feel good when I run my hands through the dirt. I was one of those kids that used to make tons of mud pies and let them bake in the sun for hours then pretend to eat them and mix them up all over again. Then when I was finished I would place the dirt back where I found it.

As an adult I saw the importance of…


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The Kindness Project- Day 1


Hello Co-creators,

After my mother lost her home and had to come live with me I realized that I would have to alter my way of living in order for me take…


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