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S3 - D16 Checking in

So I'm checking in here on CCOR, but also I've been checking in with myself throughout the day as a means of being aware of what I'm focussing on and redirecting that focus if I'm wasting time with negative thought patterns or just passing time online but not actually being productive. What I have noticed is that when I stop thinking negatively about something, or more often my relationships, and instead visualize what I would rather have I feel better about what actually is. Also, I often…


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S3 - D8 Already slacking :(

So my last post was six days ago. I was intentionally missing the weekend because I had plans with family and knew I wouldn't be online. But the weekend slid into mid-week and I feel like I'm manifesting exactly what I had intended to overcome. Hmm. Actually in typing that I see that my approach is wrong. Instead of wanting to get rid of bad habits, I should be focussing on mastering new positive ways. Hmm. Not feeling it if I'm honest.

Ok change of focus. I have a friend who…


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S3 - D4 Starting to feel the groove

So, a few days in and I've begun to notice the little things in my day that seem to be pointing me in the right direction. Sometimes I'm hesitant to speak about my projects at home because there is a bit of a feeling that I have to prove myself here. In New York, where I'm from, I can mention a story I'm writing or an idea I have and people want to read my work and encourage me. Here, if I mention the same things, people seem to think I'm silly because I'm a teacher, not a writer. So not…


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S3 - D3 Awareness is the first step?

So I've always wanted to be a writer. I write short stories, though I haven't been super productive since moving to Europe a few years ago. Since then I've been mostly journalling, but writing something or other every day. I'm home on maternity leave and take long walks with my son most days and on these long walks a story idea came to me and has continued to grow in my mind. It's a much bigger project than I have ever attempted and I'm somewhat stuck as to how to develop it. I read loads…


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S3 - D2 Five Second Rule

Yesterday, in trying to clearly define to myself exactly what my goals are and how my intentions support them, I searched Youtube for videos that address self-discipline and procrastination. Big problems for me. Previously I was working and found it easier to get everything done bc I knew I had only limited time to do it in. Then I started my maternity leave and had loads of free time and pushed everything off until later and then tomorrow. Now I have had my baby and find it hard to organize…


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S3 - D1 New beginnings

Starting my third season, nine years after completing my first and even in just signing in and defining my goals I've found clarity that I've been lacking as of late. Not writing loads tonight but I'm excited to be back and I hope to read about your experiences, learn alongside of the community and hopefully have something to contribute as well :)

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S3 - D24 Thank you

Too sleepy for a proper update so here's a quick thanks for my wonderful life.

Thank you so much for the amazing people I share my day with. Love all of them every day, honestly wouldn't trade them for anyone. Thank you so much for giving me the time and lifestyle to sit and ponder this life and thank you for the insight on how to change it to suit my needs. Thank you the sweet chinese student I had for the past two days who has shown me that determination is nothing short of a…


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S3 - Still D18 Beyond every stumble is a positive leap forward...I hope;)

So I wrote a horrible post this morning, I was so angry I feel terrible thinking about it, so I won't. I've chatted w/my ex and realize how he has nothing to do with me. Only I control my thinking. He can treat me only as I allow him to and I control my reaction to everything, which then creates my reality. I actually feel badly about begrudging him happiness. He can't have felt good treating people badly and if he's able to change and move forward, good for him. I'm going to do the same. I…


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S3 - D18 Rough start to a new 4 day LOA marathon

So yesterday I decided to do a new 4 day marathon focusing on building up my self confidence again. I'm sick and was meant to be off today but I was woken up to teach so I'm in our office today sharing space w/my ex whatever he was.

His new girlfriend comes in five days and I've met her and she's lovely and I'm angry today that he has someone and I don't. I'm angry that he was so mean and disrespectful to me and the three girls before me and now he has a relationship w/a nice girl.…


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S3 - D17 Need advice for a new 4 day marathon!

I've decided to begin a 4 day LOA marathon tomorrow and in thinking about all of my goals I realize the one thing that has been holding me back from them thus far is my lack of self confidence. I have in the past been fearless, strong, charismatic and irresistible. My luck has usually been amazing beyond explanation, but after the past two years of subtle rejection, my self esteem has taken a noticeable hit. 

