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Day 89 S8~ Growth

Today is my hubby's 34th birthday!!! Woke up feeling great, no work for the next 3 days:) That makes way for lots of time with my guys. Taking a 30 day detox away from FaceBook, only getting on periodically, to help gather my own thoughts. I was wrapped up in helping others and not using SELF expressions but going to others to get that good food for thought when I contain it also. OMG!! not to mention how long it has been since I got in front of the camera!! I can say that I have been… Continue

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Day 45 S7

Today's Affirmation:)~ I now align myself with the natural God given abilities I possess.

Thoughts, feelings. words, and actions are all forms of energy. Energy moves in a circle. I am 11,487 days old today:) Just something interesting I thought I'd share. Found a new sight that deals with numbers:) My tarot card today is The Hermit.

The Hermit has internalized the lessons of life to the point that he is the lesson. He shows the need… Continue

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Day 44 S7:)

Today's Affirmation:)~I am the fire that shines. I am the water that flows. I am the Earth that gives support. I am the air that cleans the environment.

This morning this was tweeted.."Compassion is a dimension of love. Passion is hasty, hectic, and a little violent. Compassion is gentle, nice, and understanding."~Osho Really had to stop and think on this one. I have been living and expressing my passion and not paying attention to how this word really affects me. The… Continue

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Day 41-43 S7 1/10-1/12/10

Affirmations: 1/10~I have an uncluttered mind. I see everything clearly. I understand everything perfectly.

1/11~I chose this day to be here. I accept where I am and smile.

1/12~I open my heart and give an act of kindness. I create a doorway of miracles for others to walk through.

1/10/10 *Today I hosted the "Front" which enabled me to sit back and observe what was going on around me. It really saddens my heart to see the lack of kindness. Just… Continue

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Day 38 S7~Liberation and Manifestation

Today's Affirmation~ I am a compassionate loving individual. The Universe gives me an abundance of Love and compassion.

The Current of Liberation is an upward current. It moves toward freedom, expansion, abstraction, and universality. It is the pull of Mind and Spirit:) In moving up through the chakra one obtains awareness and moves toward transcendence of the physical. Moving up is seen as and expansion into consciousness and allows one to open up to new possibilities and… Continue

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Day 37 S7!

Today's Affirmation is: Today and Everyday, I am becoming more and more powerful.

Yesterday I "unplugged" myself from something that had been a distraction to me. Once I "unplugged" I felt a total release. Being connected to so many lives ultimately had me disconnecting from self and on others vibration. Feeling others emotions was all the time. When you doubt yourself and feel attacked because you can not tell your own vibes from others, then you know it is time to move on.… Continue

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S6:31~Observing*Saying "AHHH"

This mornings Affirmation:)~ Today I embrace where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. I am at peace with it all. It is my path, and I enjoy the journey.~God Bless!!

Today was a rough day, but I always amaze myself at how quickly I bounce back:) Got some things out in the open that needed to be spoken out loud. Never under estimate the power of releasing/letting go! *Resilient~adj. springing back when bent, pressed; readily recovering from shock or distress. I am… Continue

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Day 13 S6~ Settling in*

Ahhh. 2nd day of school and physical therapy..Also my 2nd day not biting my nails:)The busier I stay the less I have to dwell on unnecessary things that lead to biting Getting used to our school routine as well as having an extra hour to myself. I am so glad to see Na motivated and ready to be more independent. The stretching part of the therapy is the painful part for him. We are continuously working on loosening those spastic areas.

I am learning that I have to let go and let… Continue

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Day 10 S6 8/29/09~ Peace*Anxiety turns into excitement =D

My boys start school on Monday and Na'Sion starts physical therapy! We are also looking for good homes for the twins:) I am going to be away from the house more so leaving them in the house that long has weighed heavy on my heart. Thankful for the joy they have given us thus far.

Being that this is my Season of equality I have been noticing more and more my thoughts.The ones that have me off alignment are the ones I am focused on changing.… Continue

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Day 9 S6~ Observing

A couple days ago my husband was mowing the lawn and my oldest, Kai, and I were watching him. We were standing next to some flowers and we got to witness up close and personal 12 bees going after the nectar of the nearby flowers. It reminded me of the bees on Bee Movie:) The big ones that carry the guns..It was nature's beauty and a beautiful moment that we shared..They let us know when we were too close though,lol.. We also saw 2 butterflies playing with each other in the backyard it was… Continue

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Day 4 S6~ Life is what you make it..

