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Season 1..& only 45 days left

Hey everybody I know I haven't been posting as much like a should, but I guess I've been so busy. So let me just start off saying that everything has truly been a blessing from you beautiful people - my everyday life experiences. I'm thankful to the Lord above for granting me this opportunity in life & also allowing things to flow smoothly for me. 



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Testing testing 1,2,3

It seems as though God is testing me now. I believe he wants to see how happy I really am and how is my positivity coming along. For one thing my ex-boyfriend contacted me the other day and wanted to become friends on facebook. He and I don't do well together I'm usually always cursing him out or making him feel bad for all the pain he's put me through.



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Just saying hi

Hello Co-Creators, 


How is everyone? Great I hope. Well I'm not on my day 11 of season 1. I have not been fully doing all my practices, but it isn't too late to do it now. I promise  I will get a new video blog out to you by tomorrow. I would do it now but my hair is in rollers. I just wanted to say hello and send my love out to you all.…


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My intention for today is to make some of you my real friends. I would love to have fun, positive, abundant people around me daily. I would love to have a supportive friend. Someone who has already experienced the reality challenge to help me out.


So this is my focus for today to make NEW friends. If interested in being my buddy let me…


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WOWWW!! I just went online and checked my followers on Twitter my twitter and guess what? A dentist is following me yayyyy!!! 


Wow I'm just so excited one of my intentions is to get my teeth done and wow. I…


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Procrastination Killed the Cat

Procrastination killed the cat....but it's not going to kill me. Lately the past 2 days I have been procrastinating a lot by being on the phone and doing other things. I've allowed distractions to get a hold of my goals just a little bit. All though I got some things completed both yesterday and today it's still not enough progress for me. So much to do in as much time as I make it. Right after this blog I'm going to…


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1st day 1st Season

Hello everyone I'm Tatiana. Today is my 1st day and 1st season I have to say I'm a bit confused but I'm sure I'll get it. When exactly does the season begin or end? I've tried watching Lilou's videos but there are so many and I can't find her first video ever. Someone please help thank you. 


Love & Light,


Added by Tatiana Harvey on January 2, 2011 at 2:31pm — 3 Comments

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