The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Season 1-Day 7 (Manifesting Money)

I've been doing really good. I keep my mind on positive things, do some visualizations, meditate, writing in gratitude journal and staying positive. I make sure to listen to meditation CD's to night while I'm asleep. I thank God my desires are coming to pass.

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A few weeks ago I ordered some fake 10 Million Dollar bills from Mike Dooley's website. I ordered 2 of them. They are 10 1 million dollar bills. I put the 10 1 million dollar bills in my wallet and look at them. The other set I sent to my boys in Georgia. Five million dollar bills a piece for the kids. I told them to look at the bills in the morning and before they go to bed and imagine them spending the money. I spoke to my youngest son this morning. As I was talking to him on the phone, he… Continue

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4 Days-100 Day Challenge Winning The Lottery, Getting Money and Checks In The Mail (Money Manifestion)

I've been keeping my mind on positive things and thinking i'm wealthy. I did the collage. I've been listening to The Secret on audio. I've been praying some prayers on manifesting money, dream home in Georgia. I just need to get up in the morning so I could meditate. I've been writing in my gratitude journal but I did forget last night to write in there. I do want to get a video camera so I could go on Youtube so I'm putting that out there. At night I listen to my subliminal message CD's and… Continue

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Just starting

I'm excited. I've watched and listened to The Secret. I also been listening to subliminal message for abundance on CD's. I'm planning on winning the lottery, move to Georgia to be with my boys and live in my dream home. I'm doing a vision board tonight.

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