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Day 67 - Sept 30

Everyday I am going to make a move towards things that I feel passionate.

So today I ...

1. I wrote a post about creating a better relationship and I practiced exactly what I wrote about

2. I sent information about our play to a large theater company in Toronto

3. I applied for a part time job at the gorgeous and sophisticated sex shop

4. I signed up to attend two different speakers at the Vancouver Writers Workshop, one on self publishing and the other on…


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Day 66 - Sept 29

How does it become so easy to write and report every day in the beginning and then suddenly 20 days go by. I think this really shows how difficult it is to focus for 100 days. I am over half way there.

My intention was to find my passion, to move towards it lovingly and happily.

Am I there? Well yes. Some of things I said in the beginning still remain true, that I love theatre, that I am interested in coaching people about relationships, that I wanted to be involved in exciting…


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Day 43 - Sept 11

Had a great talk with a friend today about MONEY! She said that she is just sick of "struggling" with money and that she is going to completely change her way of being around money.

It got me thinking about this money thing again. Here she is, and me, approaching 50. We have raised kids, bought homes, had careers, had adventures, had relationships with all sorts of people, had experiences of all sorts, and on and on and guess what - we are still here. We are still living in a nice…


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Day 41 - Sept 9 - Back to My Life

I have been on a long holiday so not able to write at all during that time. I am back however and this would be considered Day ___.

I had hoped that over the long holiday, a major revelation would come to me about what I would do next. I really want to feel passionate about what I do and I want to make money. Can those two things come together? Of course they can, but how how how? I am going to continue this blog with letting it all pour out.

What I did come to realize about…


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Day 21 - August 20

Wow spending time with my sister and my brother in law has been an amazing learning for me. I can see mysefl in them when I see them push and push and push. This is something I am working at letting go so that I can allow more flow. They are both very good at allowing the flow of financial abundance, something I am working on, however in other areas they are still pushing and forcing. So I learn from them in many ways. One amazing thing that came to me was while having a conversaiton with my…


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Day 18 - August 9 LOVE ME

What a day I had yesterday. It was a real letting go. It culminated in my shoulder, groin muscle and my ankle all feeling so much better. All of these ailments were due to me pushing and holding on to old stuff . They were due to me not letting my heart open wide.  They were due to me not liking myself that much, about being unsure about who I am and what I want.

One of the intentions I put forth in my Day 1 was to open my heart, to allow love, more love, lots of love. Yesterday my…


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Day 16 - Aug 7

Its been a long holiday weekend in Vancouver so have not really had a chance to get to my posts and the video posts for some reason have been not working well although i much prefer to make videos. I will get that together working well for my next post and future post.

I have been in and out of emotions from feeling amazing to feeling completely like a loser. This is something I am very conscious of all the time, my emotions, and to tell you the truth it drives me crazy sometimes. I…


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Day 9 - July 31

A slower day today. A day to remind myself to stay calm, relax and allow the flow. It is a day to remind myself to expect miracles and incredible magic to happen. Just expect it. It is a day to remind myself to stop the pushing, and let in the allowing. It is a day to love, give hugs, give kisses and reach out to those that inspire you and make you feel strong. It is a day to breathe. It is a day to let go of any thoughts that niggle at you, to let go of any old habits that pinch you and any…


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Day 7 and 8 - july 29/30

Incredible how time flies by. Had a fabulous day yeterday at the beach, recuperating from the busyness of the last few weeks. It was so rejuvenating. The beaches in Vancouver are really lovely especially this one beach called Wreck Beach where clothing is optional. The people that go there are also a much more open, fun, relaxed group. Being on the west coast however the water is pretty damn cold, even the warmest sun can not heat it up. Yesterday however, as it was hot and my skin was…


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Day 6 - July 28

What a whirlwind the past day has been. Our show had a second performance but before the show as friend of mine texted me that he saw a piece about the play in the national paper. I ran to the closest gas station and purchased it and there is was, the theatre critics pick for the week! What a huge and amazing surprise.My intentions are to keep the flow of abundance coming. Knowing that this is the direction I can go because I love it, its fun, its where I have passion -hey I said it, looking…


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Day 5 - More love and abundance.

Today I am writing my post, have to get the sound figured out on my video.

Last night was the opening to the play I producing. It went so well. Great audience, well attended talk-back session, excellent feedback. So great. I continue to open my heart, allow abundance and possibility into my life. I am feeling better physically and I continue to focus on health of my body so that I can start running and hiking and doing yoga and all those things I love to do. I miss the movement although…


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