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Season 2 - Days 91 to 95

Another busy weekend as usual, filled with fun events and hanging out with friends, seeing movies, and reading. I just love my life so much it is ridiculous! Today was certainly momentous for me, church today had a huge impact. This is a science and mind church and there was a guest reverend today who really struck some important points home. The first was that we as individual humans search so much to find someone to love us, which shows the world we matter, which means we exist for a…


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Season 2, Day 90

Today I did a half hour of meditation, usually when I come out I’m pretty sleepy, but this time I was aware. It was so easy getting in, almost immediate. And I came to a few times, not quite remembering my dreams. I think I might have fallen asleep at some point, but I’m not really sure. I do feel great now though. And last night with my meditation group was another incredible experience, I am learning so much and very quickly. Last night we did an exercise of being both in the…


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Season 2, Days 85 through 89

Day 85 did a 20 minute meditation and went to my ladies spiritual group. Wonderful night, we did vision boards. I love mine and hung it on the fridge so I can see it every day. It’s colorful and full of things like attracting money, fitness, pregnancy, travel, confidence, and love.

Day 86 - Wow, what a day! Today I had been invited to go be part of some research for an upcoming book. The topic used biofeedback methods before and after a Soul Body Fusion. I don’t really know much about…


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Season 2, Days 81 through 84

Goodness it’s been a busy week I guess, I try to write every day but it’s been almost a full week since I last have. The good news is that I have been meditating every day though.

Day 81 I was so present and just enjoying everything about the day, met a couple friends for church in the morning and in the afternoon went up to the mountains. It was beautiful and snowy, a winter wonderland and the house we were staying in was beyond gorgeous and at 8300 square feet, plenty of room to…


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Season 2, Day 79 and 80 - Rev Up 2011

Day 79 I got in a nice 25 minute meditation and while I had some mind chatter I was able to abstract and be the watcher, that was new in my practice. Then that night my church was holding a 2011 Rev Up event where Reverend Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret) was teaming up with the minister to get us on the right track for the year. There was a lot of music at first and that was ok, but once the lectures began I did learn a bit and it was more inspirational than anything. A summary of…


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Season 2, Day 77 & 78

So my 30 minute meditation today made me sleepy, I feel like I just want to go take a long nap now. I was pretty energized when I first started and I caught myself falling asleep a couple times, but I definitely got into the gap pretty quickly. My body pulled me out of it though due to digestion, I know I shouldn’t meditate so soon after eating dinner, and generally I don’t but sometimes that’s all you have to work with. Either way, it was restorative and I feel good.

Last night I…


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Season 2, Day 76

Yesterday was quite an incredible day! I did a meditation on my own for 15 minutes and that went well, nothing really significant though. Last night though I went back to my channeling meditation group. At first I didn’t want to go, because I didn’t really know anyone and it’s kind of awkward to stand around hoping people will be friendly and chat with me. But I also know that if I want to move forward and…


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Season 2, Day 75

Another lovely day, went to church this morning and I really loved what Dr. Teel had to say, it was on the Science of Effective living, the creative process in action, I just love how safe, happy, and energetic church is. It reminds me to remember, to be in oneness with the whole. To love everyone around me and know that just being is enough. Then I listened to Tolle in the car and went to Starbucks, enjoyed…


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Season 2, Day 73

So yesterday was truly interesting, I went for a psychic reading! I have never done this before and if I hadn’t had a Groupon for it I don’t think I would have. In any case it was an hour long session and I had done my homework and prepared my 20+ questions ahead of time. I’m still not sure on the whole psychic thing, I want to believe but I have a lot of reservations about it, I mean there is no way to…


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Season 2, Day 71

I just had such a lovely day, nothing too out of the ordinary, I’m just becoming more and more present throughout the day and not getting stuck in ego. When thoughts of the past come up I try to let them go and realize they don’t define who I am. When I think about the future many times I get anxious or say to myself all will be good once I meet a certain financial goal or weight goal, but then I remind…


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Season 2 - Days 65 through 70

Day 65

Goodness, I’m just feeling restless and ungrounded today for some reason. I still got in a good 25 minute meditation session thankfully. I am listening to Tolle on the pain body and I am finding it so true, I kind of experimented with it last night, when I got drunk it definitely came out. It’s…


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