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Season 8 Day 100 (Living In Joy!)

I'm in a happy and joyful state. I have seen so many opportunities that opened up for me, my boyfriend and the kids. I am truly blessed!!!

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Season 8 Day 99 (Living In Joy!)

I had a great season. Tomorrow I will be finishing my season 8. I lived more in the moment this season. I kept my mind on positive and the good things that's currently happening in my life and around me. This season I went to Arkansas with my boyfriend and met his family and friends, made money and my oldest son moved back home from college. I had a few setbacks but I saw something good that came out of them. I'm also having a great time this summer. I'm excited to start season 9!

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Season 8 Day 92 (Living in Joy)

Friday night I went to a comedy show with my co-worker and her cousin. The comedians were so funny. I had a relaxing weekend with my boyfriend. We watched movies all weekend. Funny movies keep me in a happy state. I'm almost done with my season 8.

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Season 8 Day 86 (Living In Joy!)

This season seemed to have flew by. I have seemed to have lost weight which I haven't changed my eating habit. I have been listening to Abraham Hicks on food and I get it alot more. Even though a few times I wasn't in the vortex I have been for the most part living joyful. I've also notice money and opportunities is also flowing to me easy in different directions. I have enjoyed this season! I have learned to live more joyful. Living joyful and happy is the focus of my life!

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Season 8 Day 78 (Living In Joy!)

Lately I've felt so appreciative, happy and joyful. Life is getting better and better every single day in different areas in my life. I been living more in the moment. I'm enjoying the things that I've been blessed with at this moment in time. I feel so thankful for my boyfriend, money, family and friends. I've noticed since I focus on the blessings I now have alot of great things have been happening in my life.

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