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I finally decided to start my second season on the 14th of February, lilou is starting hers and what better day than Valentine's day, and love being the best intention to have!  Even though i wasn't sure i would start another one for  awhile because of school, i changed my mind;

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Gratitude log

Today i am grateful for my health, grateful for eating healthy, grateful that i am drinking lots of water, grateful to be excersisng, grateful for the air that i breath, grateful for the legs that i walk with, grateful for this clean apartment, grateful for the abundance of food in the fridge, grateful that my animals are healthy,g rateful for this uplifting mood, grateful for school starting tomorrow, grateful for the ulcer that healed, grateful that i am grateful

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Enjoy it While I can

My intentions for this weekend is to enjoy to the fullest.  School starts on Monday and  I know it gets very intense, so for these two days i am going to sit back and enjoy these two days immensly.  I exercised, and will be eating raw.  Have to work on my water intake, its not enough, we should at least drink 2liters of water daily.  So this is something i am still working on.  My intentions for the weekend are to be in a  positive, happy place enjoy my weekend enjoy my animals with quality…


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Great Day

Today, is such a great day, went shopping with my friend and bought shoes that were on sale and i love them, i also bought much needed undergarments.  I love it when i go shopping as i don't do this very often but what a treat.  We had so much fun.  Got to look at all the snow drifts around town and i couldn't believe the amount of snow here.  My animals greeted me at the door, they missed me.  Made a salad, and spagetti, and sprouted wheat bread one slice, will exercise tonight as i missed it… Continue

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Gratitude Log

Here in New England everyone is shoveling out after a serious snow adventure.  Its incredible i honestly don't remember this much snow except when i was really little.  Or so it seemed.  I accomplished so much today, and staying on course

with my water intake, eating raw, exercising, and getting more organzied.  I have noticed a big change physically.  It has

uplifted my moods and made me get the urge to be more creative.  I am afraid to start on a project because school is…


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Another Snowy Morning

Looks like New England has been pellted by snowstorms, but i love this it makes me feel right at home, cozy inside watching the snow come down and blanket everything.  I just might go outside and play.  This is giving me an extention on my intentions of getting organized and making headway.  I have so much to do still before school starts.  I am still waiting for a package to come in the mail that was suppose to come a week ago.  Today i am grateful for the snow, for the time to continue with… Continue

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Snow Day

Its snowing here in New England, one of many snow storms.  I love the snow partially because i don't have to drive,

perhaps if i had to drive my attitude might be different.  But, when it snows everthing looks so fresh and clean. My intentions for today are to have a  productive, happy, peaceful, day.  Work on the vision board, exersice start getting my things in order for school.  Today i am grateful for the snow, grateful to spend my time with my kits, grateful to backup my files…


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Thank you for my friends

I am so grateful to have an incredable friend who watches out for me, tells me when i wrong, and encourages me when

i am doing something positive.  She goes out of her way to help me and always has the nicest things to say.  She will tell me when she idisagrees with me and explains why.  She is the epitamy of a true friend.  If i never found another friend i would die knowing that i had one true friend.  For this and more i am so grateful.  Loa, has been working in some of the most…


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Nice Chat

I had the most amazing chat with my sister, who lives a state away from me.  She calls me late at night because she works as a nurses aide and drives home late.  Being scared of the dark, she calls me and i usher her home via the phone.  I love those late nite talks.  Today's chat really made me appreciate how remarkable my sister really is.  I love her and am so grateful to have a wonderful sister.  Today was a cleaning day and partial goof off day.  I managed to move myself to do things that… Continue

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Staying on course

Its a beautiful sunny day today, although i am having problems with my mood, i am working on changing the thinking

pattern into a more positive attitude.  I want to move from here eventually, even though i love this apartment.  So many places don't allow animals and i am not giving up my cats or fish.  Most people laugh when i tell them i have a fish that plays with me, so i rately mention it anymore.  My animals are my babies.  I am exited about school, and nervous at the same time. …


