The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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100 Day Challenge Day 39 (Living In Joy!)

I woke up this morning feeling good! I'm thankful for waking up this beautiful Friday sunny morning! I'm thankful for the great lessons I've learned! I'm thankful that my life gets better and better! I'm thankful that I'll have the most fun time this weekend! I'm thankful that I'll have a great time with my kids when I go to Georgia in a few weeks! I'm thankful that the universe sends everything I need and want in perfect timing! I'm thankful for this lifetime!!!

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100 Day Challenge Day 32 (Living In Joy!)

I'm very happy and joyful this Friday morning! I'm thankful for these blessings the universe has been giving me!!! Thank you universe!!! I had a great night! I did some laundry and got some chinese food for dinner! I enjoyed the time by myself. I'm enjoyed more of being by myself and living alone. I'm thankful for everything! I'm enjoying taking care of just myself! This morning I've enjoyed my morning walk!!! I love being with nature! I love being alive this very moment!!! I'm excited to go to… Continue

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I'm Feeling Thankful For...

Waking up this Thursday morning! I'm thankful that I'm surrounded my wealth and abundance! I'm thankful for my kids! I'm thankful for my family and friends! I'm thankful for meeting great new people! I'm thankful that I'm at this point of my life! I'm thankful learning alot about myself! I'm thankful learning things that will make my life better! I'm thankful for love! I'm thankful for happiness! I'm thankful for myself! I'm thankful for my spirituality! I'm thankful being more intuned with… Continue

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100 Day Challenge Day 31 (Living In Joy!)

I'm so happy and thankful for this life! I'm thankful for my guardian angel and all my spirit guides!!! I'm so thankful for the universe! I feel so happy this morning! I'm joyful!!! : )  I had a great night even though I feel asleep really early. I did wake up and was conversating over the phone. On my morning walk I was enjoying the beautiful trees I passed. At this moment I'm feeling blessed and appreciative! Thank you universe!!! Later I'll go to the laundry and wash my clothes. I'll treat… Continue

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100 Day Challenge Day 30 (Living In Joy!)

I'm having a great morning! For a few days I got sidetracked but over the weekend I had nothing but alot of fun! I'll focus on the now more today. I got a message from a friend sending my alot of joy so I'm good! I'm thankful for meeting someone over the weekend! So I'll have more friends to have fun with.  : )  Today I'll jam to some music and listen to Abraham Hicks to stay in the vortex!

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