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day 31- season 3

Today is beautiful sunny and cold day.

I am grateful for my kids and loving husband. 

The last days a creative force has started getting strong inside me

and I feel so grateful for my friend and business partner who is so generous loving and spiritual. She understands the LOA and has amazing capacities with people and work. 

I have recently discovered Marie Forleo's site who gives very sound advice to women mainly about growing their business with tips, videos and…


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day 28 - season 3

I recently discovered Kris Carr and was really impressed with her story, her attitude with cancer with living a full life and all the beautiful nutritious healthy recipes and juices to enrich your daily life!  

One phrase that really resonated with me was  that it's not so much to find your inner voice but rather to give PERMISSION TO USE YOUR VOICE! Very simple , yet powerful! …


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day 27 - season 3

Today is a rainy day, I spend the morning with the kids and we have nice time together. My intention and guidance was to communicate with kindness and understanding with each other. 

We had a lot of tension last night and I would't want that repeated. 

They are kids , have lots of energy but sometimes my inner frustration speaks and explodes because they repeatetly don't listen.  Its a two way game. Deal with them, not interfere much , enjoy !!!  And from the other hand,…


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day 24- season 3

Hello Dear Co creators, 

Days are passing very fast. I am grateful I am managing to establish a pattern for exercise daily. It starts becoming a habit. 

Still long way until it becomes 100% a new pattern for me but I really feel good about the progress I make.

Regarding work, although I had some very good progress lately, I am still slow to absorb and act quickly. I need time. I AM HESITANT to step forward, pulling my self back. It is not that I am shy or lack…


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Day 19 - Season 3 Let your inner light guide you

Good morning dear cocreators, dear friends

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. Kris, Raizel and Bettina you made my day!

Its chilly and the sun is shining ......and I am going to have an amazing juicy day! Although I have some unnecessary expensive bureaucracy  to   deal with , I am sure it will turn out to be worthwhile at the end. I am finishing today some letters of gratitude to people who have helped me with my work and one more task from the office which needs…


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Day 17- Season3

Hello everyone here, 

Keeping practicing to change patterns and habits is a tough job. 

As I read , It takes at least 3 weeks of 'training' for the subconscious to write the new information and start having them as the 'new norm'...and some months for a complete change of behaviour. Good intention is essential....but everyday effort and dedication is crucial. In the past I used to set up  tasks or thinks I wanted to do and  very often abandoned half way feeling…


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Hello beautiful everyone, 

Today I managed to complete my tasks...I feel elated!

Meditated and exercised in the morning. But mainly opened up my heart chakra. It was blocked with fear for things I can not control. 

I embrace my and our life . I rejoice the gifts and challenges and expect wisdom, clarity, determination and cashflow.

I persist to try and create my new patterns, even if I stumble! my new beautiful habits. 

Much love and wisdom to…


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Day 8 - Season 3

Hello beautiful co creators and friends.

Starting the day with meditation and exercise. I have my little daughter at home as she wasn't very well, but I feel so grateful for her being here as her company is revitalizing.  

My intention is to finish shorting out a particular business need today, have a great time with the kids in the evening and maintain a healthy nutritious diet with my family . One step at a time, as I stumble quite often one multitask lists of to do…


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season 3 - day 1 I trust the process of life to take care of me

I start my season 3 with the words of Louise Hay. 

I release and let go all the negative and limiting, suppressing emotions.

I accept and embrace my heart with all love possible. 

I trust the process of life to take care of me.

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inner strength

May I find the strength to overcome my weakness. May I find the stamina to embrace the gifts life has brought me and honor life and the circumstances around me. I am truly grateful and I pray for the inner strength.        

 Strength and support to all of you.

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D1- Season 2

Dear Co- creators,

This is season 2 for me. I have been helped so much from this community since I started. 

Now in season 2 I feel more confident, walking on the track I want, being more focused , more reliable with my self and others, but most of all loving my life more. Appreciating and feeling grateful in a different level of consciousness.  

Meditation and my group of cocreators there played and still play a fundamental role and I am truly thankful to…


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Hello dear co-creators,  I find it difficult to keep up with my challenge. I left myself out of it... but I was thinking most of you that I have contact with... I had some really bad weeks dealing wi…

Hello dear co-creators, 

I find it difficult to keep up with my challenge. I left myself out of it... but I was thinking most of you that I have contact with... I had some really bad weeks dealing with my kids. It is very challenging for me to keep up with their energy and to keep a good behaviour as a mother. I always express my love and support to them but some times I don't recognize myself with my behaviour and shouting. I know that deep insight they just trigger this part of…


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day 22

I am grateful for all the gifts life has given me. I expect to offer my help my creativity and imagination tomorrow to someone who really needs it. I expect to fulfill the tasks i have with love and joy and honour the opportunities I have been given. 

Love to life and all of you


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day -18 First signs!!!!

Hello dear Co- Creators,

Yesterday I was so excited as I CONSCIOUSLY  experienced the first signs of  my 100- challenge. A few days ago I had an issue to resolve with my father which caused me great stress BUT I had stated to my self that I trust that what is happening is O.K. for a purpose.  A week later , it was resolved so smoothly like there was never an issue!   I realised it a couple of hours later and I thought it was amazing....just trusting and believing!

Thanks for…


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day 16

Having been sick the last days, all the family, I end up being out of touch with my 100 day challenge. I feel it was phycological withdraw as well... from trying to immerse my self completely  to the new reality I want to form for my self. I have done that in the past ....I am aware....but I continue 'the training'.  

I send you a smile and good vibes from my heart beautiful co-creators.


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day 9

My core- my heart is tight the last 3 days as I have a different opinion and view on a financial issue with my dad. And he seems unwilling to discuss it further or to see things differently.

I NEED TO CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE on this issue.  I need to start appreciating this difficulty. To feel grateful as it will bring I believe more substance , more meaning , more understanding with each other. I am taking big breaths and will try to concentrate on this issue... not necessarily to do…


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Day - 7

 Living in a country that is quite depressed with the media spreading only fear and insecurity, it is difficult to ignore the financial difficulties and the unknown factor for tomorrow and the next months. But somehow I started feeling like ...'no I am not going to get into that hopeless state', maybe as a surviving instinct. There is abundance of resources out there. I am attracting them. I feel grateful for feeling like this and I wish I can spread that good feeling to the community around…


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day 6

Hello dear co-creators, this is day-6 and my first notes . Since I committed to the 100-day challenge I feel I am on a track. I can stumble but its o.k. get up again and continue. I feel certainty my best self can shine again. Despite living in an environment of constant fear and uncertainty in my country I deeply believe that this will bring a better, wisher, more spiritual and philosophical self.  My intention today is to let my CORE my deeper self to guide me to accomplish my job tasks…


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