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gratitude log

I certainly haven't been consistent blogging.  It has been rather sporadic but nevertheless i can do my gratitude log.  I have been working out daily, started dieting and eating more raw including virgin coconut oil into the diet, and trying basically to recuperate from an ulcer.  I am doing great.  School starts on Jan 31 and i am looking forward, but i get that feeling of nervousness.  It was so stressful last semester, i don't want to make myself sick.  So i am comitting to making an…


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New Year Ushered in

As the new year is being ushered in, i am contemplating what new intentions and ideas i will make a concious effort to

materialize.  Old ideas out new ideas in.  Many changes are in store for me.  Because i conciously choose to make changes within.  I am going to make a concerted effort to follow through this year and this is one of my intentions.  As always school is priority.  I was so stressed during this last semester i gave myself an ulcer.  This coming semester i will take…


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Slower Pace

Things really slowed down now that Christmas is over.  I have been trying to catch up on all the things that i put on the back burner during school.  I have a full box of mail that i haven't even touched filled with letters.  Tlhat is my intention to sort through it all and organize it.  Its peaceful, and quiett barley any phone calls either.  I am recuperating from losing one of my babies, furry babies,  i had to have ehr put to sleep before Christmas,  it feels empty without her.  Life…


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Day After

This Christmas was a Christmas to remeber, I usually take pictures, but for some reason i didn't take them this year.  I saw all my nieces and nephew's and we ate a wonderful dinner.  To see the little ones made my Christmas.  It didn't snow though but no matter, the day was filled with joyfulness, a lot of activity, and playfulness.  It was nice to see my brother in law and sister in law.  Today is the day after, and it is quiet and peaceful here, still no snow though they do talk of snow.  I… Continue

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Merry Christmas to all and The best and Happiest New Year's.

Merry Christmas to all and The best and Happiest New Year's. Continue

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Today, my sister really made me mad but i forgive her and move on i love her too much to be angry.  Today i downloaded a free book online on the Master Key System,  this is the book that was the most…

Today, my sister really made me mad but i forgive her and move on i love her too much to be angry.  Today i downloaded a free book online on the Master Key System,  this is the book that was the most inspirational for the authors of the Secret.  It is the Secret behind the Secret.  It is interesting but it is a book that takes a lot of time and concentration to get through.  There is a lot of inspiration that comes from this book it also has a workbook that you can follow from week to week. …


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Schools Out for the Winter Break

I can finally breath a little bit more!  School is finally out.  That was one hard semester, it took everything i had.  I was basically eating, sleeping, waking, school.  It was a very intense semester and i really had not time to blog and i haven't been on here as a regular in a long long time.  But, now that school is out i may stop in here and do some blogging and do my gratitude log.  I am so so so grateful school is out for a must needed vacation.  I even did some christmas shopping. …


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What a feeling

Today has been one of the most amazing days. My niece got married, and the ceremony was so beautiful, the weather incredible. It was simple and elegant at the same time. She looked stunning and glowing. Everyone was in high spirits. I saw my brother who i had not seen in two years. He has been sick but looked so much better and i saw family. What a wonderful day this was. Such incredible blessings seemed to have showered everyone. I can't even describe the emotions. It was out of this world.… Continue

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gratitude log

Its been a while since i last posted, things have been somewhat hectic with school starting. This semester the work load is even more intense than last semester. But, i am really enjoying both classes. Anatomy is alot of memorization, and drawing of the bones, eventually we will be doing the muscles. I have been excersisng daily on the t readmil for 30 minutes. I plan on keeping this up. So far so good. I have actually stuck to it. This is one of my intentions for the new season starting soon.… Continue

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Incredible weather

Today its soo beautiful outside, we are having the most incredible weather and it is so nice after the humidity that we had. The breezes are flowing in and i spent most of the day today working outside. I helped one of my friends put in some plants in the garden, and raked leaves. Finished up painting some plaques and had an wonderful lunch and then home, to finish up the homework. Today i am grateful for this incredible weather, grateful for my friends, grateful for such a great lunch,… Continue

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