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What is your Life Path

As I have been going through my daily meditations. I have been wondering about seeing my life path. I have gone out and looked at some nice meditations about the life path. If any of you have any favorite meditations for finding ones life path, please share them with me here. …


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abraham hicks - real time manifestation

Here is another video that is awesome in the message and…


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Abraham-Hicks: In The Vortex - Only Plan A

This is my plan from now…


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I am so Grateful my Manifestation came True

I am SOOO grateful. I had intended on manifesting $1k by Friday, and it came today (Thursday). Out of the blue, on a project I was working on. I did not expect to be paid yet. The guy was so happy he said, you are so great, I will cut you a check today...and it was for over $1k...

I had been meditating every day for 30 min, using this program by Dick Sutphen. I recommend just about all of the tapes on this site. The program is Called…


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Venus Transit Happens June 5th 2012

Read what the Venus Transit means spiritually

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Something good happened

"Oooh, I like this different story. The manifestation hasn't come yet, but I'm feeling better in the story." <pause and sigh> "I wish you'd come along.... But! I'm feeling better in this different story. I'm feeling better, I'm feeling better, things are loosening up. Ooh, did I tell you that this happened!?! Something good happened, something good happened, something good happened." Milk it!

"Something good happened, something really good happened, something really good…


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What am I grateful for today

I am grateful that I have lived my life this long and that every day, I am clearer and clearer about my path to joyful living. The purpose of life is joy and the meaning of life is happiness.

It is easy to sometimes lose sight of these things as our daily "reality' clouds our judgement. What is FEAR - Future, Events, Appearing Real. when I remember those words, I am brought back to the NOW and resume my purpose of joy and happiness.

I can choose to be Fearful of events that…


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Hello. Today is a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon

What a great day to start. I have wanted to do a 30 day Book of Positive Aspects and I came upon this site when I was doing research, so I feel that it reached out and showed it self to me.

As I begin to read other peoples items I will flow into the stream that is here.

I am going to be 56 this year and so I want to enter this second half century of my life with a bit more preparation than when I entered into the world. I know that when I came into being I had some intentions…


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