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Family manifested a *sweeet* Motorhome!

Today is one of those days when the peaceful sound of falling rain gently tapped on the rooftop all night creating a calmness this morning that is so serene.

The family and I have started working together on co-creating and we have found a lovely motor home so that sometimes on weekends we can camp out and for the first time in twelve years actually focus on taking a real vacation. It has a full bedroom with bed, a cute bathroom, a… Continue

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New Chi Machine works wonders for Law of Attraction!!

I bought a Chi Machine to help with Mom's and my circulation but it seems that it helps more than just circulation. It is like having your own massage therapist living with you at all times! It was the mid range on price.

There were more that were cheaper and some that were higher priced but I figured for a first try I would just buy the average one that was perfect for my price range.

I have used it for 30 minutes at a time when I am a little angry or upset and within 5 minutes… Continue

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While we may all seek to find a Guru, or teacher to help us along the path of illumination, to show us the way or point us in the right direction, ultimately the truth is that the Guru lies within each and every one of us. For only from within can we remove the veils of illusion that bind us to the artificial light of this earthly plane. Only we can light the lamp of knowledge.

Hello… Continue

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Averting danger while helping friends....

I recognize that I am the Muse's beloved, without me her inspiration would not take the singular form that is only available to the world through my unique expression. So when inspiration knocks, I open the door.

Dear Diary,

The books are coming along slowly. I wish editing would go faster. I try to keep myself in a positive frame of mind.

I have joined a new cult called "whimsy". I didn't take myself for ever… Continue

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