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Day 43 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

I slightly lost track of my days so I'm calling today day 43 in the interests of keeping things simple!!

Chris came back from holidays last Friday (6 days ago) so life has pretty much been about spending time with him and making up for lost time.

We were lucky enough to have Friday afternoon through till Monday afternoon together before I had to come back for work and Chris had nightshift, it was really  nice to be together again.

We had a couple of nights apart then I…


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Day 42 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Almost halfway in through challenge.

While at times it feels as though progress has been slow over the last few weeks when I look 60 days ahead I know many good things will have taken place and I'll be pretty close to having smashed some goals and be very close to achieving others.

A lot of work to do between now and then but it is easy to get excited when I can see how close I really am now!!

I'm making a point of reading something on the law of attraction most days and…


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Day 36 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm now 8,000 words into my 2nd book and it is flowing really well. I don't want to jinx myself but I reckon I will be close to done by the time Chris gets back next week. 

Today I went to a fitness expo and decided while I was there I would test the waters on selling advertising space in the magazine,I got some great responses so I'm feeling pretty excited about getting out there and selling asap!

Wendy and I received the iphone app for our new business today which is very…


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Day 35 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Not loving this internet issue at all!!

But on the upside good things continue to happen.

Missing Chris like crazy but still pleased with the fact I do miss him so much, this can only mean good things.

I started on my next book!!

I have completed my book pitch document and set out the chapters and now I'm over 3,000 words into the first chapter. It's flowing really easily and I reckon I'll have it written in 2 weeks max.

I should have my book cover concepts…


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Day 32 - !00 Day Reality Challenge


It seems I am well and truly back in flow and things are happening!!

Last night my beginner students all merged into the senior class and it was amazing!!

The dojang was packed!

The advanced students made the beginners feel very welcome and as I stood at the front of class I had this amazing feeling that my vision had come to fruition!

This is what I have been working towards for a while now and to see it in action is amazing.

Every single…


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Day 30 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Great day so far!!

Started this morning with my Hour of Power!

Read my goals.

Created my Weekly Get Stuff Done List based on my goals and priorities.

Highlighted todays tasks and am already 1/2 way through!

Ate a lovely healthy breakfast.

Took care of my appearance so I left the feeling awesome.

Spent an hour in a cafe working through my online stuff so it is out of the way and now I can work on my creative stuff (business).

I'm feeling…


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Day 29 - 100 Day Reality Challenge


The last few days I have been pondering the 100 Day Reality Challenge and the Law of Attraction and wondering what am I missing??

Why am I just going through the motions and what is the block.

This morning I decided I would read Bob Doyles book, Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need To Know About The Law Of Attraction.

I’m only a short way in but already I think I have my answer and I’m excited about what this…


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Day 28 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28 and I'm fired up again.

I spent some time thinking about why I was feeling blocked about the intentions.

I'm getting confused between action items, setting the scene for the day and the big picture stuff I want to attract or manifest (and the energy I need to be giving out to receive it).

So now I'll create a new sheet to fill in each morning that reflects these 3 categories.

I always work better with simplicity and clarity and I know this will work well so…


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