The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Day 14, Season 1 - Current situation doesn’t matter!

I love having those realizations that just make everything seem so much clearer than it was before. I’ve been so focused on a number of situations to resolve, I think I’ve actually held myself in this state of waiting my manifesting the lack of resolution. The first thing that has been on my plate for years now is a situation where I’m suing someone who really did me wrong. I’m 4 and a half years into this lawsuit which I thought would conclude last month and it didn’t. I felt like we were so… Continue

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Day 13, Season 1 – Our lives, our terms!

One thing that’s really great about my 100 day challenge is that I’ve enlisted my husband and kids in our vision of what we want. We’re all in agreement that we want to buy and move onto a 40ish foot sailing catamaran and travel the world. We decided a while back that when we travel, we don’t want to just visit a place and see it. We want to put down an anchor and really live on a place, participating in its culture and getting to know the people. We’re just not satisfied being tourists because… Continue

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Season 1, Day 7 - Work and Rewards.

I just read this comment on a youtube video that I enjoyed by Louise Hay that said, “yea right!! say you want a range rover and you will get it, why hard work?!” I found this comment so interesting and I feel kind of bad for the person who left it. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that it is not the people working the hardest that are judged as doing the best in life. Working harder rarely leads to huge rewards. In fact, some of the hardest working people on earth are also so of the… Continue

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Day 3

It's my day 3 of the 100 day reality challenge. The strange thing is, up until a few years ago I used to comment about how all my wishes always come true and how everything I really wanted, happened. I never realized why but now that I've been really struggling and came across the law of attraction, I know why. I can also see how I attracted some of the negativity that I'm dealing with now.

My 100 day challenge includes mostly having the negativity in my life resolved in a very… Continue

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