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Season 2, Day 63

Just completed a 30 minute meditation session. Had some issues getting comfy, then I get stressed from a noise I heard outside, so it took me a little while to relax, but I did get to the gap eventually. I think 8pm might be too late to be meditating; I like the feeling in the later afternoon. In the morning I’m so anxious to get going, and this is too close to bed time.…


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Season 2, Day 62

Just had a successful 25 minute meditation. I’m so amazed because when I sit down with a 25 minute intention it always seems like it will be so long and there is no way for me to do it. But then when I’m done, it seems like it went so quickly. Since I have taken my Primordial Sound Meditation class  now meditate in silence and have a Zen Alarm Clock application on my…


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Season 2, Day 58

Wow! Just completed a full half hour of meditation all on my own, yippee! It only took a couple minutes and I was beyond the physical and in the gap. So refreshing, about 10 minutes in my computer speakers started crackling, but I decided to ignore it and get past it. Took me a few minutes but eventually I was able to get past it. The 30 minutes passed pretty quickly actually and I feel good now, energized…


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Season 2, Day 52

So after yesterday’s experience I have been fascinated by channeling by the amazing way I felt, I want a way to attain that level more frequently. Last night my group recommended that I look into she is a local and does channeling and has a worldwide following. So I went to her website and subscribed (free) then did the Soul Body Fusion 2 times – it’s a 10 minute video. The first time I really felt a sharp and warm feeling expanding throughout my arm on the right side of…


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Season 2, Day 51 - My first brush with channeling

What an absolutely incredibly powerful night! I have just been having an amazing week! J But we’ll start with tonight. So I had my women’s spiritual group tonight and there were only 4 of us. We started by eating pizza and sharing where we are at in our lives right now, how we are feeling. And then one of the very gifted women said she would channel for us and it was so beautiful, such an uplifting experience. She started out by announcing the presence saying they were very happy to be here…


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Season 2, Day 40

I just did a nice 20 minute meditation. The first 10 minutes were guided; I need some help with my health today. Many people around me have been ill with colds and such and I need to keep my mind strong, happy and

healthy. For months I’ve been doing an amazing job, but starting last night for

some reason I must have faltered. I started out this morning repeating I am healthy,

I am healthy non-stop. It definitely helped a lot. I think the meditation…


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Season 2, Day 39

I had a great meditation on Saturday, first I went to hot yoga and then stayed for the 45 min meditation class. This time I sat against the wall and was really able to relax and let go more. I think next time I’ll

even lay down in that class. We’ll see. Sunday I went to such a lovely church

service, I was just glowing and overflowing with joy and gratitude. I took

myself out to lunch and settled in with a great book on pre-pregnancy

guidelines. Then it…


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Season 2, Day 35

Well I did get in 10 minutes of meditation today. And 15 minutes on Tuesday. But I didn’t get any on Wednesday. You see yesterday my sister told me that she is pregnant, and that is so thrilling to me and it has

made me start thinking. My husband and I know we want children soon, but with

my sister being pregnant, it would be fun to do it all with her. That would

mean moving up our timetable a few months. I’m not sure if we are ready or not,

so I’ve been…


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