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progression and wisdom

I think it is maybe day three or four (who knows maybe its day two!) but id like to write a small post about the progress I have made over the past few years of my life and how grateful I am.


I am so thankful to have successfully overcame the betrayal and pain of what happened when I was 18, and although I still struggle with it at times, I continue to move forward and maintain a positive outlook on life.


I am so grateful that for the first time in my life,…


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back on the site

its been a while since I have been on this going to give it another try....

these past few weeks have been VERY hard for me. I have really spiraled into a negative mindset. struggling with depression and anxiety everyday. trying desperately to break the cycle. hoping to have support from this community to shift myself out of this negative mood. I know I must first shift my feelings inside before I can manifest anything positive in my life. this has been a real challenge…


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day 5, gym- positive habits

so, im slowly trying to implement healthy habits into my life

two things i did this week:

1- going to the gym today for the first time in months. id like to make this into a habit :) im excited to start toning my body and feeling healthier

2- put an add on kijiji to make new friends!- it seems like since a few years back, ive really been up in the air in terms of social support. it feels like the friends i used to have arent like me anymore- im over partying, i hav different…


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new meds

after much wait and stuggle, i finally got in with a psychiatrist. i am now switching to medication that i HOPE will work for me. This year has been awful but im ready to leave that behind and start anew. i hope to shift my awareness so that i am attracting into my life more abundance and love. wish me luck!

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