I've decided my goal for this marathon is to have unshakable…


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S3-D16 Regroup

Spent the past two days focusing on a person that in the end, always makes me feel bad. At least he's consistent. Will restart by focusing on all of the good and letting go of a situation that in no way benefits anyone. 

Thank you for the time and freedom I have to sort my life out.

Thank you for this forum that gives me tools and insight, always exactly what I'm needing to hear at that moment. 

Thank you for the eagle ray today. Freaking love the underwater…


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S3-D5 Back in the saddle, YAY!

Hello my lovlies! Had a wonderful day, thanks to Abraham and Esther and their little bag of tricks. Woke up feeling blah, which has been the norm for me as of late, but determined to cut out the nonsense and get back to basics. I planted myself in front of my laptop and watched Abraham Hicks videos on youtube ( a miracle in and of itself bc where I live in Borneo wifi is spotty at best, but everything loaded all day!). I found though, that the ones that featured people boo hooing about their…


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S3-Still D4 Ahaaa!

Four days in and I must admit that this season hasn't been feeling amazingly natural this go around. I think about what I'm meant to do daily, but that wide open YAY sense of being hadn't hit, for the most part.

My world lately, has been focused on this boy that has been an absolute roller coaster for the past two years. Sometimes he's amazing and I feel like I could love him and heal him, a dangerous way of thinking for me. Thankfully he always manages to be mean and snap at me,…


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S3-D4 3am gratitude sesh

I am grateful for every low that I felt, it always brings me back to center.

I am grateful for stolen moments where the world pours out of my fingertips.

I am grateful for this recent inspiration, may I have the courage to follow through.

I am grateful for whatever it is that has allowed me to be bold and go for what it is I want in this world. A week ago I wouldn't have written the people I've written and I wouldn't have had the conversations I've had. I can't wait to…


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S3 - D1 Starting from scratch...

Three years since I stumbled upon ccor. Two years since I let season two trail off unfinished. My failings and goals are the same. I want love. I want to be a strong and stable partner to someone for the long run. I want someone to enjoy having a family and growing old together.

Both times I focused on this, I got what I wished for, two wonderful men. Both relationships failed because I don't know how to be open once I fall in love. I hold back and begin to lose myself in whomever… Continue

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S2D13?- Fits and starts

I'm now in Australia. Seems like forever ago that I left Thailand but really it was just last Saturday. I wrote my last blog and in my journal I wrote that I was going to wake up knowing where I was going. I would have an invite and a concrete plan that I would follow. I woke up and had an email from a boat captain in Australia offering me a spot on his boat!

This boat is the reason I came over to this side of the world and I hadn't heard from him in weeks, which left me feeling very… Continue

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S2 - D8 Lost and my nav is nowhere to be found

Ooh what a season this has been thus far. I felt so motivated on day 1, as I imagine we all are, and was diligent about meditating, journaling and really being aware of how I was feeling and what I wanted to focus my energy on. Day 2 I went to yoga, came home feeling pretty in synch w/the world and I had a much anticipated response from my ex waiting for me, what I had been focusing all of my energy on. I was thrilled and knew that it was because of this 100 day challenge and the steps I was… Continue

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I am so happy to be back to CCOR, it's been almost a year since I began Season 1. In that season I grew so much and my life seemed so much more synchronistic than it is now. Ideas, books, opportunities, whatever I needed really, just flowed to me. I remember feeling very mellow and positive regardless of what came up. I met a wonderful man that I was head over heels smitten with, which went south and brings me to where I am today. Feeling a bit lost and disconnected. And I'm also traveling… Continue

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S1-D101 Oops!

Well 100 days have come and gone. Feels like forever ago that I found this group somewhat out of desperation. Yet 100 days didn't seem like enough time to truly change my thinking and build the life that I want. Well was it enough?

Surprisingly, for the most part, yes. My goals were to find love (aka my partner in crime), move from where I am living in the mountains of NY and find work that I care about.

Wellll, I started out wanting to get back together w/my ex, bc I had… Continue

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S1-D78 Clarity

As I move through my first 100 days I feel like I want to reexamine what it is I am after in this life and challenge. I waiver between wanting to partner up and settle down and continuing to be free in the way I live my life, jumping at whatever opportunities come my way.

What I truly want is both. I love that I'm not tied down in terms of a job and whatever it is that keeps people in the same place for decades. Lease, mortgage, kids? When I decided to extend the vacation I was on… Continue

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