Yesterday I didn't get my exercise done and that was fine:) Now that school is almost in session getting my workout done will be easier. My ultimate goal when I started this challenge over 500 days ago, was to refine myself and always stay on a path of spiritual enlightenment. Helping my family with their spiritual and personal growth has remained my intention also.

Being that we have entered into the crescent moon phase I have set new… Continue

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Day 1! Season 6~ From the heart..

Hello Co creators!! Day 1 begins as I transition into this open heart season with you all.Tomorrow I will be posting my intentions and goals and my vision board for this season:) Today I got my cardio mile walk in plus some free step action. Tallied up my score and I did a pretty good job of not biting my nails! YAY me:) I marked off four times today I have wanted to or did and stopped.

Gratitude for today..

1.Friends for reminding me that I am an inspiration even when I think… Continue

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Day 99 S5 Power recognized

As I come to my 100th day of Season 5 I can only say it has been a POWERFUL one..My spirituality has opened up doors for me that are leading me to the abundance of God's love..I for myself finally realize my strength as I came into my 31st year on August 3rd. I have been able to speak my truth more and not hesitate..The Universe indeed sends those loving vibrations back and let's us know through gravity(give weight to thought~Caroline Myss) energy..Not only thoughts but sound energy..Glad to be… Continue

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Day 84 S5~Shaky balancing to get to steady grounding:)

This season has been a shaky one..Dealing with my emotions and old habits has been on a daily basis..I have been going through several processes of elimination as I watch my emotions sway. Getting my mind out of my souls way point blank..

Grieving for the "old" me..

The old me that loved to see others happy and was sooo naive to the craziness around her.

The old me that settled for what ever I was told.

The old me who never asked questions.

The old me that… Continue

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Day 100! S4~ 400 Days and counting:)

Completion of another one hundred days and I feel and Love even stronger:) Questions have been raised within myself through self-examination and answers have been given..It has been a journey of letting go and letting God..First letting go of, but, never forgetting all the things learned and taught that had me trapped in old habits of not giving or showing myself worth..The work I have been doing on confronting issues of my past, getting to the root of things that are troubling me now has… Continue

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Day 88 S4~Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for finding Bob Marley's song Three Little Birds:) That song brings love and calm feelings to me and my guy's..Hearing the birds outside of my window all day long:)

I am grateful for my sons and the grownup they have made me into:)

I am grateful for being able to slow down and be receptive.

I am grateful for being able to be an at home mom and learning how to communicate with my boys on a higher level of consciousness.

I am… Continue

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Day 87 S4~Soul changing things and a shift in perception..


In Caroline Myss's book, "Entering The Castle" she explains how we all have a "Castle." A castle is just a metaphor for our divinity."Your soul as Castle is a mystical sanctuary into which you can retreat whenever you need to gather your strength, clear your mind of debris, or regain your footing. It is an inner sanctum in which you gain access to grace and… Continue

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Day 86 S4~Full speed ahead:)

Life never ceases to amaze me..No matter how many times I slow down and really take the time to value things time still moves:) So many times I really take my worth for granted..You would think by now I would get the hint,lol..I HAVE now!! Being around others we tend to pick up their ways and vice versa..It's like in order for us to really see things clearly about ourselves, we must see it in someone we communicate with..Reading Entering the Castle and The Quran I picked up back in 2001..This… Continue

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Day 85 S4~ Energy

This Season I have not only learned about the true "anatomy of my spirit" but I have connected with my husband on a level of understanding that I thought would not be reached for some time..God always amazes me with the lessons he provides me with in this journey of life..No matter how hard we try and help those we love it is still ultimately up to them to move forward and make changes.I have been reading "Entering the Castle" by Caroline Myss..It is a book that focuses on An Inner path to God… Continue

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Day 100 S3 300 Days :)

Season3 Vision Board..


~ I intend on losing 10-20 lbs this season )October 10- January 18,2009

I have lost 15 lbs this Season:)

~ I intend on staying in a 1200-1500 calorie range daily Keep at you can do it..Think healthy:)

~ I intend on getting a MammogramTests came back normal:),physical(Clean bill of… Continue

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