The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Eva Wright's Blog – October 2008 Archive (5)

Day 16- Season 1- Worry and chanting

Hello Co-creators!

I spent the early hours this morning chanting and making offerings for my ancestors.

While I was doing this I realized that I am still not really happy. I am generally happy but not happy in the way that I should be. My finances are still out of alignment and I have had 2 days of negative 'worrysome' thoughts. I marked an X over those days on the calendar and then wrote 'cancel' over the days to ensure… Continue

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Day 6- Season 1- Out of Comfort Zone!

Hello all,

Today began early and by 9AM we were packed in the mini van and headed toward Cleaveland.

We jumped on the Interstate and it took us about 40 minutes or so and having only been there once since we moved here I wasn't sure of which way to go so I mostly followed the other traffic into town.

The first stop was to Walmart and I got two three packs of workout bras and a new regular bra and got my daughter… Continue

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Season 1 day 4- Two puppies arrive as if by magic!

As I walked outside I heard the noise coming from underneath of the persimmon tree. The two pups, abandoned and hungry were eating them from off of the ground. Someone must have dropped them off last night.


I looked all over the neighborhood for potential owners and convinced that there were none I brought them both in the house and gave them a bath and cleaned them up then fed them and got them a puppy crate to sleep… Continue

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Season 1 day 3- A sign from Tibet arrives

Well journal, here I am again. Strange things begin happening here.

My most beloved dog companion passed away. Giving in to the sadness and tears.

Then as I was going to bed I received a call from a fellow Healer and he began to tell me all about himself saying that he would pray for me during this time (how did he know that?) and he said that the work I am doing with animals is wonderful because I help rescue animals in an area… Continue

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Season 1 Day 1

Hello world!

Here I am at last! I have been looking for such groups and now I feel right at home.

My intention for my 100 days is to finish the course that I am working on and submit it to my students.

I have helped lots of people in the past with free courses about Reiki Healing and so forth but have never put togther a professional course or anything like this before so I am kind of nervous.

*I am… Continue

Added by Eva Wright on October 11, 2008 at 4:57pm — 1 Comment

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