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Day 15: Assembling a website

I want my website to be a proper informative guide to the mass of self-help info out there - not just a load of links, but actually providing real information. My plan to put 100 hours work into the site is coming along nicely: seven hours in, and a workable structure has emerged for arranging it, with a number of main subject areas, each of which then has resources indexed under it. At the moment I've got a framework for four main subject areas (Relax & De-stress; Losing weight; Getting… Continue

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Day, um... 14 is it? Blimey. Well anyway...

RIGHT! This season I am going to get a proper website going, and my plan is basically to put 100 hours' work in over the next few weeks and at the end of those 100 hours I want it to be pulling in a passive income of at least 100 pounds a week. Naked greed! Or "generating prosperity" as I believe the accepted phrase is around here. Actually, 100 pounds a week isn't that much, but it will make a big difference to me. And I'm planning to do this without putting any more money into the project.… Continue

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What I'm thinking of doing...

...though of course it's liable to change and develop and all that. I'm going to try to write some imaginative relaxation/meditation/visualisation scripts and record them - some basic ones for free and more amazing ones for sale. Until last month I was still using an old computer that didn't even have a CD burner. So now that I can actually burn CDs I'm hugely excited by the possibilities! That, and the processing power to do brilliant audio editing stuff. So... I've managed to get my details… Continue

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Starting season whatever-it-was again

That last attempt rather petered out, so I'm starting again tomorrow. That's all I'm saying right now, so good night!

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Day 3: Where I'm at so far

OK, of my intentions, plans, things-to-do for this week...

*Mini-fast on Monday: didn't happen. But my weight seems to be going down steadily so that's fine. The outcome is right even if the steps to get there are all to pot!

*Buy a microphone: done.

*Prepare scripts for audio: not done.

*Work out how to use MIDI: partly done. I've got it working but, er, not very well. More tweaking to be done, I think.

*Do a chapter of the Gaelic language… Continue

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My goals and what I'm going to do this week to get closer to them

Goal #1: Record and sell audios.

Step to take this week: Buy a microphone, prepare a couple of scripts.

Goal #2: Produce an entire sellable album's worth of music.

Step to take this week: Work out how to use MIDI.

Goal #3: Learn Gaelic.

Step to take this week: Do chapter one of "Speaking Our Language" (Gaelic language course).

Goal #4: Lose weight.

Step to take this week: A couple of "mini-fasts", not eating between dinner Sunday and dinner… Continue

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Right, let's go again!

Season... oh dear, with abandoned seasons behind me I think it should be numbered season π. I'll blog more on my plans later, but for now I just want to say that I'm going to start on Monday. Time to steer a course through the mystic mumbo jumbo and just do this in my own way...

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End of Day 8

Oooh, I've actually managed to sell something on Amazon! At last! Anyway, the last day of my fast went very much like the first two, although I did get a little dizzy at one point, it wasn't a big deal really. Cleansing crisis? What cleansing crisis? All in all, fasting has been a rather disappointing experience. Still, I have lost a bit of weight, and I suppose that now I've proven to myself that it's not such a big deal after all, I can always fast for a day or two if I feel the need to lose… Continue

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Bought an mp3 player off ebay... and it had a worm on it! I think my antivirus software stopped it though, and I've now (1) disabled autorun (hell, you actually have to edit the registry to do that on Windows XP? That's insane!) and (2) formatted the thing, so I think I've got rid of it. I found out how to check for hidden files (I know it was dir -s on real DOS but it's dir /ah on the command shell in XP, for some reason) and it seems to be gone. Something I read suggested that formatting… Continue

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Day 8, day 3 of fast

61 hours on just water and still feeling, well, normal. No terrible lows, no ecstatic highs, just very much the same as usual. Maybe a little bit tired but nothing really "challenging". I've lost six pounds though, which is great, even though I doubt I'll keep it all off. Planning to break my fast tomorrow, and I'll try not to go too mad...

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Still day 7...

