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Can I really do dance class 5 times a week? Me thinks it is SO!! 


So be it!

So it is!

And it is good!

And good it is!…


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Check it out! Joy in a bottle!!! Well not really a bottle, more like a recording. Anyway, if you want to upgrade your mood, listen to this! 



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So, I manifested being at the Tree of Life and it was just as healing and important as I thought it would be.

Now, I am manifesting getting a paid theatre gig. I have worked in paid theatre before and it as a BLAST. Joseph Camble says follow your bliss. In the past I have had MAJOR bliss with theatre. Now that I am healthy, happy, and strong enough to be busy again, I keep thinking about theatre.

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RAW baby!

Ok, so health health health.
I love the feeling of the warmth of the air breathing into me. I love the feeling of PLEASURE and overflowing well-being in my body.

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I Manifested a Health retreat!!!

So, guess what people- I get to go on a month long health retreat to CLEANSE AND DETOXIFY- YAY!!! I have SO manifested this. The series of miracles that came together to cause this to happen created SUCH a beautiful tapastry of the colors of life enjoyment. Friend here, friend there, meet someone here, have fun with someone else over there, and before you know it, not only is the health retreat paid for, but I get my own personal coaching!!! I GET TO LIVE WITH A RAWFOODER AND SOAK IN THE… Continue

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GO team go!

Everyone meditate and manifest that I go to the Tree of Life health retreat. GO TEAM GO!!!!!

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100 Day Challenge- Day One and funny success

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Hi, so I am starting Medifast- I am literally setting myself up for success. One of the things I am doing is moving in with my other friend who is on Medifast so that I don't have to deal with the tempting smells from my room mate's food.

So, #1- Loose 20 pounds.

Also, FUNNY STORY- an old friend of mine literally stopped talking to me a few months ago, and would not return my invites to dinner or phone calls or… Continue

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I have amazing goals for 2010! So amazing I won't even tell you, so there!
They are just too important to me to share.
I will tell you when they come true.

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Season Three, Day ONE :-)

So, this season, based on what I have learned from the other seasons and being too grandiose, I am going to have simpler and more concrete goals.

My number one goal right now is for the next month starting tomorrow is to drink one gallon of alkaline water a day and let my diet fall in place based on that. I won't even think about my diet, but only focus on this water, and watch everything fall into place.

I am so committed. So let it be.

My number two goal is to keep… Continue

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Amazing job and life in full throddle!

So I would like to tell everyone,(and this is not an affirmation), I just got an amazing job that pays phemonially to be a communications speicallist.

They bought me over 10,000 worth of equipment, just to get me started, and with full health benifits, AND really great 401k.

This, being after I dropped out of college, nearly died of a life threatening illness, pulled myself up out of the ashes using law of attraction and affirmations and POWERFUL ENERGY HEALING and diet change,… Continue

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Even the most successful football players, yes, EVEN THE BEST, WILL get tackled... But the difference between the best players and everyone else, is that the BEST MOST SUCCESSFUL football players, ALWAYS LAND WITH THEIR HEADS FACING THE GOAL.

Keep your focus and the tackles of life only propel you further ahead.

I was once told by spirit in a meditation, EVERY REJECTION IS SIMPLY WATER THAT PUSHES YOU DOWN THE RIVER TO WHERE YOU BELONG. So be joyful when pushed toward your… Continue

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Dream Life

David Childerly just said something on one of his videos that really affected me. He said that he is forutnate enough to be living his dream life- living his dream life... for some reason I had lost touch with that concept, but just now it has been reawakened in me. So, I a going to spend this tie to dream a little bit, and type while I do it.

Dream Life

I get up and go to my clinic which is decorated with plants so thick and trickling water, and a jungle relaxing sound track…

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So, last night I had intence pain in my stomach because I had a stressful busy day and some merlot and a brownie- so the three combined(98% the stress) molded together to equal extreme dicomfort and not being able to lay down due to the pain throughout my entire belly. This was at first discouraging to me because I am becoming certified to be a healer. I kept thinking in my head, "physician heal thyself." But I tried to lay down and do the usual thing I do in those situations- tough it out.… Continue

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A bunch

I am so thankful for money.
I love and accept myself just the way I am.
I am beautiful in every way.
I love dancing. I love the people who love me.
Dance dance dance! Aya ya ay !!

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This really works

Gosh, this stuff really works. I am so amazed at how much it really works. Meditating and setting intentions, and watching them effortlessly come true.

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Making money and living my life is easy, effortless, and FUN!

Unexpected money comes to me without me working, and I love it.

I have so much money that I can travel the world with ease.

I feel really good about money and my vibrational escrow is a perfect match with money.

It is so easy to make money. It is so easy for me to live my life. It is stress free because it is divinely guided. I do my activities with joy. I love myself. I show that to myself by taking care of…

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Well, from my first conference with Matrix Energetics, I cannot say I am passionate about it. I feel there might be passion in there like a seed that's growing.

The main thing I learned from this weekend though, is that love is my favorite thing to experience. Especially romantic passion. I have learned my worth and the type of guy who would be perfect for me. I love... the people who I love. It is the best thing to love someone with a deep deep love and feel like you would die for…

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Oh my gosh you guys- I am os excited I am going to like get the craps! I am like shaking with energy because I am leaving on one of the biggest trips of my life! YES I MANIFESTED THE MONEY TO GO GET MATRIX ENERGETICS CERTIFIED!!!!! I fly out tomorrow. I only feel energy like this before something really amazing happens.

woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo!

I am so thankful for this site on which I can make my visions concrete and celebrate together as they dance into being

This is how I feel… Continue

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Season 2 Day 24 feeling super good

Just doing a blog update.
All is from within. It's not that we attract to us from out side of us like a magnet. It is that everything is within us already. Within us lies all of eternity and all that exists. I am the Universe. It's that our thoughts are molding reality, and our thoughts on the inside are the real reality. Things outside of us are just the miracle of our consciousness projecting into form. I love you all and we truly are creators.

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Good night

Good night all, I love you. I feel GOOD

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