The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Day 80 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I find myself unexpectedly free!!

I have a webinar this morning then I was supposed to catch up with my buddy Cam ahead of classes tonight ( Cam is a fellow martial artist) but he has Man Flu and had to cancel so now I have a few spare hours up my sleeve today.

Today is a rest day from training so for the first time in ages on a week day I am dressed like a normal person and not in training gear - feels very decadent!

I'm going to use today to prepare for handing…


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Day 74 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Can't believe it has only been 4 days since I last posted, feels like weeks!!!

Went to post a video yesterday but once again Youtube failed on me not once but twice, both times after around 6 minutes of recording.

I took this as a sign and promptly gave up!!

It has been a tough few days really but despite feeling a bit drained I feel more like my old self again today.

Stepping back from my relationship with Chris was much harder than I anticipated and I had a…


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Day 70 - HIghs and Lows

Boy am I on a journey right now!

From the moment I came to realise that the book is essentially finished and only days away from being released my emotions have hit me like a ton of bricks.

The reason I am blogging in word rather than on video is because I don't trust myself not to burst into tears!

For the last 3 days I been brought to tears at the drop of a hat and I'm feeling very raw.

I messaged an author I know who wrote a book that also shared some of his…


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Day 68 - Book cover, Vegas and more!

HUGE day today!

Finally have my book cover so can now go ahead and get my 1st print run done.

Wendy and I booked our flights to Vegas (and San Fran) today for the end of June to attend the Martial Arts Supershow.

I found out I was nominated for a very prestigious award here in Oz. The Telstra Business Women's Awards.

We have…


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Day 66 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Things went to plan today :-))

Got up early and set the intention "to steady the ship".

I just felt like there was so much out of my control that I was sinking but as I had hoped being back at class sorted my head out quick smart.

To be honest despite my best intentions I was pretty flat when I headed off this morning. I got to the dojang early so I could give it a good clean before the students arrived.

I made the decision I was going to train this morning even…


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Day 65 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

My feelings of frustration are super high right now.

I'm feeling extremely agitated and frustrated at lack of progress. My book landing page mock up just came through and it is awful, I haven't heard back from the cover designer for way too long, it seems that even the slightest changes are taking weeks to get done, the magazine seems to be in a bit of limbo as I wait for the design layout to be completed - again very long delays in getting this sorted. The editor is ahead of schedule…


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Day 58 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Things are moving along at a nice pace these days.

My magazine website is LIVE!!!! It looks great, I now need to get some content in there and then I can start to promote it ahead of the launch.

I engaged an editor to cast an eye over my book and format it for amazon and she is already working her way through part 1 (of 3) and she has had some really positive things to say about it, all very encouraging!!

I'm close to 100% sure that I will be able to make a final…


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