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Day 69 Season 1 (Manifesting Money)

I started some action so my business can grow. I went to my first meetup group last night so meet other entrepreneurs. I was alittle nervous because it was my first group. The more I meet other people and talk about my business I be more confident. My goal is to give away more complimentary vacations so people can travel and take some pictures for my portfolio. I know God will bless me with meeting people that will in fact travel and will buy the package.

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My First Meetup Group Was A Success!

There were 10 people total. We had the meeting at this restaurant I've eaten at before. The people were nice and positive. I talked alittle about my business (marketing). My next meeting we'll talk on a specific topic. I know this group has a great potential to growing much bigger and alot more people participating. I think next time I'll feel more comfortable in talking. The more meetings we'll have I'll feel alot of confident when it's time for me to market to others.

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I'm Ready For The Manifestions!

I've been visualizing what I want to come to pass. I know things will manifest that's why I'm letting it go. God answered my prayers and I have faith things will come to pass soon. I thank you God for everything even the things that seem bad. I know your just pushing me along so I can get to where I want to be and I thank you! I've been thinking about things that I want but I know I need to let go in order for them to manifest. I'm Ready So Bring It On!

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Day 58 Season 1 (Manifesting Money)

I can say from August 20th until now I feel more positive about money. I did get a raise. I also feel that I have alot of money to work with and I only got alittle raise. I find myself having more money in the bank. Starting last night I'm starting the Lakshmi Mantra. I will be meditating on this chant for 40 days (until Nov. 23rd my son's birthday!). I'll let everyone know the windfall of money that will come from the Mantra.

Added by Theresa Laura Morgan on October 16, 2009 at 9:57am — 1 Comment

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