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My Aha Moment

This group found me on the net and asked me participate which I willingly did. Here is the link to see my shining moment.

I hope you are all having fantastic days.


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A Change in Viewpoint makes all the difference

Day 63 Season 5

I have been in a strange place and last night it got into overload. I have had a lot of medical and dental things going on this month, so much so I feel like I am getting overwhelmed. First there was an annual exam and a referral to a surgeon about a discoloration on one of my breasts. They think its fine but I am having a mammogram and ultrasound next week. I also have had a pelvic ultrasound and that came out fine. Then two weeks ago prep work for 6 crowns, they get… Continue

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Day 43 A brigther outlook and birthdays

I have had several days where I have gotten up and not felt depressed so perhaps I am over that hump. Thank heavens for that. I spent the day in the Art studio working on some paintings and that felt great. Oh to be playing and exploring with one of your passions is the best way to spend a day.

It's my birthday tomorrow and I have been trying to decide how I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to spend it with friends having dinner like I did last year but that will not work out this time.… Continue

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Happy Groundhog Day!

Could it be day 19 already! Its Groundhog day and today where I am there would be no shadow so perhaps Spring is on its way.

My Intention today, it to follow the dictates of my heart.


This little kitty on my lap.

My shawl is almost woven

That I am excited about writing again

I feel all sorts of possibilities

All that blesses my life.

I really need to do a video but a short blog post will do in the interim. I finished up the… Continue

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My Inauguration Day festivities

The Inauguration was such a wonderful day of celebration. I started the day at my friends Kate's house and we watched the inauguration. Then we went out for a celebratory lunch. We toasted the new president with strawberry daiquiris and had a great lunch.

Then this evening we went to the ball, well it wasn't really a ball more of a celebration. There were drinks, I had red wine and some finger foods and then we watched the inauguration again. I wore my blue velvet dress and my… Continue

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Sunshine blue skies

Out my window is the most beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine. Its day 5 already and that's almost hard to believe. Things are going great. Of those 5 days I have exercised 4 of those days. I feel great about that. I finished threading one of my looms so I am well on my way to getting those projects in motion. I had a writers group meeting that was thoroughly disappointing so I have decided to take charge and make it into what it is I have wanted it to be. If I am the sort of leader I may as… Continue

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Day 1

Its Day 1 of Season 5 and oh its going to be an awesome one. I'll be making a video sometime today and then posting it but I wanted to at least get a post out there. I am finding this week to be a creative whirlwind for me and just love the feeling. If I could just go without sleepo just think what I could be doing. I will talk about it al on my video. Until then Have a fantastic season everyone.


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Iin between season

It feels different being in between seasons. I will start again on the 15th.


That the roads were good taking Sarah back to school

I have all my Christmas things put away.

The de-cluttering is going well.

That I don't have to be depressed

I have this art journal exercise to look forward to.

Intention: To snap out of this depression I find myself in.

I am participating in an 31 days of Art Journaling at my friend Misty's… Continue

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Word of the Year.

I thought I would this post from my other blog.

The New Year is about to start and I see that people all over the net are choosing a word for the year again. Then I got Christine Kane's email article to push me a little further.

So I have chosen Release. My focus this year will be to release all old patterns and blocks that prevent me from truly living an authentic life. I like this word because it resonated with me and I can see it applying to so much in my life. The… Continue

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Thoughts on my next seaaon

I woke up this morning and thought, Oh I can make this day what I want it to be. Yes I know that but sometimes we tend to forget., Our Christmas was wonderful. we had these collaborative meals where all three of us participated and somehow the food tasted better than it ever has. Via web cam I spent time with my sister and that truly was fun to do. I received a gift that I put on my vision board over a year and a half ago. So they really due come true, even if they take awhile. I have a new… Continue

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Intentions coming true after a long time

I am spending time this morning putting a package to send my sister and nephews. I need to finish something else for them but decided maybe I had just better get this package mailed. The other can go later. I haven't wrapped a thing yet so of course I am need of a few things. I guess that is the way it seems to go.

This week has been so busy and rushed and I have felt just exhausted at times. I had another commitment today that was canceled and that was so great. I don't know why I… Continue

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I can choose how my day goes

Intention: To continue to keep raising my vibration


I feel good this morning because I have chosen to

I bought myself something yesterday and every time I look at it it makes me smile

I am grateful that I slept well last night

The connections I am making with other friends

I am following through on getting some weaving done.

After yesterdays little min-depression I am seeing that if I am conscious of my choices I can turn them… Continue

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Feeling out of it

Intention: To raise my vibration


That Nanowrimo is over with.

The Sun is out shining today

I got to see the Moon Venus and Mercury the other day

I have been weaving

I have no commitments today

I have been in a little mini depression for the last 24 hours. I am not sure why or what to do about it. Today I will do some weaving and play some music to lift my spirits. Last night I ended up sitting and watching TV and then a movie so the… Continue

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Hello December, This is Kate

Its the first Day of a new month and I have just completed something monumental; I finished Nanowrimo on Saturday November 29th with 50,234 words. In the region I managed there were 21 winners. The average is 15% winners of those who sign up and we were almost 3 times that amount. What an amazing thing that was.

I have spent the days since then cleaning my sadly neglected house. Now I am into organizing the novels I have written and seeing which one I really want to edit. I found a… Continue

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Moving onward

Intention: To see the beauty among the crowds and the craziness that is this week.


For the Villa Coffeehouse

That I feel so renewed today

That my journaling class starts today

The beautiful weather that we have been having.

For all of my friends her on this site

My Thanksgiving dilemma has been solved. I decided to tell my friend the truth and chose to go to another friends for Turkey Dinner. I don't know why I dwell on these… Continue

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The Holiday Coming Up

Intention: To enjoy the coming Holiday

Gratitude: The Sun is shining

I am at the Villa today; one of my favorite places to be.

I am going to get a lot of word written today

We now have 2 places to go to on Thanksgiving

That my daughter doesn't feel like she has to come home

My new art class and community are wonderful

I have been feeling sad since Sarah won't be home for the holiday and just seeing a bottle of Sparkling Apple cider made me cry. We… Continue

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New art classes

Wow I have not blogged in a week. I have been getting more sleep which has been great. Thanks for all the advice on that.I am still plugging away at Nanowrimo, 33,640 words and growing. Its taken over my life. I signed up for SuziBlu's on line class on making her style of Art. Its a community here on Ning and i really like it. I am trying a few new thing that I think are great. I think I will take her goddess class too. That is next month. I had signed up… Continue

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Plagued by a lack of sleep

Intention: to have a wonderful joy filled day and to see all the possibilities around me


That this sleep problem is behind me

Jeff, head of a Rune Study group I have been going to.

The new ideas for my book I got last night

That my husband is giving me time to write

All the Ravens I have been seeing lately.

I have been having sleep problems for awhile now. I wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep for hours.… Continue

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Another day.

I seem to have trouble remembering to do a post in the morning. here it is 4:03 pm and I never even set an intention for the day. I will try to better tomorrow. I am into week 2 of Nanowrimo and its the time where it not so exciting anymore and people give up. I just try to plug away at a certain amount of writing a day, So i will keep at it. I guess it doesn't help that we have dreary weather and all. OK I need to snap out of that.


This beautiful rainy weather,… Continue

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My Obama Art Journal page

I made this art journal page to commemorate the election. Images are from the web or campaign literature I had.

Intention: To go with the flow and experience life as it unfolds.

Gratitude: That I happy today

That my writing music is working well

That my friendships are growing

That I like my new phone

I see all sorts of possibility today.

My husband is home all this week. Its one of those use or… Continue

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