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Being With Nature!

I love sitting outside enjoying the wind threw my hair. I love looking up at the clouds move so slow. I love looking at the leaves on the trees going with the wind. I love when I'm walking I'll touch the leaves just to feel them. When I'm not myself all I need to do is go walking. It clears my mind. I feel so much better : ) I love just being in the now than ever before. Being on this journey gives me a perspective on what's really important to me. I'm so happy to be here on earth enjoying my… Continue

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Embarking On A New Journey!

I haven't blogged in awhile. Alot has happened. I'm no longer in a relationship and moved to the old town I was living with my cousin. I'm so happy that I can save a whole lot of money for my move to Georgia. I feel free from the relationship that I was in. I know that person wasn't the one for me. My goal is to move to Georgia to be with my kids. I will be traveling back and forth when the kids are on their school vacations. My mother will stay up here because she's getting the best care in… Continue

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Wonderful Changes!

Thank you universe for the transformation going on in my life. I get to save alot more money since I'm going to live with my cousin! I'm out of a dysfunctional relationship. I feel more at peace. Thank you for all of the money coming my way! Things are moving in the direction I wanted. I'll be able to definitely buy a house very soon in Georgia. I'll be with my kids : ) I'll be financially independent! Thank you for setting things up for me!

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Very Interesting....

I started reading a book by Stuart Wilde called The Trick to Money Is Having Some! So far of what I read is good and some of the things he talks about I already know. I started thinking about how my youngest son is tapped into the universe as well as my oldest son. My young son on a few occasions found money. Once was when we were walking to the basketball court, he found a $5 under some bushes. I think it was waiting for him... : ) I like to evaluate how kids are because there are more…


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Season 4 Day 18 (Having Fun!)

I've been on vacation! I stayed home to spend alot of time with the boys. I'm going to do more fun things since this is the season to. I will be looking more into myself to see what things I'll enjoy. Since the boys been born, I wrapped my life around theirs. I will discover what things I'll enjoy for myself. I do enjoy walking at night with the kids. When we go to where they play basketball, I'll swing on the swings at the park. I forgot how I loved going on the swings when I was little : )… Continue

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