...and still fasting. Which is going really well - it almost seems like it's going TOO well, because I haven't really felt any great hunger or headches or dizziness or anything, but I haven't experienced a "fasting high" either... basically, I haven't eaten for 46 hours and I just feel very much the same as usual.

Lost a ten pound note today, which was rather annoying. It must have dropped out of my pocket as I was cycling - I figured the most likely places I could have lost it were… Continue

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Early on Day 7: Fasting

Yesterday was my first full day on a water fast, and it went well. I haven't eaten since 8pm on Tuesday and it's now nearly 8am on Thursday so that's 36 hours so far and I haven't felt anything too bad as far as side effects go. I had a headache last night but it was fairly mild, and I was really tired, too tired to blog and I was asleep before 11pm which hasn't happened in years. But I haven't really felt hungry. From what I've read, day two seems to be the worst so I've got that to look… Continue

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Day 5, and not done much so far.

Well, I said I'd be a bit quiet for the first few days. I also said I wanted to do a little fast, and I'm prepapring to start that tomorrow. Also tomorrow I want to try recording a bit of background for my meditation audios, if I can find the find cables to hook stuff up to my computer. So that's day 6 pretty well booked up!

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You know what...

I wasn't going to start my season until Monday but since so many people are starting theirs tomorrow, I'm going to bring it forward. Though the first few days may be a little quiet...

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Hello Hello I'm Back Again

It must be the return of nice weather... I'm back to give this another go. I haven't even looked at this site in about five months, and I'm amazed people have been sending me messages in that time. I'll try to get back to you all.

Some vague and not so vague ideas have formed in my mind, and hopefully blogging about them should give me the spur to put them into action... not that it worked last time! Still, if you don't try, you'll never know how badly you would have failed!

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Season 1, Day 100: The official end of it all

Much like the hundred years' war, my first 100 Day Reality Challenge has run a little over schedule. That awkward pause in the middle has rather muddied the waters, but I think it was the right decision. Anyway, 121 days later, here I am, still alive, better off in some ways, and not much changed in others.

My original goals, then.

* Lose another twenty pounds.

Did this well within the 100 days. Today I weighed in at 147 pounds, which I think is something like… Continue

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Season 1, Day 99 / Season 2, Day 12: Et cetera

I haven't blogged in a while, because I haven't done much in a while. So much for that frenzy of activity I was going to have. I haven't been out running in over a week, though I have cycled 154 miles, which puts me ahead of my target to cycle 1000 miles in season 2. Dogs are still depressing me, though there is some good news on that front in that the dog that some idiot used to let roam loose around the village hasn't been seen in a while and may be dead.

I'm still hula hooping and… Continue

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Season 1, Day 90 / Season 2, Day 3: Not happy

Didn't really achieve much. It was raining all day and the dog problem is really depressing me. I didn't write anything much and I probably overate and will have put on more weight than I can reasonably lose by next weigh-in, and everything's shit. I did read most of "God Is Not Great" though, and hula hooped quite a bit. It doesn't really make up for all the bad stuff though.

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Season 1, Day 89 / Season 2, Day 2: I wear the crown, but I could use some body armour too

Apparently, owners of predatory animals have now started lying in wait for me. Today I spent 25 minutes waiting for someone with a dog to move from their position at the corner of the only road into the village so that I could travel the last 200 yards home. I am not pleased. I saw an ad on the telly the other day for a charity which rehomes dogs. I think I should get in touch and ask if they can rehome all the local dogs as far away from me as possible. There are plenty of islands off the… Continue

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Season 2, Day 1: Here I Go Again

Well, this is something new. I am now a pioneer of simultaneous seasonality! A new set of intentions, and 100 days to cram it all in before it all falls apart for yuletide.

I'll really get cracking tomorrow, but today I've figured out what I want to do. Season 1 (still in progress) has been frustrating in some ways but hugely successful in others. A few intentions are carried forward, in particular writing my second website, for which I want to do 100 articles within the first 50… Continue

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